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  1. Any of the above willing to share some yummy gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes? I love to try a coffee cake and a spinach casserole. I'm looking for a cornbread recipe too. I want to have a gluten free thanksgiving/birthday dinner this weekend at home with my husband and 3 daughters (daughter age 2 is gluten intolerant). Trying to get the whole family to realize that a gluten free diet is yummy and a healthier way to eat. Thanks!
  2. HI There! I love orzo salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and basil. Can anyone think of good subsitute for orzo? I'm thinking maybe a brown rice. Has anyone tried anything like this? Thanks!
  3. My toddler has a Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance. She had a lot of the same symptoms your describing, she had those terrible diaper rashes, no solid BM's, she would cry in her sleep and wake up in the middle of the night. She was growing OK so it was hard to get the Dr's to believe there was something wrong with her. She has been off all gluten and dairy since she was 18 months, she is 2 now. She is doing soooooo much better. Try the diet and see if it helps, and I would consider eliminating dairy if you don't see immediate results with the BM's and the tummy troubles. WE found that my daughter was lactose intolerant secondary to her gluten intolerance.
  4. WE eliminated dairy only because we thought that was primary culprit (whole milk) although she did improve when we removed diary she did not improve completely until we eliminated gluten. It turns out she was lactose intolerant secondary to the gluten intolerance (just like in Celiac). While this was all happening she started showing signs of her disease (JDM). I think the gluten intolerance was a triggered her disease, among some other things. I have no idea what the paleo diet is...I'll have to google it. My husband has RA and I have trying to get him to change is diet. No luck so far. I hope this helps.
  5. Hi Cara in Boston, I think it is 100% possible to have a gluten-intolerance that has the same symptoms of Celiac without the Villi destruction. My daughter is 2, she is gluten-intolerant, she started showing symptoms when we introduced solids. WE saw GI @ Childrens Boston too. Just as an FYI, if your sons endo come back negative don't rule out Gluten-intolerance. All of my daughters tests came back negative for Celiac (and she had them all including gene). The Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance is a real thing. I hope your getting your answers soon.
  6. HI There! My daughter does not have RA but she has another autoimmune called Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM), they are similar. JA affects the joints and JDM affects the muscles and the skin. She is 2 and was dx @ 18 mos with JDM. She is also gluten intolerant. She started showing symptoms of the gluten-intolerance when we introduced solids. I would swear she is Celiac, but all her testing came back negative. She is responding very well to treatment. I know she would not be doing as well if we were not gluten-free. I hope this helps.
  7. My daughter has a gluten-intolerance, she just turned two. She started showing signs when we introduced solids. It took us forever to figure out what was going on. She had Lots of poops, not D but mushy, smelly, pale and grainy (like there were pieces of sand in them). She had the distended belly. She had terrible terrible diaper rashes, like I had never seen before (she is my third). She would wake up crying in the middle of night, and whimper while she was sleeping. She was growing OK so it was hard to convince the Dr's that something was wrong. We eliminated whole milk first but she was still having issues so we went on down the line taking all the big food allergens out of her diet, gluten was last on the list. It turns out she was lactose intolerant secondary to a gluten intolerance. I never would of guessed it. I have two other daughters both healthy no allergies. She is new a girl since eliminating lactose and gluten. I hope this helps.
  8. I would ditch the dairy too. My daughter could not tolerate milk. She just turned two. I can even begin to tell you the change I have seen in her since we've been dairy and gluten-free. She used to wake up in the middle of night too cry in her sleep. : ( She hasn't done that in ages. She is so much happier! Good luck!
  9. Poor little guy!! All the sleeping is probably good for him. All the trama his little body has been through. He's probably just catching up. The body heals and babies grow when sleeping.
  10. Just as FYI... My daughter has a gluten-intolerance ALL testing for Celiac came back negative. She was 18 mos when we went through all the testing. According to research and what I've read on here, testing in small children in unreliable. Keep this in mind if testing comes back negative. What you can do is ask your Dr. to follow your daughters progress while you give the gluten free diet a try. That way if she responds well you can get a diagnosis that way. That is what we had to do. We were not failure to thrive but lactose intolerant, lots of D, bloated belly and diaper rash after diaper rash. All has improved or has been eliminated since being gluten-free. I hope this helps! Good luck!!
  11. My daughter just turned 2 and tested negative (two celiac panels, biopsy and gene). Her GI Dr. diagnosed her with a gluten intolerance due to a positive response to the diet. According to what I've read on here testing in small children is unreliable. My daughter was also lactose intolerant. Both of your sons could be Celiac or a have a gluten-intolerance. Why not have them try the diet and see how they do. Also, I find with my kids, calorie intake directly effects their behavior. Today my daughter did not eat any of her snacks I packed for her for school and only ate half of her PB and J sandwich (I guess they gave them candy at snack because it was St. Patty's day). Anyway, she was a MESS when she got home. Crying at the drop of the hat. She was an emotional wreck. She is 6 and is too old to be acting like that. I knew right away something was not right. I sat her at the table and she ate and ate and ate and ate. She was STARVING!! They need protien and healthy fats, at least mine do, crackers and carbs just don't do it for them. I hope this helps
  12. Cheese Gluten-free pretzels Chips (we do lays because they are thin and dissolve easily) snap pea crisps raisins craisins popcorn gluten-free bread with PB yogurt cottage cheese
  13. My daughter's tests came back negative too (she is 2 now) but had all the testing at 18 mos. She had the same problem with dairy. WE have been gluten-free since sept and she is WAY better. I agree with your husband, I would wait to do the challenge until he is older and he can tell you how he is feeling. Good luck
  14. GI Dr. but I had to insist. After being sent away with no way no how does she have celiac. I called her back and told her about her positive response to the diet and that is what she based her diagnosis on. I was worried if I didn't get the diagnosis that we would run into problems while being treated for her other autoimmune disease. I was forseeing possible hospital stays. Don't under estimate the gluten-intolerance, it is serious (or for us it is). It is not the same as a food sensitivity, everyone has foods that don't agree with them. Gluten was causing or escalating an antibody reaction in her. I know that because I have copies of her lab work. I know what you mean about following the advice of the Dr's, that was tough for me. I found myself consulting with our pedi or asking my husband "have we given this enough time". We tried lots of different to get rid of rashes. Had to keep her on the diet for biopsy, for the lab work, etc etc. Saw an allergist. It was a long summer. I hope this helps Feel free to email me and ask me any questions.
  15. I should also add, that at the end of the summer, my daughter was finally diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM). It's an auto-immune. So, not only did she have the gluten-intolerance/lactose intolerance (yes...she had a problem with lactose too) she had the JDM. I think my husband was going through some sort of weird denial and couldn't accept that something serious might be wrong. Go with your Mommy instinct, it's almost ALWAYS right!!