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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I know this is a little late, but now I want to know how the interview turned out, and if your life is any less stressful. Unfortunately I don't many ways to destress, just started going to the gym, myself. I can understand how someone would get attatched to the endorphins and whatnot. Also can relate to being in a job that your not fond of. I think the main thing that mellows me out, is right after I've cleaned the house and know I won't need to worry about it. Anyway, Update pls.
  2. Here's my Pizza Pizza story! My boyfriend and I drove across Canada, NB to Calgary, it was going to take us five days, so we didn't want to stop a whole lot or go out of the way and sight see. But, I had researched before hand and heard about these guys having gluten-free pizza, at least in Eastern Canada. So, we're driving along, starting to think about dinner when we pass this little hole-in-the-wall pizza pizza beside a gas station in Ontario. I thought for sure they'd be too small to bother carrying the gluten-free pizza, but we go in to check. They carried it, they didn't charge extra, and it was the first time I had pizza in about six months at that point. I was so excited I took a picture. It was awesome. We only seem to have Pizza Pizza's in our movie theatres in Calgary, and they don't have the gluten-free pizza. But, Boston Pizza is also carrying gluten-free individual pizzas now, there's a thread about it already! It's very good. The Pizza Pizza's one was pretty good, kind of on the crunchy side, which I prefer mine kinda doughey. I still regard them as an awesome memory.
  3. I tried this the other day, It was definately my favorite gluten-free pizza I've tried so far. I've done a couple make at home crusts and they've all been kinda "meh" but I really enjoyed this one. It's just so different when it's made at a restaurant. It passed the non-gluten-free boyfriend test too! Luckily I don't live too close to any BP's or I'd be taking WAY too much advantage of this.
  4. Unusual Dreams, Heavy Sleep And Day Exhaustion

    Yeah, it's been the same thing for me. Been gluten-free for over a year, but since going gluten-free I feel like I need a lot more sleep than I used to like, 8-10 hours just to function right. A couple of years ago I could go on around 6 hours a night for days at a time and be fine. Now I feel sick and super cranky when I haven't gotten enough sleep. I've been having a lot of bad dreams, especially in the last couple months. Nothing overly stressful seems to have happend so I'm not sure why. Is there supposed to be a connection between gluten free diets and sleeping? I don't think I've run into it in my research so far..
  5. The reason to be concerned with something stating "Whole Grain" is that it usually contains things like barley, wheat, kamut, things like that. If it specifically states "gluten free" you should be good. However, I'm posting from Canada and I know the term Gluten Free is tested differently here. As far as I know, the acceptable parts per million(ppm) is higher in the US. So if your super sensitive it's a good idea to find out the ppm the company is using. Also a side note on oats. They are naturally free of gluten HOWEVER, the way they are grown is usually on a field beside wheat and so they can be contaminated right from the growing stage. They are also ground on the same mills as wheat usually, hence more cross contamination. That's why you sometimes get two answers for "are oats safe." Basically if you want to eat oatmeal or granola with rolled oats, it's best to get certified gluten free ones. Hope that's helpful!
  6. Protein Ideas

    And, wheatfreedude, I don't grill. I just live in a one bedroom apartment, so there's not a whole lot of room for a BBQ. All my cooking is done just on stove top for now.
  7. Protein Ideas

    Thanks for all the great ideas everyone! I definately want to try the bean salad, and I'm curious if I will like the pea soup idea. Just wondering, what does everyone think the best tasting beans are? Should I use kidney, black, white beans, etc.?
  8. Protein Ideas

    I do really enjoy hummus, I should work that in more with some veggies for dipping. The beans and lentils sound interesting, I haven't had much cooking with them myself though, maybe someone on the forum has a good bean salad recipe or something similar?
  9. Protein Ideas

    Hello Everyone, I recently started working out, (mostly cardio for now, but slowing starting weight training) and I'm looking for more ways to incorporate protein. I feel like I'm not getting enough. BUT I'm also in a cooking slump and don't feel like doing much prep work. I was just wondering if anyone had good ideas for fast high protein meals. I would prefer doing real food instead of protein shakes, but it has been something I've been debating lately. Thanks!