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  1. I noticed that kettle one vodka says at the bottom in tiny print that it was made in a wheat facility or from a wheat distillery (not sure of the exact wording...) Not to sound silly, but this is not gluten free then, correct???? Now I'm confused about vodka.... Help!
  2. Hi guys, You've been extremely helpful to me in the past and would just like to run through some things to see if anyone has some insight. I have been gluten free for about 3 months. I haven't really noticed anything getting better. My main issues are hypothyroidism, chronic constipation (the only thing that helps is 4x the regular dose of miralax), weight gain, extreeeeeemeeee bloating in my stomach... tired and achey all the time. My boyfriend complains that I just "never actually feel good." Well, that's true. oh, and I'm a 24 year old female. Anyway, I've had great success being gluten free (no cheating and I live alone so I cook for myself) but now I'm more and more aware that something else seems to be going on. What I have now... especially bothersome during the past week is a strong, burning sensation in my right knee. It's mostly in my knee but I also feel it run down my shin a little ways. Still extremely bloated, achy and my hands and feet get tingly a lot.... it's true, I just never feel good. Like many of you, I'm not diagnosed, I've seen doctors for the past 3 years and they can't/won't help... I started to suspect caesin? but I don't know much about that.... Any ideas? Thank you for reading!
  3. GARDENING- I really hope this helps your daughter! I take miralax regularly and was wondering if this is something her GI recommended for short term and if it's supposed to completely re-train her muscles etc or is it something that is meant to be a cleanse/quick fix? My problem is I can eventually get cleaned out by overdosing on the miralax- takes about 4 days or so...... then it all comes back. it just builds up again. it's exhausting and horribly uncomfortable. Anyway, just wanted to check and see how it's going and see if it's supposed to help long term. Thanks!!
  4. WE ARE IN THE EXACT.SAME.BOAT! I have had xrays, as well, only to find that the dr says "Wow you really are full of poop." then they tell me to alternate laxatives and enemas to get cleaned out. well, enemas don't even work for me all the time. probably 75% of the time they'll do a little but never a full clean out. I've seen specialists and had tests... finally my GI said "We can't really help you." I do the same stuff you do- milk of mag, stool softeners etc.... the only thing that helps a little (after taking 4 x the recommended dosage, every day).... is miralax. I also thought that all of this would be "fixed" or at least lessened by going gluten free. I have been for about a month and a half and haven't noticed a difference yet. So I don't have any answers, but can completely relate. If you haven't already tried miralax, I'd give it a shot!
  5. Zucchini Bread Recipe - Wow!

    I noticed that, too.... but I can tell you this bread was wonderful- as is. I don't know that I would change anything my second time around. I really loved it.
  6. I thought vodka was safe- but i realize you're right, it's typically a grain alcohol. Is potato vodka the only safe alternative in terms of vodka??? Or is that only if you're sensetive. Thanks for clarification!
  7. Zucchini Bread Recipe - Wow!

    i just made this- it's phenomenal!!
  8. I am also having a hard time with my hypothyroidism- Gemini what is nature-thyroid and where do you get it? is it prescription? Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I need some help with white bean flour recipes. I bought some on sale the other day and have done some searches, but thought some of you might be able to help I'm not looking so much for bread recipes, but maybe some crust (pizza), baked goods (biscuits?) or flatbread? Anything would be great, though! Thanks all!
  10. Thyroid

    maybe I need to make the switch- my meds don't help except I guess my TSH is now in the normal range- whatever that is, right? I forgot my research- is Armour the brand name? is it really expensive?
  11. So after being gluten free for about a month it's becoming more obvious that a lot of my symptoms are more related than I thought. One of these is the issue of popping my knees and back- I'm young- 24 years old and live a pretty active lifestyle (when I have the energy) but for the past few years I've noticed an intense urge to pop my knees- they feel like they just have to pop all the time and when I kick out my leg they almost always pop. It's kind of continuous throughout the day. When I'm sitting, standing, driving etc. I also experience this with my back. I have a lot of lower back pain, mostly when I'm severely constipated- but I find myself popping my back a lot during the day. Even when I wake up in the morning I twist around in my bed to pop my lower back. What's the deal? Is this related or similar to anything any of you have experienced? It's ok to tell me this is completely unrelated Thanks!
  12. Thyroid

    This is really interesting to me- I certainly have had the same thoughts. I have no idea, but it seems that all of my hypothyroid symptoms have masked my glutening symptoms... or the other way around, I guess. I don't know how to get a straight answer on this- other than to watch your TSH blood test results and everything. I haven't been to my endocrinologist since going gluten free (just about a month ago) so I'll have to see what he says/ what the blood says. Every one of my symptoms shows up as a symptom of both so it's very curious to me! I haven't gotten "Better" yet, so we'll see...... but I do know that they 2.5 years I've been on thyroid medication, it has not helped. even changing doses and brands.....
  13. From reading many posts on this site I have become a little more educated on the possibilities of gluten and dairy intolerance. I never, ever thought I was dairy intolerant, but just ate ice cream (gluten free) and about 20 minutes later had "D" (which could finally be my miralax working...) but also got a horrible sore throat. I've suffered from chronic constipation for about 3 years and have read on here that many of you who have also had constipation say that it can be due to dairy.... Also, I've been gluten free for 4 weeks.... So what are the other symptoms? Anyone think this sore throat has anything to do with it? Oh- and are they the same thing?? lactose/dairy intolerance? (Sorry if that's a dumb question!!)
  14. Monical's Has gluten-free Pizza!

    If anyone hasn't had it and live near one you should go! Their gluten free pizza is phenomenal. The cheese kept slipping off, but I didn't mind. I thought it was awesome!
  15. It's so confusing! VitaminDgirl- I also have the constipation side of things. I apologize if you've already mentioned this, but are you taking any specific supplements that you've noticed helping the constipation? So far the gluten free diet alone has done nothing for my constipation. I'm looking for examples other than adding more fiber or food choice, but instead, information on viatmins or supplements would be awesome! Thanks!