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  1. Thanks Richard & Vote4PpresBush04 for talking - It is Campbell's Select soup - I wasn't looking for someone to tell me it's okay to eat - I just wanted to know if anyone knew what "Yeast Extract" is & if they thought we could eat it - (This is on work days) I find it exhausting to make two kinds of pasta - when they have mac & cheese as a side dish I usually eat the meat(unless it's hot dogs & than I need another meat also) & veggie w/ NO side - And it really gets to me when they order out - because it's really hard to order food out - and I LOVE pizza - but I don't get angry or upset w/ my family - it's not their fault - I just get depressed Inside & NO I'm not feeling sorry for myself I just think people w/ this Disease have a tough way - I mean eating is well more than half your life style and when you can't eat all those YUMMY things out there (& on top watch others eat them) - IT"S HARD - I'm not shouting - I'm showing I mean this w/ everything I have in me - As far as spaghetti goes I found a pasta that I really love but I have to mail order it (which means pay s&h also) - it's not cheap to begin with - and if I'm really tired they'll eat frozen dinners - and I haven't found any of those that I like - I do have a frozen mac-n-cheese I like - but recently I had a baby - and when I was pregnant I ate them 'til they came out of my ears - so right now I' a little sick of them - and that's another thing it's like once I eat something(anything like: tuna, egg salad, etc...) I want to eat that & that only for weeks - & than I get sick of that and it takes me a little bit before I come across the next thing I like - I guess maybe I'm a picky perfectionist - Anyway, I will look at those Progresso soups - do you know which ones it is we can eat? - It was really nice hearing from someone - THANKS AGAIN!! ps - Again I'm new to this "forum-chat thing" - I hope I "replied" okay(in the correct format and whatever else I guess I'll learn as I go - that's always fun Lori A : )
  2. This Is Too Funny!

    yeah - isn't that too funy - us celiac people eating too much - i don't know about you all but ever since i've known i've had the "d" i don't over eat - unless i'm cheating(being bad) - that is w/ food - my family & i call it cheating - i don't care for alot of the gluten-free food - n don't have a lot of time to make "special" recipes so i eat eggs, sausage, egg & tuna salad - i did find a bread that i love toasted so ALL sandwiches must be toasted - anyway - yeah i very seldon over eat - thanks for sharing the story - that was cool!
  3. today is my first day on the site - so please bare w/ me - i've known about my celiac for 9.5 yrs I found out I had it after giving birth to my daughter - the doc said I was probably born w/ it but it was never active & it's a known fact that when trauma(child birth in my case) is done to your body it can become active - I try to eat gluten-free but it is sssooo hard - especially when you have a large family & I am the ONLY one w/ it - Anyway - sorry for rambling - I've been so sick this week w/ bronchitis, etc... and wanted some soup sssooo bad - well we all know that's impossible to go to a "normal" grocery store and purchase a "normal" can of soup - 'cause all of it has something or another in it that we all can't eat - & I'm NOT eating that disgusting soup from the Nature Store where I shop at to get my bread, etc... - and of course I didn't have any homemade frozen neither - I bought a can of Chuncky Split Pea w/ Ham - the only thing I see in it is "Yeast Extract" - Does anyone know if this is safe - I haven't eatin' it yet - I was trying to find what it was - by the way I'm so glad I found you all - it sounds like you all touch a little bit of everything conversations - I really need to know if anyone out there has a hard time working(full time), having a husband & two kids to come home to and fix a "normal" dinner & you having to eat a gluten-free diet - it's hard fixing two things for dinner after working all day - I get sssooo depressed that I'll go w/out eating - but I'm already 100lb soakin' ringin' wet - so I can't afford to be not eating - I am sssooo sorry for rambling on & on - I am pretty happy I found people to talk to about this - can't wait to talk - laa