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  1. Coke and Pepsi are fine, I have no starbucks over here so I depend on my colas for the caffine!
  2. Hey! Coke and Pepsi are both definitly gluten-free I got this info straight from the companies... I guess the coloring in these cases are fine!
  3. woah! Those have gluten in them? Surely it's not listed as gluten is it?
  4. Hey! I'm 17 and was diagnosed last week with celiac disease. My dad and brother and aunt all have it so I have a pretty good idea on what ingredients to look out for. I never thought i ever showed any symptoms, but recently I've been wondering if my being constantly tired and yet unable to sleep could have been in some way related to celiac disease... Also, I've been trying to explain to my friends why I can't have most of the typical teen foods (regular pizza, cookies, KFC, etc.) and some just don't seem to understand why it's such a big deal if I "cheat" every once and awhile... Is there anyway I can explain? To them I look the same, and I seem healthy! Second last question- I heard that even things that have come into contact with wheat (cross contamination, etc.) are to be avoided. And things like "hydrolised vegetable protein" and "seasonings" are also things that I've been told to avoid... but if they're the last ingredient on the list, and arn't even guaranteed to contain gluten, can these really do that much damage? And finally (sorry I'm bombarding you all!), is it possible for someone who has had very few stomach aches (I had some but always related them to the stomach flu or something) to develope these stomach pains after going gluten-free? I had a really bad stomach ache after having a doughnut about 2 days after going gluten-free... It was supposed to be my "final farewell" but I felt so sick that i had to call my mom to pick me up from school... Is that normal? Thanks for reading and answering my questions!