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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. lovin' this thread. Enr-G bread yuck-sharing... but the package looks so neat and like it could be yummy... who really eats and enjoys it? (ok, just read there are a few that like it--good for them and the company Even my baby threw it down and made a bad face. I only use my bread machine now to make breads. Love Anna's breads and Gluten Free Pantry Sandwich bread.... Looking forward to trying one of these stuffing recipes!
  2. yeah, and I'm gussing my dh's tea is probably gluten-free, but I should check to be certain.
  3. Hmmm... I have one and had not considered that the tea I make my husband may cross-contaminate me. The way the machine works, it makes a hole in the k-cup before sending water through it. i guess there is a slight possibility a grain of tea or coffee could be left on the spike? I need to look closer. I do know that some coffee grains escape to the bottom of the area where I place my k-cup.... I considered this an easy to clean machine and no-worries when gluten-free, but now I must look into further. I'm only going into day 6 gluten-free and it's hard to think I might could get cross-contaminated by one more thing!
  4. Are we as forum members, allowed to respond to these articles here? If not, please delete. I'm new here. I see there is not much conversation here... but I was saddened by the article somewhat making it sound like it could be damaging to take your child off gluten, especially if they haven't tested for celiac... I was actually told by my daughter's pediatric GI that he felt it cruel to take a child off gluten esp when other kids get to eat it. Told me right in front of her. I was asking for blood tests with possible biopsy in sight. I was thinking how bad of a parent I would be to not take her off of it and see if it helps her health and body. She deals with constant constipation and ezcema. His cure? Miralax and mineral oil daily. How is that any less cruel than taking my child off gluten/wheat products to see if it helps her system??? Hmmmm... I hope others might read the article and respond as well.
  5. yay, Ravenwood. Thanks for the extra needed encouragement. Today was day 2 gluten free. yay! I look forward to seeing what rewards my body may show me in a few months. Thanks for this info! Very much. I know I'll see you around here.
  6. Great! Thanks for the tip so that i don't drive people crazy here with all of the posts. Also, thanks for the stats on the variety of types of gluten-freers! Excited to here (did I just say that? excited to be gluten free?). Well, excited to see the positive results with time and to have the support of you all! So great to know I'm not alone in this!
  7. I'm sorry you all that I haven't figured out how to quote several of you at once and reply, so that's why all of these seperate posts. Rowena, thanks for hearing my 'cry'. Glad to know another on this journey.
  8. Thank you, I will look into that. I have not yet gone completely gluten free, so now is the time! I will give it a good try for a few months and see what happens. I'm so thankful for a place like this to encourage me as I embark on this new 'adventure' of sorts Prayerfully my body will respond with happiness!
  9. Skylark to the rescue once again. Thank you!! This is wonderful encouragement to go off of gluten and see what happens. Thank you for sharing what you have read/researched. Helps newbie researchers like me!
  10. yes, he is sending off the biopsies, so I guess that will be the final say? I was too doped up after the procedure to ask all of these questions and my throat hurts too much to talk right now by calling to find out. Thanks for you reply! So very much.
  11. Ok. Here I am again. Suffered through the biopsy yesterday. Dr. said I'm not celiac. So... I went through all of that because I had a high positive on a saliva test for anti-gliadin autoantibodies. I did all the bloodwork--all was negative. But because I read here that there can be 20% chance i still could have it, I did the biopsy. So, now I'm wondering, is it possible to be gluten intolerant and not celiac? or is the saliva test just that wrong? I mean, I guess I'm confused about if gluten gets past the small intestines fine and the villi are happy, is there really a good reason to come off the gluten? I am in pain for some unresolved medical diagnosis and that's how I 'hit' this avenue. Has anyone been told through biopsy and blood "no celiac' and yet still had pain relief coming off the gluten? (I have painful feet, legs, back--hard to walk very far and I'm 35 and not overweight) Thanks so much. Any direction on links or forums to help me with this would be great if it's too much to answer... I tried a google search, but I'm still lost. ps GI dr. said there is no reason for me to come off gluten since my villi look good. However, because I have that high positive on the saliva test, I'm questioning his opinion...
  12. Very informative reply, Shauna--thank you! I am storing up your info for later.
  13. ps also my thyroid was in the 3. somethings (high for my dr's liking) and that looked a lot better after getting my D up. Just thought I'd add that part in case it is helpful somehow to your case. Not many drs are 'up' on D, so choose wisely. I actually went to an MD that is not my family dr. for D testing and help as well as to get this celiac testing ordered.
  14. Hi. I have my biopsy tomorrow to confirm (or not) celiac... but wanted to say that getting my D up through a good D3 supplement in 5,000-10,000 ius helped my neuropathy type feelings IMMENSESLY. So it could be a seperate issue, that part. Hope that helps a bit.
  15. In general, most people are walking around with lower D levels than they could/should. Mostly because of sunscreen, staying out of the sun,etc... So it's a good starting place But def. consider your own personal case and your herditary history. I've been ruled out for autoimmune, so I didn't have that factor to think about. God bless you as you try and figure things out! Here's to feeling better real soon!