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  1. are you eating them every day? i thought i couldn't handle blueberries, but it turns out that i can eat them if i don't overdo it and if i don't eat them every day. i have frozen berries from kroger and i eat them in my cereal every third day or so. idk why fruit packers would have wheat..... (but they were labeled gluten free on those little purple squares on the price thingy)
  2. i looooove nuts.com. i've already ordered all my nuts, etc, for holiday baking from them. if you order (i think it's 65 bucks) enough, you get free shipping. the nuts are so pretty, not all busted up and stuff. they send you a little sample with your order (this time it was goji berries) also, i got pepitas and sweet rice flour. they have added alot of new products. i highly recommend them
  3. Does apple cider vinegar help?

    if you have celiac and you eat gluten, you will feel terrible and do damage to your body. there isn't any 'morning after' (for lack of a better term) tried and true remedy. if i am accidently glutened (and i am insanely careful, so this does not happen often anymore) i find that drinking plenty of water and long, hot showers make me feel better, but it doesn't leave until day 14. 14 days. ain't nobody got time for that. no matter what i try, it's naps and snacks for 14 days. then the fog lifts and my guts stop protesting. you will get better at avoiding gluten and cc by practicing being gluten free. i would eat whole foods (avoid processed while your guts are healing) and skip eating out for awhile until you get better at knowing how to determine which restaurants are safe and which ones don't give a crap if they give you the craps <see what i did there lolz) go to the coping page and read the newbie thread. there is much useful info there - more things to avoid than just bread - and ways to navigate this lifestyle. welcome to your new normal. pack a lunch, because if ya got celiac, every day's a picnic. literally.
  4. i was at a meeting recently, where they serve dinner, ironically the meeting is at a communitiy room at our local hospital (where the meal is catered by the hospital cafeteria and i do not eat BECAUSE THEY CAN'T DO GLUTEN FREE. AT A HOSPITAL.) but i digress.... 'oh, my doctor told me i have that, too. i just can't stop eating bread ha ha ha' as she chomps a bite of dinner roll. worse? she's a doctor's wife ya can't fix stupid
  5. i find that i can tolerate some foods that were off limits to me (soy, certain veggies, ice cream, chocolate, etc) if i do not eat them two days in a row, for whatever reason. i'm thinking histamines. whatever it is, i can eat many more/different foods. i usually eat the same sort of food/meal every 3 days. i was puzzled why i could eat something one day and be fine. then eat the same thing the next day and not fine. seems to be working i thought i had a problem with eggs bc i was eating them nearly every day for breakfast, but if i rotate it with cereal one day, a bagel or waffle or pancakes etc for day 2 then i can have eggs the third day as long as i go back to cereal the next day (for example) i can even tolerate fresh (and frozen lolz) fruit once every 3 days when i thought i couldn't tolerate fruit at all. so long as i don't eat it tomorrow it's trial and error, and what works for one may not work for another..... but this seems to be working for me. right now lolz
  6. yeah, i'm with cyclinglady - the deep freeze has been a blessing. i make stuff and put it in individual portions, so if it's just me eating, i'll get out one portion. if more than one, i just take that amount out. i do better with beans that i cook from dry (navy, pinto, etc) rather than the canned ones, even though most are safe. for whatever reason, i cook a 2 lb bag and freeze it in quart ziplocks for when i'm making chili or soup. i make chili ALOT especially in the cooler weather. it's one thing the grandkids looooove and i don't get an argument when that's what's for dinner. chili and cornbread (krustyz makes a box mix that's gluten-free) i got one of those electric pressure cooker thingys - it's great! i make chicken pot pie filling in it, cacciatore <however you spell it), venison stew, etc. it's fast and keeps all the flavors in breadcrumbs: i use the bread ends from gluten-free bread, toast in the oven and bust 'em up in the food processor when i have the time. otherwise, kroger sells them now (2 kinds!) so, when i'm rushed or lazy, i just use those. i can tolerate some fruit but when i would buy berries/etc they would always go 'fuzzy' before i could eat them all, so now i buy bags of frozen and take out whatever i'm going to eat (usually on my gluten-free cereal) i loves me some cheez and crackers, too, that's my favorite snackity snack
  7. 'but you look fine' and 'i wish i was skinny like you' ugh. for just one day, i would like to wear my intestines on the outside of my body lolz nothing like 25 years of damage from misdiagnosis (hopefully, they're not that scary anymore) also, everybody who thinks 'o, no big deal. you just hafta order off the gluten free menu' ummmmm. nope. i just hafta super-research the place and then make sure nobody's gonna cc me.
  8. i third it. if i was glutened, i would be out of commission for a lot longer than a whole day, because of inflammation. i eat the barilla, but i don't have issues with corn (soy, however, will make me feel terrible for a day. that's how i know it's not gluten - if it was, it would take longer to get back to normal. one day is long enough to get it out of my body, and then i feel better) it would be a shame to further limit people's diet on a broad assumption such as that barilla has gluten. if i'm not mistaken, it is produced in italy, and they are waaaaaaaay better at doing the gluten free thing i like the barilla pasta because it reheats pretty well and doesn't get all hard when you're trying to eat leftovers. i like the tink for lasagne and it's good for some other stuff. it's nice to have some choices being as our diets are so limitied already.
  9. this is an old thread, but it appears that the mushroom & buckwheat soup is the only recipe on here.
  10. Soap?

    note: this is a very old thread, with possibly outdated info. if you have a question about your soap ingredients, please research in the present
  11. peeing alot might be reduction of inflammation. or, maybe get checked for diabetes, as autoimmune diseases like to hang out together. please learn to cook. single guy or not, you are a human. feed thyself plus, a guy who cooks is sexy a.f.
  12. a friend of mine, who has been diagnosed celiac, is also being tested for ms she was hospitalized because they thought she had a stroke and she was having trouble using her left side. it seems like every other day they are poking at her and testing her and changing her dx. (i don't think she's doing the diet in 'detail' and i keep urging her to come here and ask questions, but all these doctors are taking a pop at her..... ) i'll ask if she's had a spinal tap, being as that was one of the questions she had: whether celiac can *cause* ms, and if so, can it be cured/reversed. poor kid, she is such a sweetie...
  13. thank you i will look for it. i was switching around ( culturelle, walgreens probiotic, walgreens probiotic with enzymes, just plain digestive enzymes) so, i know what you mean. at that point, i couldn't tell what was messing with my gut and what wasn't bothering me. ima try those, and *just* those and see how it goes. thanx again!
  14. i did exactly the same thing: went off them because i was uncertain if they contained gluten. (also, i stopped with the digestive enzymes for the same reason) but lately, i am wanting to try them again. what brand tested safe, if you don't mind me asking?