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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. ^^^^^^ good info, tips and tricks^^^^^^^^^ yes, crumbs will make you sick. also, breathing flour/pancake mix, etc that is in the air because eventually, you're going to swallow some.
  2. don't forget how sneaky celiac is: i never noticed how incredibly awful i felt (and it was over a long period of being undiagnosed/never heard of celiac until it almost killed me) because it creeeeeeped up. a little migraine here, a little neck pain there, allll the gi symptoms, a little rashy rash here, a little pneumonia there, a little less energy here, a little weight loss there. it's not, oh, i ate gluten and now i feel like a truck hit me and you can pinpoint exactly what you ate. nope. it's constant inflammation that messes everything up and causes symptoms that most people don't connect as being caused by the same thing. i never knew how terrible i felt until it started going away. and even then, it was like peeling an onion: things went away a little at a time (haha i had a 'background headache' that i didn't even know i had until one day i woke up and it was gone!!) good luck
  3. (*ahem*) IF it was legal in my state, i would tell you that it is ridiculously helpful because it would be the only thing that would make me more hungry than dreading eating. i would tell you that it will stop hiccups, so it soothes nerves and it has been shown to be advantageous in the treatment of so many different conditions - even ptsd and parkinsons - i don't see the reasons why it is not available medically nationwide. but, i am not a politician, i am just a lowly celiac sufferer. it WOULD calm my gut, if i were able to say that legally it wouldn't take very much, so, i wouldn't be walking around all stoned, and it's not addictive, so i wouldn't be selling my grandma's jewelry to get some...... but, alas, it is illegal in my state, so, i can't say any of these things.
  4. this is a very common subject on here. personally, most of my tests were negative, but i did the same thing you did (stopped eating gluten before the tests) my gi advised me to continue eating gluten free because i was so malnourished and when i stopped the gluten i actually began to gain weight. in other words, i think she was afraid for me to do the challenge bc it might kill me lolz. some people want a definite dx if they have kids that need to be tested in the future, some will not follow a strict g//f diet without a firm diagnosis (they think they can cheat just bc they were never formally diagnosed) what happened with my scope is the dr saw evidence of damage. that and my response to the diet were enough for me. she advised me to stay gluten-free and i agreed. it's been tough sometimes, but i never purposely cheated (that's how near death i was - swore i was dying of the big 'c'.......what a relief to not have that and my 'chemo' is 'impasta'. or fake bread. ) welcome to the forum and good luck with whatever you choose
  5. meeeeeee!!!! i used to get pneumonia every single winter!!!! and all the flus and colds, etc - i am surrounded by kids and germs, but when they all get the flu, i do not. my husband (mr-play-through-the-pain) even got knocked down (spent 2-3 days in BED miserable) by the last round of virus, but not me. not to mention no headaches, no migraines, etc. hormones and the dreaded menopause, like hellodee2 said, is a whole 'nother ballgame lolz glad you are feeling better
  6. consider just one crumb can make your body attack itself - for much longer than the offending crumb is actually in your body, because it causes all sorts of inflammation. so, yeah, get yourself some new condiments and mark them (i use the skull & crossbones - because if you gluten me i will kill you lolz) so that they are yours only! it's very likely that cc is keeping you from feeling better. until you remove all of it from your diet, you will stay in that vicious cycle. so, of course, it's affecting your mood, this disease is systemic - it affects every part of your body - depriving you of good vitamins and minerals that your body uses for self-soothing and mood alteration (and nerves and anxiety, etc) personally, when i get glutened, it takes 14 days to get myself back to 'normal' - then it feels like the fog lifts and everybody doesn't look like a punching bag any more lolz i was constantly glutening myself in the beginning because i couldn't stop licking my fingers! i know, gross, but i'd be making lunch for kids and test the temperature of (chinese food comes to mind as memorable haha) and then lick my fingers - MISTAKE! - didn't even realize i did it until i had to run for the bathroom. so i started using those disposable plastic food service gloves whenever i made food for a while until i could break myself of the habit. evidently i won't lick plastic?? lolz if you are using hand sanitizer, you are not cleaning gluten off your hands, you're just making it sanitized. wash your hands with soap and water whoever said they don't need a new toaster, you can use toaster bags, or when i'm traveling, i use other peoples ovens with tinfoil (top rack! unless it's covered) i would def get a new colander (o, who am i kidding - i used my dx to get alllllll new kitchen stuff ha ha ha - silver lining ! or should i say stainless steel lining ? ) you have some good suggestions from people who have been on the journey you are on - i am sitting here remembering my meltdown at the grocery store the first time i went after dx - it was not pretty! and i left without buying anything haha. if you are still having symptoms, try keeping a food journal. it's easy to forget what you've eaten if you get a delayed reaction which is the case with many of us (mine is usually 24-48 hours after ingesting the poison) i would skip eating out for the time being until you get a handle on what is safe and what to run away screaming from ( sorry - this is turning into a book ) looking forward, be patient and when you get clear for a while, your immune system will run like a champ!! everybody got the pukey flu recently and guess who's got two thumbs and didn't get it? (it's me ) i am never sick anymore and i am surrounded by germ-flinging kids. my husband even got bedridden by this one and i didn't have so much as a sniffle. so, take heart! you're gonna be so good at this! so healthy you won't even know how to act yeah, and tell your kids: this might be your future as it is genetic. joke's on them welcome to the forum
  7. doesn't matter - i always get the old guy riding the donkey.....
  8. imitation crabmeat has wheat. check to make sure your omelette isn't thickened with pancake batter or flour (some restaurants do this) i would not eat at a chinese buffet (or any buffet lolz) in your case, i would make everybody go to pf changs or eat ahead of time and enjoy a glass of wine with pleasant company at the restaurant
  9. a grandma purse lolz - i have one, too, although i call it my 'let's make a deal' purse <bc i'm also old enough to remember that show
  10. gem: MY BROTHER FINALLY JUMPED ONBOARD THE gluten-free TRAIN!!!!!! i think that watching me navigate the gluten-free diet gave him the conviction he needed to try it. he is amazed at how many things don't bother him when he eats gluten-free - doctors gave him every diagnosis you can think of before he went to a gi doc who connected the dots for him! i'm pretty darn happy and so tired of watching him chase his tail. now, if i could ever get through to my (very angry/exhausted/sick all the time) sister............. after all, we (supposedly) have the same mom & dad (maybe she knows something i don't lolz )
  11. this is good advice & it worked for me (i had to do it many different times as i am a slow learner) because, you really don't remember every single thing that goes into your mouth (at least i don't!! lolz) it's been over 6 years for me and i am still improving. sometimes, i need to adjust my diet to eliminate *a particular thing* for a little while, then if i don't go nuts with it, i can usually eat it occasionally (chocolate comes to mind.......... le sigh.........) in the beginning, i couldn't eat dairy, raw veggies, anything with soy in it <soy is still my enemy, but it doesn't cause celiac damage, my intestines just hate it, but i still eat it, just avoid it as much as possible) but i've been able to add dairy back (in moderation) raw veggies (again, as long as i don't go nuts with it) - lots of stuff i've eliminated and been able to add back. trial and error (you're in the 'error' part - get back in 'trial' lolz) experiment with the times that you eat certain things (as others have said) if i want to eat yogurt, for me, i have to eat it in the afternoon, preferably early but certainly before dinner! otherwise, i might as well just spoon it into the commode, hahaha. also, my celiac was undiagnosed for 25 years (trigger was the pregnancy/birth of my son) so, the damage that i have/had was significant. you are now eating the correct diet, so it stops further damage, but if your intestines need to heal, certain things are going to irritate them for a while. YES you are one big science project, isn't it fun? lolz - hang in there, we all had to figure this stuff out individually (and still making adjustments!) because, there isn't a one-size-fits-all. welcome to the club you never wanted to join
  12. i just use the unflavored kind. no problems
  13. whenever i am glutened, i am cranky and mean. try not to take it too personally, mom. i can say this from a mom's point of view, having had to deal with my 19 yo son when he got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes - when he is low, he is a crab and a half. of course, he is least likely to listen to advice when he is feeling like that. it was awful to have to be patient with my growling, nasty offspring but eventually he realized that i wasn't lying to him and he actually felt so much better when he took care of himself. he is 30, now, and eats carefully and gets plenty of exercise (so, take heart, eventually she'll figure it out for herself!) what you want her to understand is that she can break the cycle of gluten making her miserable. give her the power (because, honestly, she's the only one who can control EVERYTHING she eats - you can supervise all you want but it only takes that one cookie when you're not looking ) i like the idea of making your home gluten-free, but i don't know if it's from a common sense stance or a more personal one (ie: gluten is poison for me) haha, but eventually she'll get hungry and find a favorite gluten-free food(s) because she won't have a choice to eat gluten. does that make sense? lolz - good luck - raised 4 myself and grandson is a teenager. i still waste my breath telling him he needs to take a jacket...............
  14. well, that is just disgusting.......... what is their 'ingredient name' going to be ? (all natural!! lolz)
  15. we were just there in january (stayed in pigeon forge) and there are 2 mellow mushrooms in pf, one in gatlinburg. ate at both in pf and was safe (one on the island and one on the parkway <the one on the parkway had a bigger menu) margaritaville on the island was delicious and safe (the manager even came out to our table and asked if there were any other dietary issues the kitchen should be concerned with) and we also ate at hurricane harrys on the parkway <also delicious and safe) i know these are sort of chain restaurants, but we were on a schedule, so, no time to explore off the beaten path. there was a candy store in gatlinburg on the strip that had gluten-free candy (caramel! yum!) and i bought some yummy mustards from a place called 'all sauced up' lolz look on find me gluten free app - there were a few places i wanted to try/had good reviews, but were not open or we weren't able to fit them into our schedule when they were open. one was the pigeon forge deli, the other was crystelle creek (gatlinburg). if you try any of those, please let us know how they were! i had a good, safe visit. welcome to tennesee