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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I live alone, so it's just me. I even bought a new package of it to confirm that it was what was bothering me and not something else
  2. I hadn't checked Kraft's website for a gluten free list - I honestly didn't think of it for cream cheese, since I hadn't reacted to others. What's interesting is I also use their Honey Nut cream cheese, which isn't on that gluten free list, but I don't react to it. I'll just have to be more careful with their products I guess.
  3. I ate Philadelphia's Vegetable Cream Cheese on celery sticks and snap peas and had stomach pains after. I haven't reacted to other Philadelphia products - has anyone else ever had issues with this?
  4. Camping For 3 Days

    I went camping this past weekend - I brought gluten free chips and crackers (and lactose free cheese) for munching; gluten free sausage and muffins to go with eggs for breakfast; veggies and chicken and ribs (on the grill) for lunch/dinners.
  5. Amy's Soups

    I had avoided trying Amy's products simply because I could see that there were other, non-gluten free items that they make too and I figured there would be cross-contamination. Glad I decided to avoid it! (Sorry to hear about your reaction though.) I'm going to continue to stick with companies that have "dedicated gluten free facility" on the label!
  6. I'm like you, I'm not one to complain and I never send my order back (before I learned about Celiac) so I was nervous about this same sort of situation happening. The first time I went to a restaurant to eat, I went to a place that I was comfortable with (I used to go there often and know some of the staff.) I brought one of the Celiac restaurant cards with me to give to the waitress/chef. I figured if I couldn't handle doing that at a place I'm comfortable at, I'm screwed. But it was no big deal. I ordered something that (from the description) should have been gluten free, but the waitress came back with word from the chef that with the way they make it, it wasn't, AND with a suggested alternative for a gluten free meal. The second time I went to a restaurant, I called ahead to let them know I was coming and asked what they had for gluten free options. The person who answered the phone was actually familiar with it, and was able to give me a great list of food options. I know I'm rambling at this point, but the point is that I've found it easier to be proactive (and it's less intimidating to make a phone call!) with a restaurant than to try to deal with things when they've gone wrong. Of course things could still go wrong...so I would say always send it back.
  7. My stomach pains disappeared after the first day. I've been gluten free for a month now and the rest of my symptoms are slowly starting to resolve. I have felt so much better since going gluten free though
  8. Does anyone know if Minute Maid's 100% fruit juice blends are gluten free? I would hope that it would be, but they have some rather non-specific ingredients on the label...
  9. I just got off the phone with the gastro - the only thing he checked for on the biopsy was H. Pylori! (Negative, which matched the blood test.) I'm fed up with doctors - time to go gluten free and hope for the best!
  10. I'm not on any antacids currently. I'm keeping a food diary, though right now it's just serving to remind me how much less I'm eating compared to what I used to be able to eat. I'll wait for the biopsy results and then take it from there. I'll keep the bland diet in mind
  11. I'm concerned about all of it, I just don't know what to do really. My PCP and the gastro obviously don't think there's an issue, and I don't know if I should insist on things from them that they don't want to do, or go find someone else who will do these tests. Then again, if I go shopping around and/or insisting on these tests, how is that going to affect my insurance? Will it cover it or not? Do I stop with the tests and go gluten free and see if it helps, and if so, gluten again and get more tests? Or just stay gluten free? But then will I be tempted to cheat, not having the tests to force me in line? In case you can't tell, I overthink things a lot.
  12. I wouldn't pressure him too much about the endo unless you need that second diagnosis, but if it helps, I just had it last night and it really was not bad. I was terrified going into it, not so much about the actual procedure, but about the IV and drugs. The nurses were really good and responsive to my concerns, and the IV wasn't bad. The endo itself was very quick and although I do remember gagging and a bit of the biopsy, it's really more like it was a dream. I don't remember anything else from the endo, but the drugs wore off fairly quickly too and I was fine in the recovery room. I think you can pysch yourself out more than what the actual procedure does to you.
  13. I do have lactose intolerance, but I'm careful about what I eat for dairy products. There really wasn't much for blood test results, but this is what there was (I requested copies of the results): H Pylori IGG NEGATIVE H Pylori IGA NEGATIVE H Pylori IGM EQUIVOCAL tTG AB IGA <3 U/mL Value explanation: <5 Negative 5-8 Equivocal >8 Positive TSH 1.06 Normal range 0.35 - 4.95
  14. So a quick recap of what's been going on: I went to my primary care physician about abdominal bloating and pain, excessive gas, and nausea when eating. (There are a lot more symptoms, but just trying to keep this brief.) She tested me for H. Pylori (negative) and Celiac (negative.) She prescribed taking an acid reducer for a month, and then to meet with her again after that. I took it for less than 2 weeks before I had to stop - it was making the nausea worse, and it was 24/7 instead of just when eating. I met the doctor again and she tested my thyroid (normal) and sent me off to see a gastroenterologist. I met with the gastroenterologist who told me that gas and bloating and very difficult to diagnose and that he didn't think there was really a problem. He said that he didn't feel Celiac is the issue since the blood test is "extremely accurate." He prescribed Levsin, recommended I see a gynecologist (to be tested for endometriosis) and only at my insistence scheduled an upper endoscopy. I had the EGD last night, and he found gastritis at the entrance to the small intestine. He biopsied it, but it'll be a week before I get those results. His comments after the procedure were basically that I should just suck it up and live with it. At this point I feel a bit jerked around by doctors, and am thinking I should just try the gluten free diet and see if it helps at all. You guys have more experience with this, what do you think?