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  1. No the heart problem started in 2008. What iam saying is the entocort helped me alot the first time I took it. With MC you can go into remission for weeks, months or even years without another flare. When i was diagnosed with celiac I had not had any more problems with the MC. I started the gluten free diet and within two weeks the MC flared again. Ith was very frustrating. I thought the diet would resolve both problems. I was put back on Entocort for 8 more weeks and again it helped immediately, however about a month after weening off the stools became loose again. I also have high blood pressure and the entocort increases the blood pressure. i had to to take more BP meds while on on it. I did not have any other side effects from it. Now I am taking sulfasalazine for the MC. 1000mg twice a day. The MD did not want to put me back on the entocort because of the high BP. Sulfasalazine is an anti-immflammatory med with few side effects so I can stay on it longer if needed. I am now six months gluten free and my celiac blood levels have returned to normal. I am still on the sulfasalazine with no side effects and normal BM's for last two months. The docs said I should be able to lower the dose and then discontinue the med soon. Some people never have problems again after the entocort therapy. There is a MC forum with lots of info on this subject. I dont know the web address of the top of my head, but you can google it and it will come up.
  2. I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis in October of 2009. I was also put on Entocort 9mg daily. I had suffered from loose stools an D for about four weaks and ended up in the hospital for three days for dehydration and malabsorbtion. The Entocort helped immediately within 24 to 48 hours. I took it for 8 weeks and then was weened off of it. After two months off of entocort the loose stools and D returned. Then I was put on Pepto Bismol 2 tabs 4 times a day for 8 wks. Again the stools returned to normal. All the while I researched MC and found that up to 80% of those with MC are gluten intolerent or have celiacs. I asked my GI to test for celiacs, he said it wasnt necessary because I had a diagnosis of MC and initially responded to treatment. The more I read about MC and celiacs I was convinced I had it. Fast soward to August 2010, I was told I needed open heart surgery to replace aortic valve. I told my GI doc I wanted to be tested for celiacs because it would have a major impact on the valve I would choose. He reluctantly agreed. 4 days before my scheduled surgery the GI doc called and confirmed I had celiacs. I forgot to mention I had endoscopy while in the hospital for MC which showed damage to villi they said was gastritis. Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to let you know that the docs arent always right. My GI has now begun testing his MC patients for celiacs. Also I was sent to cardiac specialist and the surgery was cancelled for now. I dont know which was worse, facing open heart surgery or being diagnosed with celiacs. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi all, I have not posted since Aug 2010 right after diagnosis. Its been a heck of a journey for me.Coping with the possibility of heart surgery and then celiacs. Just wanted to share some news. Had a celiac panel last week. GI doctor wanted to see how I was doing on the gluten free diet. I had mixed feelings about what the results might reveal. I have not put one thing in my mouth that I did not prepare myself or check the label carefully, except a couple of meals my husband prepared. He really is getting good at preparing meals gluten free. He has a cheet sheet with all the ingridients that are forbidden.I couldn't help wonder if the test came back elevated what I would do. I knew i was diligent with my diet, toiletries, medications etc. I though if my numbers came back elevated I might as well be eating gluten. On the other hand if they were normal I had been doing it right. Well I'm pleased to say that my tests came back negative. All levels normal. Looks like i have the hang of this. For all those just starting out it does get easier. Next I would like to try eating out. I have been putting it off for six months. I am just so afraid of getting glutened. Anyone try BJ's gluten free pizza? I think they have Redbridge beer too. Thank goodness for Redbridge beer.
  4. So today is the day I start my gluten-free diet. I am not having any GI symptoms, and was wondering once I start the diet and if I accidently ingest gluten will symptoms arise? I am starting with the basics as many of you suggested. I hope I can do this. Would hate to induce symptoms when I haven't been feeling bad.
  5. I will try to make it brief. but I would like to give a little hostory. 8 months ago diagnosed with microscopic colitis. Told my GI doc that I learned there was a link to MC and celiacs. He dismissed my concerns. Also had endoscopy which showed blunted villi. Fast forward to recently. I have a heart condition that I've known about since 2008 and was told that sometime in the future would need open haert surgery for valve replacement. Then all of a sudden I was scheduled for August 11th of this year. This week. On my heart forum there is a lady who has celiacs and she said she had to have a tissue valve instaed of mechanical due to celiacs and absorbtion issues. Went back to my GI doc and told him I needed to be tested. He reluctantly agreed. He called me friday night (while I was having a beer) and told me I had celiacs. Test was greater than 100 and that normal was 5. I continued to drink my beer and another.. Sorry for long post. But now have lots of questions, have not gone gluten free yet spent today with hubby cleaning out cabinets and fridge for my gluten-free foods.Spent 2 hours in the supermarket. Also puchased some books to try and figure all of this out. Oh and good news saw a specialist and had more tests and they are postponing my surgery for now. I thought heart surgery was going to be tough, I think this may be tougher.