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  1. you may want to have glucose checked for diabetes. My sister asked a pediatric g.i. doc at the cleveland clinic and this was his suggestion as celiac and diabetes can go hand in hand.
  2. I have a 6 year old who was diagnosed with celiac one year ago. By the time I realized that her sister should also be tested I had already started the whole family on a gluten free diet and didn't want to add gluten to her diet since she didn't have any symptoms. I do allow my 4 year old to eat gluten if we are at friends house or for school snack. This year my 4 year old has started to have urination problems just like you describe. She can go all night and not have an accident, but durring the day it is almost impossible to get anything done. The urologist seem to think that she is just under stress because I was expecting baby number 3 at the time. Things seem to have gotten a bit better this summer...no school and not seeing friends as much...less exposure to gluten? I am glad I stumbled on this thread today. I was actually about to call the pediatrician to have her tested for yet another uti as she is now telling me that her body is burning when she goes pee. She has never told me that she is in pain before and doesn't cry when she does go to the bathroom.