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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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    Wow! Can totally relate to your problems. I'm 19 and almost every time I go out with a group of people, some of them bug me about not eating enough or not eating something. I explain my allergies and they don't seem to grasp it. They look at me like I am an alien or something. What I do is tell myself that yes I have celiac's disease, but pleasing my body is the only thing that matters right now. I will not let the teasing bother me. Also, you can always come on the forum whenever you need too! Good luck with everything and just remember that everyone has problems to deal with and you are not alone. Tessa
  2. I think I might have ate some gluten unknowingly a couple of days ago. I started feeling sick about 20 minutes later. I have felt sick continuously since (2 days). How long will it take to get all the gluten out of my system so I feel better? I also get horrible mood swings when I eat something that bothers my stomach. Is there anything I can do to keep my mood up, even when I feel so angry? Thanks Tessa
  3. I was just like you for the first while of my diet. I still have some other problems, but my appetite has increased some. For me I was lacking zinc in my diet. I ate tons of green veggies(especially peas) and my appetite increased. Best of luck to you. Tessa~
  4. I'll try giving that a try. I know I eat pretty healthy already, but will try to eliminate even more unprocessed foods. It is hard because I have lost weight and am constantly being bugged by my family to eat more food. I guess I should just ignore their comments and do what is best for me. Thanks for your help Tessa~
  5. Hi! I have been gluten free for about three months and have already noticed a huge change in how my body feels. However, I still get really bad stomach aches below my belly button and my stomach swells up. This stomach ache usually lasts for several days and then goes away for several and then comes back again. At first the swelling would disappear over the night, but now the swell on my stomach seems to be permanent. I have kept a food diary and have noticed no patterns between stomach aches and my eating habits. The doctor did blood work and everything is fine. I go for a pelvic ultrasound in 2 months, but am worried because the pain is quite bad in my stomach and is gradually getting worse with each bout of stomachaches. Has anyone else experienced something like this? Any solutions? Tessa~
  6. Well, here is my first post on this forum. I have been gluten free for three months. It was so easy at first, but now I am having the hardest time. I feel so frusterated and alone. No one seems to understand how I feel. All my friends get to eat whatever they want,whenever they want. I am so jealous. Sometimes it feels like I have no control over my emotions. Will this end up going away? How long will it last? Tessa