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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Graduation

    There was really no need to get heated. Aeraen made a point in a civil manner, and a very good point at that. Nobody is saying you can't be upset, but I have to agree that you need to deal with the other problems instead of blaming celiac. You were the one who came asking for help, and you just received constructive criticism that you obviously did not care to hear. Don't think you can't enjoy yourself "like everyone else" just because you can't eat gluten. Celebrate your achievement, make or order a gluten-free graduation cake, and revel in the fact that you're DONE with grad school
  2. Me too! I'm under Rachel Dawn Ankrom
  3. I must really be a moron. I know the effects gluten has on my body. I know that even a crumb of gluten causes damage. So what do I do? I go on a whole gluten binge. At the drive-in last night with my new boyfriend, I had fries and wing dings. Today, he took me out to a chinese buffet and I ate...well, whatever I wanted! I'm paying for it all. It's been well over a year, why oh why did I have this lapse in judgement?!?!?!?!
  4. Celiac Bulimia?

    As a recovering bulimic, I have been known to binge and purge on glutenous foods and then purge so I don't physically have to purge...however I end up usually purging more..its a vicious cycle. ><
  5. Coping With A Gluten Eating Family

    Don't take this the wrong way (or do), but it sounds like she's being a whiny brat (though I have another b-word in mind). I'm 18, and if my older brother had this and I didn't, I would support him. Instead, it's the opposite, and he supports me. Sounds like you need to give her a good punch in the face (that would be my reaction, at least).
  6. Irritated With My Family!

    Well, nothing. I just figured it was a given that "this is Rachel's gluten-free food, so eat your gluten-laden brownies before you eat hers."
  7. Irritated With My Family!

    Okay, so saying this makes me feel like a greedy b-word, but hear me out. When I make a special baked good for myself, I have to hide it from my family if I want any. Now I don't like hiding things, and I don't mind sharing. Its just that everyone else in my house can eat whatever they please, but they choose to eat my stuff first. I can't stand it! I feel a bit like they're disrespecting me because of it. I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting. Does anyone else feel this way, or have a similar problem? How do you handle it?
  8. Weight Loss

    I've lost 30 pounds since going Gluten-free. However, I'm trying. Also, my blood pressure has gone down (it wasn't high, but it was just on the brink of above normal).
  9. Commandments Of gluten-free Eating Out

    Thou shall never trust a waiter with a confused, dazed look in his eyes after the mentioning of "gluten-free."
  10. gluten-free And Eating Disorders

    I understand here, and can sympathize. I am currently in treatment right now (at age 18) for bulimia I have been facing since I was 14. In fact..and I may get a lot of crap for this..but I used to use my celiac disease as a coverup. Say, I would go out with friends and 'get sick from something I ate,' I blamed celiac so nobody knew I was purging. However, I feel like having to live gluten-free mentally takes over my life, also. I'm constantly thinking about food. Where am I going to find it? Is there going to be anything here I can eat? How many calories is this? Will I be able to purge it? I hate this. I told my therapist that 'I'm in so deep that it will take a crane to pull me out.' And its true. Not eating gluten definitely helps, though. When I eat gluten, even though its an accident, I feel the need to purge. And being acutally sick, is another trigger. I really did think I was getting better. But, here at school, I ended up getting sick the second week and it all spiraled back down. These are real mental diseases that we need help to conquer. Fighting this battle and coming out on top is harder than living with it and letting it consume you. So, you've conquered this before. Relapses are normal. Keep in mind that you will need professional help to do this (as you know because you've beaten it before), and a good support system. This is a lifelong battle, and you can do it. I have faith in you.
  11. Hello Dear! You can absolutely be gluten intolerant without celiac. Also, there are false negatives all the time. However, that's not your answer. What you're facing is completely normal. Your body realizes it can eat without being sick, and is craving nutrients. You'll level out with time, trust me.
  12. Hey y'all, So I was reminiscing my old favorite foods the other day. Well I went to give blood, and while I never had *incredibly* high blood pressure, I've always been overweight and my blood pressure was not normal for that of a teenager. Well, both numbers went down by 10, and I've lost 24 pounds so far going off gluten. While I know that's not the case for everyone, eating gluten made me gain a LOT of weight, until I was diagnosed, and even then I still wasn't losing weight. But I went to college and all my cafeteria offers as safe is usually salad/baked potato/grilled chicken etc. So, when I get sad, I just think about how much healthier I am now! I just needed to get that out there.
  13. Sample Menus Please

    My favorite thing to use is cookingallergyfree.com. You can just plug in your food allergies, and then up pop recipes that cater to your needs.
  14. I Can't Eat Anything Anymore! I Give Up :(

    Don't give up!! You have a LOT of support here. We all feel your pain, and I promise you, it will get better! You'll be glad you stuck to the diet when you feel well again.
  15. Hey y'all! I'm in college, and my only cooking tool is a microwave, no stove/oven/etc, and I was wondering if it was possible to cook gluten-free pasta in the microwave. Specifically I have Tinkyada's little spirally shapes (sorry that's not very specific). Any suggestions are very much appreciated!!