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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks, everyone for the help.
  2. Was there any flour or other food covering on the chicken? Who knows, maybe some of the gluten-fee stuff you're now eating is not settling well in your tummy.
  3. I'm in the process of being checked for Celiac -- waiting for the labs to come back. I have had anxiety issues for many years and have been diagnosed having GAD. I read here on the forum and elsewhere that anxiety and Celiac Disease are like hand-in-glove with each other. Why is that?
  4. Is any of this related to some previous emotional condition you have? I'm just wondering. Your symptoms seem serious but it sounds like the problem cannot be diagnosed even though you've been to the er multiple times and visited your doctor and they can't find anything. A lot of it sounds like it's emotional-centered and your body is freaking out because of a serious emotional condition. Do you feel this may be what's going on?
  5. Every year starting when the weather here in UT begins to get cold I start to get what I call a rash. I still get it throughout the rest of the year but not as severe. I'm a 51 year old male and have had this condition for about 16 years. The "rash" is usually located around my front waist line in various places there as well as the sides of my waist, it is redish-pink, raised/swollen but never blisters and never fills with fluid, is extremely itchy and gets bright red and swollen when I scratch it, when I shower the warm water really aggravates it and makes me want to scratch it even more. The rash can be one tiny spot that itches like crazy or it can be a larger raised red spot that also itches like crazy. I never get more than 3 big ones about the size of a nickle, and maybe about 6 others that are small. Like I say they usually show up in various places around the front part and sides of my waist but they can also be up next to my nipples or other places further up the trunk. I have one spot of it on the side of my foot. They don't ever get crusty nor do the crack and peel. The only thing that relieves it is a Dr. prescribed steroid cream that takes away the itchiness and reduces the swelling of the red spot. This usually takes care if it for 3-4 days then it comes back. I used to scratch them so hard I know of scars on my waistline. What do you think, is this DH?
  6. By the way, I do not like the taste of Pepsi. I will avoid restaurants that serve Pepsi instead of Coke.
  7. I love regular (non-diet) Coke. I have one just about everyday. Does Coke cause intestinal problems for me? Without a doubt, YES. However I notice that when I lay off the Coke my bowels return to "normal." I think it's all the sugar in it because if I drink Coke Zero I usually don't have a problem. I was wondered the same thing earlier today and did a Google search and found that Coke is gluten free. So go figure on that one.
  8. I'm sorry, I'm new here and don't know your background in terms of health issues. I sounds like you take Valium for an anxiety condition (panic attacks?). Are you also on any antidepressants? If so, just curious if the medicine is helping you. It sounds like it's not giving you much relief and benefit to treat the condition. Maybe you need to up the dosage or get on another AD med. Just a thought. I know, I've been there done that.
  9. By the way, thanks everyone for all of the great information and helpful advice.
  10. In terms of my emotional state of mind, I've been dealing with anxiety issues my whole adult life with some depression mixed in there -- currently on meds for that. I have an appointment with a gastro specialist tomorrow so we'll see what happens.
  11. I appreciate all the great information on my other threads about my situation. I have an appointment tomorrow with a Gastroenterologist here in Utah and would like to get your thoughts on what I should be telling him and the questions I should be asking him as well. Thank you.
  12. What are the defining difference between Celiac and IBS? I was told I have IBS back in 1993. As I mentioned in another thread, literally over night, I went from normal BMs to massive multiple diarrhea BMs daily for several weeks which caused me to go to a doctor which later on, after a lot of tests, the MD determined it was all IBS. The doctor said to start increasing fiber content in my diet. I did this and eventually things got better but with the exception of time to time bouts of diarrhea usually after eating a meal. Then 3 weeks ago, BOOM, I was hit again just as I did back in 1993 but to a lesser degree. Now after discovering Celiac I am wondering if this has been Celiac all along. I read somewhere that IBS symptoms can really be Celiac because they're so similar in nature with some exceptions. What I'd like to know is if someone can tell me the real differences between the two conditions that makes them stand apart from each other. I would appreciate your input. Thank you. By the way some things -- before all of this hit 3 weeks ago -- that really triggered an urgent diarrhea BM would be foods that had sugar in them like Coke, chocolate (especially dark chocolate), consumption of a lot of candy over the period of days, and late evening consumption of green leafy salads -- eating green leafy salads after 8:00 pm pretty much guarantee sending me into a diarrhea tizzy -- it's a given. I also seem to have problems right after eating a very full/large meal especially Mexican foods with spices. Any spicy foods will pretty much causes diarrhea right after or at least an awful lot of foul smelling gas. Eating peanuts will do the same as well. FYI.
  13. Very helpful information. Thank you. I'm going to try and get into a gastro specialist asap. I figure if there's an MD out there that ought to know something about Celiac it ought be him/her. Like I say, I'm surprised my GP didn't even mention it but now from what you say that doesn't surprise me. Too bad because now I have to deal with another MD when I was just with one last week.
  14. I appreciate the replies. After stumbling upon the possibility that it could be Celiac Disease I was pretty surprised my doctor did not even mention this as a possibility and do the test. I still need to give the lab a stool sample for possible Geardia and E coli even though I've not traveled anywhere recently or come in contact with contaminated water -- but it still could be so I'll have the test done even though I think that's a long shot possibility. Today has been pretty good, one BM but I do feel I'm somewhat constipated. This is compared to a week ago when I had 13 BMs in one day. My old record was 7! It all could be IBS and just a flare up that will eventually go away but so far I don't see that happening in the near future. I did do some research on Celiac Disease and find that I do have many of the symptoms -- regarding the bowel and abdominal issues, but do not have the mouth sores, bone or joint problems, no vomiting, no weird itchy sores, but I DO have the unexplained weight loss and anxiety (had this for years), and may have some of the fatigue symptoms that are part of it. I am going to set an appointment with an MD gastro specialist since I haven't seen one in many years. But for now, I'm just sick of all the cramping, bloating, very loose diarrhea, spending a lot of time on a toilet, having to run to the toilet unexpectedly and with great urgency, and the on and off pain and discomfort in the abdomen, and worry about messing my pants. All of this is starting to get to me. 3 weeks is long enough for me to be dealing with it all. If it's not IBS then what the heck is it?? That's a rhetorical question. Thanks.
  15. I would appreciate your help in terms of feedback and advice. I'm male,51 years old, and was told about 18 years ago by a physician that I have IBS. In the beginning I went from being normal to being very sick with multiple bouts of diarrhea per day that none of the over the counter meds would help. It seemed to have begun after taking an antibiotic. At first the doctor thought I had ulcerative colitis and I was on a med for that for about a year which really did not do a thing. Then I had a colonoscopy at that time and it was determined I had IBS. Doctor said to increase my fiber intake such as taking Fibercon -- which I did and after a while things greatly improved. Later I was able to go off the Fibercon and seemed to be over the intestinal problems for the most part. I still had bouts of diarrhea usually after eating a large meal but other than that I've been fine for the last several years. Well, for whatever reason, for the last three weeks I've been dealing with multiple bouts of diarrhea per day. For the first two weeks it was nothing but watery, explosive diarrhea several times per day blowing out yellowish particle material that mostly floats in the water and stinks to high heaven. Then for the past week the diarrhea BMs have become less watery but still explosive with particle material that floats. When I have a BM there is usually a huge amount of gas/air that comes out as well. I have always been a daily gas passer some of them very foul. When the need to have a BM suddenly hits, I have to find a john fast. I do have abdominal pain in various places in the abdomen right now but sometimes that's relieved after passing gas or having a BM but for the most part the pain is present. By the way, over the counter meds to not help and neither is the Fibercon. I went to my GP doctor last week and he felt around and ordered a ultra sound of my abdomen which came out normal in terms of my gallbladder and liver. He was concerned it might be appendicitis but I'm pretty sure that's not it but it could be, I guess. After the tests were shown negative he's pretty much blown me off as it being IBS. Anyway, the diarrhea persists and a few days ago, when the need for a BM hit me, I did not make it to the toilet fast enough and literally messed my pants -- fortunately I was at home. Before that time as well as after there have been times where I've come close to not making it in time to the john. My symptoms are mainly: - Explosive, foul-smelling, sometimes watery but always very loose diarrhea that generates a particle-like matter that floats and some of it sinking and a lot of it gets plastered on the walls of the toilet. The color was a yellowish color for the first two weeks now it's the some consistency explained above but it's more of a brown color now. - Pain and bloating but the pain is not too noticeable most of the time but is felt when pressure is applied to the abdomen and sometimes noticeable when there is no pressure on the abdomen. - General feeling of bloating but not all the time. What do you think? Does this sound like Celiac Disease? By the way, I am on an antidepressant mostly for anxiety and some depression. I don't usually get bowel problems associated with the anxiety, though. I've been on antidepressants for about 10 years. Thanks for your help.