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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ever Thought About Airborne Gluten?

    I think that airborne gluten is a definite danger to some individuals. My dad for instance can and does get sick from being in the kitchen while my mom is kicking up a dust storm of baking flour. I (luckily) don't seem to have a reaction from that. In the same vein of discussion though, I cannot be in the house while peanut butter cookies are baking. My nose and throat will itch and swell up like crazy. I think that for those of us who are gluten intolerant it's probably good to just draw the skull and cross bones on all things glutenous and treat it with the same respect as we would that blue stuff under the sink. After all, better safe then sorry. Hyacinth
  2. I like to be....gluten free!

  3. I don't have any good come backs for when people say stuff like that. But I do know how you feel. Just because it could be worse, and we all know it could be worse, doesn't mean you don't deserve any sympathy at all. A broken finger sucks, a broken arm sucks more, but that doesn't make the broken finger hurt less. Hyacinth
  4. Wheat-Self-Harm

    HI, I am new to the gluten free diet. I got migraines when I ate gluten, now I'm so much better without gluten. I have been having really strong urges to eat wheat. I feel like it's so unfair how the rest of the 24 year olds in the world can come home from work and order a pizza. I makes me mad, and then I want to eat the gluten just because I feel angry. I know the whole circle of logic is flawed, but that doesn't make it feel any different. I have depression, and although I take medication for it, I still feel like I want to hurt myself sometimes. Now, knowing that wheat will give me physical pain, I want to use that sometimes. I can't help you with it, but I just want you to know that I am out there feeling the very same way. Hyacinth
  5. HI! I'm new to gluten-free, and this forum, but what you are describing is the very image of what happened to my dad. He was sick for so long, and thin just like what you're saying you are. Doctors kept telling him he was fine. When he went off of gluten it took him like 6 weeks to even start feeling better. But once he did start getting better, it was like magic. I had my dad back again! Now he is feeling so much better, and has lots more energy. He has to be really really careful though. If he eats something that even touched something that touched something with gluten in it, he'll be sick for 6 more weeks. Everything in his kitchen had to be thrown out and replaced, can opener, cutting boards, toaster, pots and pans, everything. And the counters had to be scoured too. He can't even be in the house if my mother is baking with wheat flour, the flour dust can make him sick. I would suggest that you see an allergy specialist right away. It could improve your life drastically. Hyacinth
  6. New Here

    HI! I'm new here too. I also have taken myself off gluten, and have been off it for one week now. My dad was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about two years ago. I have suffered from chronic headaches and also migraines for many years. Suddenly about a week ago my boyfriend came up with the idea to take me off gluten and see if that helped. Holy Cow! what a wonderful improvement! Instead of having my pain range from 4 to 10 every day, this week I have an average pain rating of 3! I'm amazed. I too have depression. I've been on medication for that for a couple years. I'm going to wait for a couple months, adjust myself to being gluten free, and then talk to a doctor about maybe trying to go down in dosage for depression and see what happens. As to the gluten cravings, don't even get me started! I'm craving things with gluten in them that I haven't eaten in years, just because I can't have them! I would love to know how people can deal with that too! Hyacinth