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  1. I confess that Sunday I snuck a piece of regular pizza because it smelled SO GOOD and I was weak. figured... how bad could it be right? The next morning I could NOT manage out of bed. I was beyond exhausted and literally can not keep my eyes opened, every moment able, I would go back to sleep. I blew it off. Last night I got up in the middle of the night and ate a bowl of life cereal. I thought it was a dream, I mean I remember doing it but not fully conscience of doing it.. I have heard of sleep eating but this was just odd. So today, I am dealing with the same symptom. I can't keep my eyes open, I am so out of it. Is this a glutened symptom? I just want to sleep and do nothing.
  2. "what? Flour In Cookies?

    TRue enough.. CC would be high. The young man knew what I was referring to because he bakes flour free. The woman seemed like an idiot (sorry) They are exactly like the ones I found at central market. I ate 2 and now I have gurgling and gas so.. I guess CC. I didn't even THINK about all the flour they use on site. Even if they don't IN the cookie. I wonder if the dust the pans.... Oh well! Back to making me own lol. So much for convenience right?
  3. I found what appeared to be flourless cookies at HEB in the bakery. To verify, I asked 2 bakery employees. One said he watched the baker and indeed, he did not use flour. The ingredients are basically coco powder, powered sugar, eggs and vanilla. I looked at the other lady to confirm and she said.... "flour In cookies? There is no flour in cookies" So I pointed to the entire bakery and told her Yes, there is flour in every one of their cookies but I only cared about THIS cookie. She gave me a dumblook like I was crazy. "Who puts flour in cookies?" O M G. This is a bakery where they bake all their goods on premise and most of the cookies are made from scratch right there. I told the guy he needs to put a big BIG sign saying FLOURLESS COOKIES! They would sell like hotcakes. He is going to talk to the manager about it.
  4. Where To Draw The Line

    Gluten free wasn't enough for me either. I had to go lowcarb and low sugar. I do notice a difference in my gut although I still have D/Const. Being gluten-free and low carb, this really takes out pretty much most processed foods. I eat meat, potatoes, veggies, fruit, beans.... sometimes a piece of chocolate (anything plain) and RARELY crackers or gluten-free cereal anymore. I will make gluten-free pasta maybe once a week or once every other week. Just a thought.
  5. Dining As A Gluten Free Guest

    We really don't go to peoples houses for dinner but the last time we did, it was pizza. I know now to always ask what is being served. I brought watermelon and a salad. People did ask why I wasn't eating pizza. I told them, we chatted about it, got tipsy and played Rockband My kinda people wouldn't get offended.
  6. Amy's Soups

    I'd say it was the fact you ate split pea soup! Ok teasing. I can't stand the stuff but I have eaten AMY's frozen goods before without an issue. Their can goods are WAY more than I am willing to pay. I have also heard of the CC with that brand. I sure hope you feel better, and soon!
  7. I wonder what changed? I have seen this before on the board. We do well, we feel better then something changes. You hang in there. Nothing lasts forever Try to track down where the change started? Tiff
  8. Feeding "normal" People

    Ummm...On the potato bar? Don't forget the bacon
  9. My gallbladder hemorrhaged about 7 years ago. I had to have emergency surgery to remove it and I also had to get stones removed from the duct. So let's back up 12 years. I was pregnant and having what felt like heartburn from hell or maybe a heart attack. I was given an Ultrasound and you could see the stones. I refused surgery because I was PG. The pain was excrutiating. I lay in hot water as waves and waves of pain washed over me. This was my treatment for years. I was either Pregnant, nursing or something and did not want to get surgery. Diets did not help. So on that faithful night, I woke and I just knew I was having a heart attack. The pain was on the right side, under my ribs and in my back. This time was different so DH took me to the ER. They put me on some strong medication and did an emergency ultrasound. The stones had gotten so bad, they had turned into a thick sludge. The gallbladder ruptured and started to bleed out. The sludge going into the bile ducts. I had it removed the next morning. Well I say next morning. It was about 4 when I got there, had a bunch of procedures and tests and it was about 10 when I had it removed. I do not know if this is related to my bowel issue but it's not something you want to just let go. I could have developed sepsis and died from this. I let it go and go and go. I would keep a real close eye on this and make sure they do a GB US to see if there is anything in there.
  10. First off, the waitress was knowledable and patient with me. When I finally figured out what I could have (printed out a gluten-free list for outback) she told me they have a dedicated fryer that gets fresh oil every day, for their frenchfries and to ask for no seasoning. I did not ask for fries but she offered the info and since their hamburger is 100% pure... I now know I can have a burger and fries there. A while later, the manager who I hadn't seen before comes and tells me they are taking special care with my meal to be sure it is gluten-free. They would not want me to become ill so they are reading the recipe cards. ANOTHER manager comes with my meal and tells me everything is gluten-free and asks if he could do anything for us. They have a gluten-free desert. A flourless brownie made in a pan dusted with sugar! It was to die for, I thought I had died and went to heaven. The waitress again was knowledgeable about what could and could not be included in that desert. Coolwhip is not to be added. I was so impressed. They took good care of me, They got the managers involved and did not at all make me feel funny for having an allergy. They understood the allergy and accomidated my needs happily. It was the most satisfying meal I have had since going gluten-free. I am going to write a letter to them telling them how impressed I was with their service. Waitress got a nice fat tip Tiff
  11. Depends on what it is I suppose. I might buy something I REALLY want if it says processed in a facility that process wheat. That could mean in a completely different building. I do not buy it if it says processed on equipment that processes wheat.
  12. It sure stinks feeling sick but doesn't it put a little peace in your mind that someone can relate? you are not alone? You can be a baby and not be the only one? aderifield, Yoplait has a gluten-free yogurt. It says it on the container. I ONLY buy those and not all yoplait are gluten-free. Thank you all for relating. I do feel a bit better today. Still dreary, cramping, I need to *go* but can't. The hip pain is gone. The headache nearly gone. Speaking of which....I need to make the kids something and I have to force breakfast. when I don't eat breakfast, I stop loosing weight like a dead train stuck in it's tracks!
  13. Poll Time:

    Kindred spirits I see!!! I have not tried glutino crackers (have tried others) but now that I have a word on that brand I am gunna. Ok back to reality my non-glutard friends. I made gluten-free chicken afredo tonight and all is right with the world. Heartland pasta is very good and SO much cheaper than the other gluten-free brands. xox
  14. YES exactly! I hope this gets easier with time.
  15. Poll Time:

    For me, today, I would LOVE some good ole cheese n crackers! Ritz roasted veggie and colby/montereyjack. Cheese by itself (which is how I now eat it) just isn't the same.