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  1. this is an old thread, but it appears that the mushroom & buckwheat soup is the only recipe on here.
  2. note: this is a very old thread, with possibly outdated info. if you have a question about your soap ingredients, please research in the present
  3. peeing alot might be reduction of inflammation. or, maybe get checked for diabetes, as autoimmune diseases like to hang out together. please learn to cook. single guy or not, you are a human. feed thyself plus, a guy who cooks is sexy a.f.
  4. a friend of mine, who has been diagnosed celiac, is also being tested for ms she was hospitalized because they thought she had a stroke and she was having trouble using her left side. it seems like every other day they are poking at her and testing her and changing her dx. (i don't think she's doing the diet in 'detail' and i keep urging her to come here and ask questions, but all these doctors are taking a pop at her..... ) i'll ask if she's had a spinal tap, being as that was one of the questions she had: whether celiac can *cause* ms, and if so, can it be cured/reversed. poor kid, she is such a sweetie...
  5. thank you i will look for it. i was switching around ( culturelle, walgreens probiotic, walgreens probiotic with enzymes, just plain digestive enzymes) so, i know what you mean. at that point, i couldn't tell what was messing with my gut and what wasn't bothering me. ima try those, and *just* those and see how it goes. thanx again!
  6. i did exactly the same thing: went off them because i was uncertain if they contained gluten. (also, i stopped with the digestive enzymes for the same reason) but lately, i am wanting to try them again. what brand tested safe, if you don't mind me asking?
  7. i eat at MY red robin all the time - whoever said it's so nice to feel 'normal' and grab a burger, how right you are!! so, the one closest to me (knoxville) hasn't done me in yet but i did eat at one in madeira ohio that was not safe (it was the one at the mall, not the other one) so, it depends on which one i guess. the one in rockaway mall in nj is also very good ps - they will sell you the buns - not cheap, i think they're a buck apiece - but they come frozen in sealed, individual packages and are soooooooooo much better than any burger buns i can find at the supermarket. (i get like, 8-10 and bribe my gluten-free brother with them lolz)
  8. is that the disease that makes you incredibly shiny and irresistible to truckers???!! i think i have that. explains the husband, too......
  9. next weekend we are meeting the besties in concord nc and we will be traveling from east tennessee. i was looking around asheville to maybe stop for lunch/brunch. just wondering if there's places to eat around the racetrack (staying 1/2 mile from the track) or even concessions inside the racetrack that would have safe options. still going to bring safe food, but it would be nice to enjoy a meal or two without having to fuss over it. also, eating with other people is nice any race fans out there to help a motorhead girl out? lolz (I'M SO EXCITEDDDDDD!!!!!! YEHHHH!!!!)
  10. ditto - also, find me gluten free is not infallable, i usually look for recent reviews and celiac advice. buzzwords: dedicated kitchen space, celiac friendly, etc, but i have found it to be very helpful in being able to enjoy some safe meals not fingerprinted by ME (which is sooooo nice!!) but, ya know, human beings are writing the reviews and some people are just stupid. we all have different degrees of sensitivity, other issues going on, and different stages of healing. i don't have crohns but i have other food allergies that i need to be careful of. one size does NOT fit all in this disease and i will thank everyone to be reminded that we are all in the same boat and to use some consideration and respect. *the more you know* rainbowwwwwwwwwsssstarrrr
  11. i think they just like chucking the word 'natural' in there, so it sounds healthier. and gluten free or not, i'm not eating that weasel..... eewww....
  12. truth! lolz! i still used my kitchen aid mixer, but always was paranoid about 100 years of regular flour sneaking out of the mixer itself (it used to be my mom's and it was well worn) last Christmas i got a shiny new red one that doesn't sound like a bulldozer. so, ya know, if hubs really wants to be a butthead, hit him in the wallet
  13. ^^^^^^ good info, tips and tricks^^^^^^^^^ yes, crumbs will make you sick. also, breathing flour/pancake mix, etc that is in the air because eventually, you're going to swallow some.
  14. don't forget how sneaky celiac is: i never noticed how incredibly awful i felt (and it was over a long period of being undiagnosed/never heard of celiac until it almost killed me) because it creeeeeeped up. a little migraine here, a little neck pain there, allll the gi symptoms, a little rashy rash here, a little pneumonia there, a little less energy here, a little weight loss there. it's not, oh, i ate gluten and now i feel like a truck hit me and you can pinpoint exactly what you ate. nope. it's constant inflammation that messes everything up and causes symptoms that most people don't connect as being caused by the same thing. i never knew how terrible i felt until it started going away. and even then, it was like peeling an onion: things went away a little at a time (haha i had a 'background headache' that i didn't even know i had until one day i woke up and it was gone!!) good luck
  15. (*ahem*) IF it was legal in my state, i would tell you that it is ridiculously helpful because it would be the only thing that would make me more hungry than dreading eating. i would tell you that it will stop hiccups, so it soothes nerves and it has been shown to be advantageous in the treatment of so many different conditions - even ptsd and parkinsons - i don't see the reasons why it is not available medically nationwide. but, i am not a politician, i am just a lowly celiac sufferer. it WOULD calm my gut, if i were able to say that legally it wouldn't take very much, so, i wouldn't be walking around all stoned, and it's not addictive, so i wouldn't be selling my grandma's jewelry to get some...... but, alas, it is illegal in my state, so, i can't say any of these things.