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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Celiac Merchandise

    OOOH! I was just on Angelic Grooves celiac awareness site and they are having buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale! I put a big order in for Christmas presents. I guess they do it once a year. I already have all the peices and they are great for celiac awareness as well as getting people to talk about celiac disease. Not to mention BEAUTIFUL! Sada
  2. Bracelet

    Yes! I agree! I am a FAN! I have the keychains, bookmark, and a bracelet from them. BEAUTIFUL, and goes to a great cause! I get the monthly newsletter and if you have kids they are now having glow sticks that represent celiac disease and are personalized for celiac disease. It is on the website-- www.angelicgrooves.com Sada
  3. Has anyone ever been? How many people actually show up? I am interested in going and was just wondering what is is like. It is June 17-19 in Chicago. Thanks for the info! Sada
  4. Links

    oops one of my links was wrong www.glutenfreebakingandmore.com sorry! Sada
  5. Links

    Hey guys great thread!!! I have a lot of favorites as you guys do too... To add a few www.celiacchicks.com -- great NY information about foods, bakeries, etc. www.silly-yak.com t-shirts etc... www.angelicgrooves.com -- great celiac awareness jewelry that are donated to celiac awareness. www.glutenfreeandmore.com great newsletter for baking!!! www.dippychick.com -- dips that are gluten free. That is all I can think of right now. I haven't ever heard of the delphi forums.. . thanks for that I will have to check them out!!!! Sada
  6. Teen Vogue

    Hi Stef, That is neat you do gymnastics! WOW! I wouldn't want the child there either. Poor thing. As far as my dad, no i don't mind. He has had stomache problems all his life and when I got diagnosed he thought he should go. Which about 1 year later he finally made it to the doctor by being admitted into the hospital for pain. They did celiac testing and came back postitve. That has been since November of this year. So he eats gluten about 1-2 times a week. He says he feels better, but I think he would feel PERFECT if he would just be all gluten-free! Sada
  7. Teen Vogue

    Stef, I know! It makes me upset too! My dad is one of them! I wish he would follow it, and I have done everything to make him understand, but he is so set in his ways. It does make it harder for those of us that do, and I have really been to some doctors that really have NO idea celiac is even existing here in the US. Crazy! But in my Dad's case, I just think he is stubborn and wants his favorite foods. He doesn't eat bread, tries really hard until he wants his soup. The soups that do contain wheat. AHH! He says it isn't as bad as eating bread. He has been in the hospital with his colon and they keep telling him that he needs to change his diet to completely gluten free. I hope he does. He would feel so much better. That is too bad about your friend's child. That is sad especially when it involves an innocent little child! Sada
  8. Teen Vogue

    I read this article also, but I thought maybe she has a wheat intolerance. There are a lot of people with wheat intolerance but they do not have celiac disease. They can eat other grains just not wheat. As far as allergies... that is life threating immedialtly! I myself can not eat fish or peanuts, or I will go into anaphalactic shock. A person with an actual ALERGY can not eat any small amounts or they will die. A person with an intolerance can eat small amounts of the item with hardly any problems. I am lactose intolerant and I can eat small amounts or take a pill like lactate when I eat dairy. Now celiac disease is a auto-immune disease and therefore any crumb counts! I believe it is 1/188 of a peice of bread will cause damage to a celiac. I don't get any problems if I get an accidental ingestion, although I KNOW it will cause further damage and further problems. There was also a study done SOMEWHERE, I can not rememeber the source. (I am sorry) that around 55% of diagnosed celiacs do NOT follow a strict gluten-free diet mainly due to lack of knowledge of the doctors that diagnose. I know I have had to educate my doctor with everything that I know. He didn't realize it was THAT important to follow a strict diet. Anyway, I hope this helps as I live with all 3! 2 life threatening allergies, 1 intolerance, and Celiac Disease! Sada
  9. Clan Thompson

    ooh! GREAT thanks for posting this! I checked out their site and it is very informationional!!! Sada
  10. Hi! I saw this and thought that I would also add that University of Chicago Celiac Program also are selling them. They say a "Gluten free works for me" a little different. I got a few of those. Also, Angelic Grooves www.angelicgrooves.com has awareness jewelry too. They are beautiul... a little different than the other ones. They donate profits to celiac disease. I also got a few of those! Sada
  11. Hi I am new here too! I have been diagnosed with celiac disease and been on a gluten-free diet for 1 year. I was heavier before diagnosis also. Sada
  12. Edit: OOOPS I messed up and did 2 posts thinking I didn't get the other post done. SORRY! New and learning about this! Hi! I am new here to this board and just thought I would post here! I love her jewelry. I have had my bracelet since June and wear it all the time! It is beautiul and helps raise awareness! I have compliments on it daily. I just put in another order for my family to have one. The bracelets are 15% off right now until the middle of Feb. Just thought I would post this information!!! I look forward to meeting everyone here. Sada
  13. Hi I am new to this board... I have been navigating around today and saw this and thought I should post! I ordered some and it is beautiful! I ordered last June and hardly take it off!!! I get so many compliments on my bracelet and it is really great to raise awareness. I just ordered again for my family and saw they are having a 15 % off the bracelets until the middle of Feburary. Just thought I would pass that around. Look forward to meeting everyone! Sada