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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi guys, I'm a little confused. I live in NZ where apparently the food laws are very strict when it comes to labelling a product gluten-free - it must have no detectable traces of gluten. So I bought Sakata rice crackers (seaweed) as it had a gluten-free sign on the front. Started eating it then noticed that under soy sauce, where was wheat in there! So, is there some sort of processing method that removes the gluten from it and it is actually gluten-free?? Appreciate your input =)
  2. Hi guys, I've had chronic fatigue and pain issues for years and a wee bit of GI symptoms (bloating, gassy, abdominal pain) that I noticed occured when I ate lots of bready/biscuity type food within a short period of time. I have been tested for Celiacs (antibody blood test) but that came back negative. I was gluten-free briefly (about 6 weeks) last year but didn't notice a significant amount of improvement so went back to a normal diet. After about a week, my pain levels shot up but I attributed that to the Fibromyalgia flaring up. Earlier this year, I went gluten and dairy free and took a wide range of supplements. I was gluten-free & DF for 4.5 months. I still did get the odd tummy ache but I noticed my pain levels were more managable. Recently, I travelled to Asia where it's difficult to be gluten-free so I ate everything that was put my way. I was again, fine for about the 1st week but by the end of the 1st week, I started to get GI symptoms (bloating, gassy, pain) but these were a lot worse than what I normally get. The pain is has been getting worse in the last week, despite me returning to a gluten-free diet for the last couple of days. I believe I'm somewhat intolerant to gluten. My question is, is it possible that symptoms can become worse upon "re-ingesting" gluten after a long period of being gluten-free?? I appreciate your feedback. Thanks
  3. nora_n, If you don't mind me asking, how long after you began the gluten challenge did your pain return?
  4. Hmm... thanks guys. I may have to consider going off gluten another time and this time make more note of other symptoms. Whilst I was off gluten, I still had a background low level ache but it didn't really escalate to the "sharper" muscle pain that I'm getting everyday now. Will have a chat to my GP about it
  5. Hey guys... This is going to be a long post.... I've been experiencing extreme fatigue, aches and pains (muscular & joint(, headaches, migraines, cognitive problems amongst many things for the last 6 years. I initially had a diagnosis of CFS/ME which was then changed to Fibromyalgia and (possibly) lupus. Basically, my blood work suggests a possible lupus diagnosis but currently I don't fully meet the criteria for a full diagnosis (apparently it can take many many years). Anyway, back in 08, I was tested for Celiacs after I complained of a grumpy tummy when I had a lot of wheat based products. I was negative then which I thought nothing of and assumed that that wasn't a problem. Then in early June, I had a large crash and mum suggested I go gluten free. I asked by GP about it and she said it was worth trying because some people can be negative in the blood test but still be sensitive. So I started on a gluten-free diet for 6.5 weeks. Initially, I thought it had some effect as I didn't have a huge crash and wasnt in a lot of pain after my exams. But the baseline level of fatigue did not change so I assumed it didn't work. Basically, Ive been back on a normal diet for a week now and whilst my energy levels havent suffered, I've become quite sore again doing minimal things (especially from yesterday) - the sores I've been in weeks! So I guess after all this info that I've bombarded you with, I'm wondering whether there can be a "delay" in a reaction to gluten. I hear of people getting sick almost immediately after they've consumed gluten so I don't know whether to consider this part of my "other" conditions or some reaction associated with gluten. Thanks for your time & reading this.