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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

      This Celiac.com FAQ on celiac disease will guide you to all of the basic information you will need to know about the disease, its diagnosis, testing methods, a gluten-free diet, etc.   Subscribe to FREE Celiac.com email alerts What are the major symptoms of celiac disease? Celiac Disease Symptoms What testing is available for celiac disease? - list blood tests, endo with biopsy, genetic test and enterolab (not diagnostic) Celiac Disease Screening Interpretation of Celiac Disease Blood Test Results Can I be tested even though I am eating gluten free? How long must gluten be taken for the serological tests to be meaningful? The Gluten-Free Diet 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Going Gluten-Free Is celiac inherited? Should my children be tested? Ten Facts About Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Is there a link between celiac and other autoimmune diseases? Celiac Disease Research: Associated Diseases and Disorders Is there a list of gluten foods to avoid? Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List (Unsafe Ingredients) Is there a list of gluten free foods? Safe Gluten-Free Food List (Safe Ingredients) Gluten-Free Alcoholic Beverages Distilled Spirits (Grain Alcohols) and Vinegar: Are they Gluten-Free? Where does gluten hide? Additional Things to Beware of to Maintain a 100% Gluten-Free Diet Free recipes: Gluten-Free Recipes Where can I buy gluten-free stuff? Support this site by shopping at The Celiac.com Store.


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  1. it's flu season, here, too. they shut the schools down the week before last because their attendance was so low due to illness. two of the grandkids got it (i watch a bunch of kids) but i didn't get it. again hope you feel better!
  2. for the first few years, i would freak out once a month over my sudden lack of digestion - what was i eating wronggg?????!!! but it was my hormones (pms) just something to remember in case that affects you. lolz, after i remembered, i just ate whatever (gluten-free) junk i wanted, because it wasn't going to digest well, anyway...... you are not doing it wrong. if you can tolerate (gluten-free) bread, pasta and cereal, by all means, eat it! if your taste buds are happier, you will find it easier to stick to the diet honestly, i think when the inflammation goes, you lose alot of water weight. i was so malnourished that i gained weight almost immediately. like others have said, many of us 'level out' with our weight but in the beginning it may fluctuate. welcome to the club you never wanted to join (but we're cool. and we have snacks )
  3. (raisins = blech, lolz) would psyllium fiber be good? the america's test kitchen 'how can it be gluten free' cookbook has some baked good recipes that have psyllium in them - pizza crust comes to mind what 6 y.o. doesn't like pizza
  4. gluten dude is a major whiner, in my opinion. (and shouldn't it be 'gluten free dude' ?) i believe he makes his living off of the website, so why wouldn't he continue to cry about it? after all, he's been gluten-free since 2007 - you would think he would have a handle on this disease by now, especially since he's THE gluten dude. we all mess up now and again, we take our lumps and we carry on. for me, it's 2 weeks feeling crappy <literally lolz) then i'm back to good. better than ALWAYS feeling terrible, which was the norm for me pre-dx. and, the first year or so after i went gluten-free, i skipped the church potluck (nothing i could eat) and events that were centered around eating/food. i USED to go to the fundraiser at the zoo which was a local restaurant tasting - basically walking around the zoo and eating. you know, can't eat, what's the point of going? so, i get where you're coming from. but, once i got my 'rhythm' going, got in the gluten-free 'groove' <haha you can tell i'm old!!) i started socializing again and i was surprised at how many people i know who have to eat gluten-free!! but if i never went to these events, i would never know. so, when i make something to bring that is gluten free, i'm making some other people happy, too! just last night, one of my friends who has a gluten-free daughter and knows that she has to be very careful (she knows the 'rules' lolz) made a chocolate cake that i could eat small victories, but victories all the same!! you'll get there
  5. mleh, my mil brings gluten filled stuff to every holiday. i make her a quarrantine area where she must keep her poison and a designated area where she is to eat it (not near my food!!) i didn't make dinner rolls for the 5 course dinner i prepared for them (oh what a sin) so she makes a big deal about bringing her own rolls. pisses my husband OFF !! to the point that he doesn't visit her very often and when she said she wasn't coming for Christmas, he didn't put up much of a fight. yes, you can get sick from crumb(s) and she should have more respect for you and your brand new possession and ALSO she should not be undermining you and your husband's rules for your children! your kids need to respect your need to eat safely and take this disease as seriously as you can make them understand. that being said: when my inlaws got a new motor home (brand spankin' new with the plastic still on everything, you know the drill lolz) we went on the 'maiden voyage' with them. (i wasn't diagnosed celiac until years later, so nothing to do with gluten) but i was sooooooo sick. there was a little warning sticker (you wouldn't hardly notice it but i spent a whole lot of time in the bathroom) on the bathroom wall that said 'new materials may make chemically sensitive people ill' <not exact wording) after the trip, i was fine almost immediately, so i attributed it to that. fast forward after they had gone on numerous trips and i guess aired it out pretty good, we borrowed it to go to disney with the kids and i was fine. was it the chemicals/new materials? i don't know but i thought i would present it to you as a possibility. maybe air it out really good (and vacuum all those nasty crumbs!! grr!!) maybe get a sign that says 'gluten free home away from home' or something ('NO GLUTEN ALLOWED!!!!' if you really want to get straight to the point lolz) good luck and i hope you feel better!!
  6. i use plain old vasoline.......... they make little tiny to-go containers. but, eos you say? i would try that. ima google that.
  7. no one cooks for me. learned that right in the beginning when my friend made me some stuffed grape leaves. what's in them? rice & spices, etc (all gluten-free) grape leaves are gluten-free. so i said ok and took the container home. open container: sauce on the grape leaves. ask my friend: what's in the sauce. oh, some lemon juice, some chicken broth...... and flour. but only a little, so it's ok.............. um. no. no, it's not. fed them to my husband and never had anyone who was 'untrained' cook for me again (except by accident in restaurants that are supposedly gluten free and were not! ) things i say when i am offered food: 1. i already ate 2. no, thank you 3. i don't like that, sooooo, no but mostly.................. 4. I BROUGHT MY OWN friends don't let friends eat contaminated food, but i've found that most are well intentioned and undereducated about how strict we actually need to be. my friends and family have given up (wisely, because i'm never going to eat their offerings. ever.) trying to cook for me. now, they just walk in with their dishes and announce, "you can't eat this" and i say, "thanks alot, loser" and we laugh and laugh. sometimes i will be a brat and bring something fancy for me and tell them they can't have any oh, and i have the biggest collection of lunch boxes/insulated backpacks/coolers known to man...........
  8. i've never heard of such a hard to get a dx disease as celiac. my blood test (not the correct ones or complete panel) came back negative, but since i regained 20 lbs in a few months, my gi doc opted not to do a gluten challenge. when she did the scope, she could see the damage (25 years worth) but my biopsies came back negative. she pretty much told me that the damage she could see and my body's positive response to the diet was 2 out of 5 criteria used to make a diagnosis. you only need 2, which you have - your positive bloods and your positive response to the diet. plus, my son has type 1 diabetes, which is the same gene (never understood where in the world he got that from, now i apologize to him for giving him crappy genes) if you've ruled out anything else that it could be (crohns, lymphoma, etc) i would stop chasing my tail and give the diet a shot. i have had multiple (seemingly unrelated) symptoms clear up including a dull headache that i didn't even realize i was suffering with until it went away. <all things, like you said, that creeped up until it was the new normal) it is my personal belief that doctors are loathe to diagnose celiac because there goes their cash cow that they can make a ton of money off of treating all the symptoms individually. r.a., fibromyalgia, ms, nuero issues, vitamin deficiencies, imagine how many doctors you can cheat out of their almighty dollar just by eating gluten free. trust me, i have had every pill thrown at me and they just kept guessing away until i was so emaciated, they wanted to put me in the hospital on a feeding tube. i said NO and they miraculously came up with the idea that it might be celiac.. boy, did they lose a ton of $$ because i haven't had so much as a sniffle (used to be sick all the time, now, everybody else gets the ick and i do not - used to get bronchitis/pneumonia every year - haven't taken an antibiotic in 6 years) because your immune system starts working like it should, you start absorbing those nutrients your body needs to function properly i'm kind of a motor head, so i like this analogy: it's like trying to run a diesel engine on gasoline. once you start using the correct fuel, everything works like it should. you do whatever you want, but i wouldn't let the doctor jerk you around. read up around here. there are over 300 symptoms and all of us on here have major and minor ones (and hardly ever 2 people with the same exact combination) one thing many of us have in common? terrible experiences with doctors who don't know (or won't know) enough about this disease to make a proper diagnosis. welcome to the forum.
  9. o, and almost forgot - when your body starts acting like it should because you've been gluten free for awhile, your immune system will be CRAZY good. like, better than everybody else's. i've not been sick at all, not even a sniffle, in the past 6 years. before that, i caught every cold (that would turn into bronchitis or pneumonia) every flu, etc - last year the flu came around and EVERYBODY got it. laid up my big tough husband for four days! guess who's got 2 thumbs and didn't get it? this chick and here's a really good one: i got tested for hep c and came back positive - pretty serious, even with the new treatments coming out. went back for my follow-up and for treatment plan - talk about ominous conversation - and they drew the blood to see what my viral load was. guess what - my body cleared it on it's own. kicked hep c right in the ace - doctor could not explain it. so, i guess my celiac diagnosis actually prolonged my life by making my body run like it should. i think of it like trying to run a diesel engine on gasoline - it only works when you use the correct fuel. ok, i'll shut up now
  10. duuuuuuuude. you are speaking to a forum of celiacs. we *alllll* face these difficulties. are you saying my life sucks? i went undiagnosed for TWENTY FIVE YEARS. i am 6 years into the gluten-free lifestyle and have not developed any other major difficulties. in fact, all those terrible things (symptoms, tons of them) went away. you won't see a whole bunch of long time board members all the time on here because they've figured it out, healed up, and moved on. from time to time, they'll come back for some specific advice or solution to a problem, but mostly, they've gotten their sh*t together and got on without us. we miss them, but glad they got it sorted out. i would say stop googling at this point. this is the best interactive forum there is, hands down, no doubt. yes, for us, every day's a picnic - literally, because you have to bring your food everywhere, lolz, but you will get used to it. it takes 24-48 hours for me to realize where and what has glutened me (which was at a restaurant, usually, so eat before and go for the WINE <love it, k, lolz) and the company if they're not jerks. cross reactivity IS bullshit (i got you, peg!) and if you're confused about what has made you sick, keep a food journal <which, i use the myfitnesspal, yes, i am also supposed to have some ungodly # of calories each day = that's what BEER is for lolz (gluten-free of course - i special order it at my local store and they keep it JUST FOR ME) i sneak food into places. i sneak beer into places. i've put gluten-free beer into plastic water bottles in the racetrack parking lot b/c no glass bottles were allowed. use your creative side!! i have 10,000 backpacks/lunchboxes/coolers, yes i do. amy's stuff is crap. you can share an oven with gluteneaters (just use the top rack if food is uncovered), you can walk through the bread aisle, and it takes exactly 4 minutes to make a pb&j sandwich to throw in a bag with a bottle of water. BOOM. done, son. jump in the car (or whatever) there you have your spontaneity. i make big meals and freeze portions for when there is a dinner i want to go to so i have something to bring. or i call and see what's on the menu and make something to bring that is similar (and usually BETTER hahaha) or i'll bring a gluten-free dish to share. nobody even bats an eye when i show up with my backpack full of goodies. when we go on trips, i bring a cooler with premade sandwiches and whatnot depending on how long we are going for. had to do a funeral out of state. found a gluten-free restaurant and ordered a bunch of food to go and it kept me for a week. my son has type 1 diabetes (that got diagnosed before i ever heard about what celiac even was) and we couldn't figure out where in the world that came from (same gene) but that doesn't necessarily doom you to the future. wash your hands with soap and water. when in doubt, it don't go in the mouth <if you're not completely sure something is safe, do not eat it) take it easy, one day at a time, we all started at the same place, you will get there. and last: you're THIRTY?? i wish i had a dx when i was 30... you're gonna be soooo freaking healthy. trust me
  11. fyi - they actually DO make breadmakers specifically for making gluten-free bread - my husband found them online and has been threatening to get me one. i am pretty curious (and lazy - used to love to dump ingredients into the bin and push a couple of buttons, boom, done, lolz) and somebody on another site posted this cranberry loaf that would be cool to do in a breadmaker, but i don't want to fool with it mixing it by hand (i might do it anyway, but i don't wanna......) i might need another cabinet for all my kitchen 'toys' hahaha
  12. noodle noodles? like egg noodles???? dooooo tellllll - stroganoff has not been the same lolz i just realized how long it's been since i made stroganoff and that's probably why i haven't - no noodles. i did find some a few years ago (on vacation, in some wierd little supermarket store in fort myers beach) but, ya know, can't always run to florida hahaha
  13. is this a new doctor, sella? i remember you were going to switch. sounds like you better keep looking...... i feel your pain: i've been gluten-free (dx'd FINALLY with celiac after 25 years of doctors telling me i had ibs/ibd/colitis but doing no tests at all to rule out anything else!!) for 6 years, honestly finally starting to feel like i'm healing and my general practitioner is trying to give me DRUGS - no, thanks, i asked for something to try that wasn't that drastic..... it's like i asked for a bb and he tried to give me a grenade..... i pretty much called him stupid. he doesn't like me anymore boo hoo....
  14. hi, chrystal, welcome to the best club you never wanted to join lolz - i have been on the gluten-free diet for 6 plus years now - it gets easier, trust me! last friday, husband took me out to dinner at bonefish in turkey creek. they do a good job keeping things safe. i always ask for a menu, then order the exact same thing every time hahaha the red robin there is very handy if i'm going somewhere like a picnic or cookout or whatever i don't feel like cooking/packing for, i just order a burger to go they only messed it up once (server didn't mark allergy on the order) and when i took it back to get the gluten-free order, they were more than happy to replace it. i tend to lean toward tinkyada pasta, although recently tried the barilla elbow macaroni and they were awesome (can't remember where i got them!! i am on a scavenger hunt wherever i go - you'd be surprised where you can find different things lololz) ooh - and my husband runs to michigan twice per week so when i heard the 'good' gluten-free flour tortillas (mission, baby!!) had made it to stores in michigan, he stopped and got me some. he tried them last night and he was like 'these taste like you can't taste the difference' yayyy!! you just never know when those little cool surprises will pop up ps - i am in cornstalk heights in harriman - we have quite a few gluten-free people around here - surprisingly i have either met them from church or the lions club, so if you have time or opportunity to volunteer or attend somewhere, you might find somebody who is gluten-free (except leroy. leroy is a gravy scraper. bad leroy. ) i think it must be the fellowship part of things that make people chat more....?
  15. aspartame gives me a horrible reaction - makes me hyper (actually, all artificial sweeteners do) - i am also careful not to overdo it with the raw veggies/fruits and there are not many juices that aren't too acidic for me. try keeping a food journal - you may think you remember everything you have eaten all day, but i was surprised ("o, yeah, i forgot i had a bite of whatever. and i had that yesterday, too. maybe i should try not eating that tomorrow and see if that's it....") it made it easier to figure out even if it wasn't gluten. hope you feel better.