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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Bloating Constantly

    Wow that sounds just like me. My weight fluctuates daily, sometimes I weigh 140 and sometimes 135 depending on the bloating. People I've talked to say just don't give up just yet, keep eating moderate amounts of foods that don't bother you,, drink lots of water and keep exercising like I have been doing. I try to watch labels, but I have lactose pills and Omega Zyme if I think something might have gluten, dairy casein pectin or lectin. And I do probiotics before I go to bed and when I wake up, and those have really been a huge difference the past few weeks, the stomach aches have been much fewer. I wish there was an easy fix for everything.......sigh Hope you are feeling better too. And thanks for the reply.
  2. I am down to tolerating only a few foods now, cooked shrimp, and peeled apples are two that I eat regularly that don't give me diarrhea or cramps I just eat them to get rid of the hunger pangs. Nothing else will work anymore-wheat, milk, eggs, butter, gluten, casein, potatoes, rice, certain vegetables. and most regular meat I just can't digest any of that stuff anymore. But with what little I eat during the day, I am still have that wicked bloating problems and diarrhea. I work out regularly, 5 times a week and yet I keep gaining weight. I barely eat 1200 calories a day and don't eat fatty foods. I just stay bloated. I gave up on gas pills, they just don't work. My health checked out normal. Doctor says I couldn't be more healthy and she doesn't understand why I am gaining weight. Any ideas could help me. BTW, the probiotics I was taking on an empty stomach but even that doesn't help anymore.
  3. I should have mentioned that in 1995 I had a bad case of roto virus and was sick for over a week, uncontrollable vomiting, etc. a month later all my various symptoms started to make their appearances, digestive issues, IBS, brain fog, swollen calves, fibromyalgia, etc. I always had a feeling many of my symptoms were related to that virus.
  4. Glad to read your story, it was a success and congratulations! Question, so what's there left to eat if I avoided all the same foods you did? wanna be in your shoes someday,cured. What foods would I eat? I am just intolerant to basically everything it seems, from all dairy, all wheat and gluten, deli meat, certain vegetables, and certain fruits. Even certain nuts don't work for me anymore, especially pistachios and cashews, they give me stomach cramps. I am now even worrying about enzymes and vitamins, I take them every day but they might be irritating the lining of my stomach then, right? My stomach has not felt right in years. Just a basic list of foods that are helpful to a person with stomach problems similar to yours.
  5. Potato Intolerance

    oh my gosh I am glad I am not the only one. I've been able to eat potatoes for 46 years and I love potatoes! Recently, I've been getting bloat and diarrhea, and I know I'm lactose intolerant so I gave up butter and milk, and had them plain with a little sprinkle of pepper on top. Boo hoo, can't even have it that way. I tried just eating the white and not the skins, or just the skins and not the white and it makes no difference. How could we have an intolerance to potatoes? They come from the ground and are not processed.
  6. I really am quite surprised that my doctor didn't recommend Nystatin, (and specifally said "You don't want to take that") I've seen a lot of people on here and on this other board I go to, mention they have taken it. I'm going to have to specifally go to a gastro specilaist I guess. I mean, a doctor who treats me for a sinus infection and a sore back is not the doctor I really need to see for chronic stomach problems.
  7. Oh and also..............I asked my gp if she ever heard of Nystatin, and she said Kind of, but you don't need Nystatin. Stay away from that. Anybody here ever take Nystatin? What was that like
  8. question............... if I take too much probiotics will it be bad for me? I mean, I have been eating gluten free, wheat free, lactose free, egg free, casein free for the past two weeks, and taking probiotics before every meal, and I was feeling better for a short while, but this week my stomach still feels pretty yucky and the diarrhea and stomach upset is still there, it feels like like a relapse. Could it be I am putting something into my body that I don't need and that's why the diarrhea? Or maybe I need to take it for a few months?
  9. Right now I am not quite sure what I have. I mean, celiac runs in my family, three other members have it. But when I went to a doctor and had about 10 tests done, I did NOT have celiac and she said, You just need to eat healthier. LOL! I do have very similar symptoms to celiac. I thought "well, here we go, I am one of them, now, gotta give up pizza, sandwiches, bagels, coffee cakes, etc." But then when I got the negative result, I thought it might be a candida overgrowth, so I have been on probiotics and modified my diet and eliminated gluten, starches, flours, crackers, pretzels, pasta, all my fave foods. I have eliminated my bloating and distended stomach quite considerably but I still have IBS, brain fog, and get rashes on my chest and stomach. So I gave up lactose and feel a bit better but not by much I dunno, honestly.
  10. Thanks so much! Your reply was really very informative. I am going to keep a diary of replies, and will refer to them often. Yeah skin isn't really good for anyone. Also ham edges, oh my gosh that makes me behave almost bi-polar or something. I remember a year ago having a Ham and I ate pieces of the crispy outer part and 10 minutes after ingesting it, I was going completely loopy. It was like, an emotional roller coaster, I would say. I was shaking and my head was spinning. lol I thought it was a fluke but it happened twice after that.
  11. Couldn't find a post on this, so I bring it up now. I can't digest skin on chicken, sausage, hot dogs or kielbasa. It comes back up with horrible acid reflux within 15 minutes of ingesting it and gives me bloat and cramps so bad. Slo get a pounding headache. So I stay away from stuff like that. What kind of intolerance would that be?
  12. we have several people at my mass that are celiacs, me included. We have special communion, not entirely gluten free, according to some, but it doesn't bother me. A few years ago, we didn't have that, and my friend took a tiny crumb of the regular communion. Some did without. Others switched churches to where the safe communion was.
  13. My Little Curiosity Poll

    basically bloating, distention, diarrhea vs. constipation (IBS) stomach cramps. Also extreme fatigue, spinning head, headache, dry eyes, brain fog. I didn't know if that was neuro related so I put GI related.
  14. Store-Bought Bread?

    out of curiosity, where is the best place to find gluten free breads or foods? Stop & Shop has nothing for gluten free, really, which is too bad. I could go up to Trader Joes but it's a bit of a drive.
  15. Crying Spells

    I want to add to this post, I have crying spells frequently, but they are not due to depression. The spell will come on suddenly with my other symptoms right after I have ingested a trigger food like gluten or wheat, and are accompanied by extreme fatigue, brain fog, a spinning head, shortness of breath, a jumpy stomach, cramps and excessive distention and bloat. I've been this way for years, when I try to control it in public, I have to scrunch my face up and keep it all in and try breathing slow, and people look at me and say, Oh my God what the bleep is wrong? And I tell them it's nothing, I'm used to it but I can't control it. At home, I let it all out and it feels better. Anybody else hear of this?