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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    when i am not working, i love going to the gym, reading, being outside and of course napping, okay napping really isn't a hobby but i wish it was:)
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  1. Order Of Reaction Symptoms?

    It is different for me everytime. Mostly though it involves the bad headache bloating and bad joint pain and edema in my lower legs and "d", but its always different and changing up on me...and i get so cranky i can't stand myself. and the time it takes me to get back to a good place usually is differnt. I think it depends on how much got ingested and what kind of reaction i had to what. For instance if i happen to accidently ingest soy i pretty much will sleep for the day, it just wipes me out.If its wheat then i have all the above symptoms sometimes more sometimes less. I think there are so many different effects on our bodies that really multiple symptoms in any order can occur. I hope you are feeling better soon and get back in a "good" place:)
  2. lol..yes we really did get an early education on napping, the good ole days with graham crackers , milk,a story and a nap..not too much has changed except now its rice, lactaid and a nap:) and i fall asleep after the first paragraph..lol..

  3. Oh heck, napping is a great hobby! Why else would they start kids on it in grade school? :-)

  4. The Last _______ You Ate. Mmmmm.

    brown sugar and cinnamon pop-tarts!!!!..much healthier eating habits now and much happier but oh how i loved pop-tarts!!... but then again Kelloggs probably owes me about 3 bottles of ibuprofen and a 10 pack of Charmin:)
  5. Leg Swelling?

    I have been doing so well for so long that i forgot about some of the things that can happen...well, i dont know what "got" me because i am usually very careful, but i got hit really hard this time..Been very sick for 4 days now with all the usual stuff, just magnified this time along with really swollen lower legs. They are painful and i feel i might "pop" a vein anytime, i'm not sure if this is because of the fluid build up or what. Its been a long while since my legs acted up..Do any of you ever have this happen?. I tend to think that all my symptoms are inter-related to the celiacs but maybe this isn't? The only thing i can think of that might have gotten me is oatmeal. But i always heard oats were ok.. i am a cream of rice girl in the morning, but ran out and just grabbed oatmeal for the last few days, something i don't normally eat. Anyway i should be fine in a couple more days, the leg thing is just bothering me.
  6. I am from the Erie area, there is Whole Foods in Erie and Giant Eagles in the area do carry udi's.
  7. oh one day at work i offered someone some blueberries, they actually looked at me and said" oh no, you eat them, thats probably all you are going to eat today"..okay at that moment the most fearsome skinny woman you ever saw came out of me..lol!! I was ready to throw down!! ...i am through trying to convince people that i do not have an eating disorder, and they watch me snack all day!! so here is what i say....I'm thin and i'm in baby:)
  8. I Think I Am Losing My Mind!

    ARghh!! i feel so bad for you, not only because you went throught sooo much, but i think many of us were missed diagnosed for a long time..i too went through all the symptoms, many doctors, many differnt "guesses" of what was wrong..IBS,maybe chohns, depression,panic attacks, hormonal, maybe thryoid..gallbladder came out too..but then finally the right one:)...and although it has only been about 8 months into, finally, the right diagnosis i have improved sooo very much.. i still have days once in a while that i feel bad. But i do think that it takes a long time for our bodies to heal and there is gluten "hidden" in so many products that you have to be really careful. But the good news is that you are on the road to recovery and although it may take a while, you will see improvements all the time. Good luck to you and feel better:)
  9. One Good Thing.

    I absolutely agree that becoming so ill is a huge motivator in our way of eating..But it has also opened my eyes to how people eat and shop for their food.I have caught myself many times looking at people grocery shopping and glancing in their carts and thinking to myslef "You have NO food in there!! Its all junk, processed horrible stuff!!"...Being a celiac has definately educated me on healthy living and dieting and i honestly wish more people could realize how damaging their eating habits can be. If anything good has come out of this disease it is that my friends and family really took notice of their own eating habits and many have turned to whole foods after watching all that i have been through. jodi
  10. A Newbie

    thank you all so much for the helpful hints and encouragement. There are days i get very frustrated but i am starting to learn more and more how to deal with all this and become more educated as i go along. So very glad to have found this site:)
  11. A Newbie

    Hello all. my name is Jodi I am a 40 yrs old and just diagnosed with celiacs in December..i was, like probably many of you misdiagnosed for years with anything and everything they could come up with until i found a wonderful Dr, who, lucky for me had another Dr in his practice who was a celiac.. After hearing my laundry list of symptoms--he gave me a simple blood test. ALL these years and all it took was a blood test. Anyway i am on the road to recovery but still batlle daily to find what i can eat. I am also hypoglycemic so i really have to watch the sugar. My main problem now is just gaining weight. And there are times that i can feel that i am getting sick but honestly cannot figure out what i have eaten that caused it. I am very careful and try to stick to whole foods ( no one told me i needed a second job to buy gluten free foods..lol) Anyway if any of you have any suggestions for being able to gain weight i would appreciate it. I also seem to have a really hard time building muscle even though i workout a few times a week.