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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had a doctor tell me once that people are NOT supposed to eat gluten, especially in the form of wheat. Apparently human digestive systems are just not equipped for it My doctor has also discussed this with me, as well as in his class lectures on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. In my notes from the class on Grains, Health and your Weight - he talked about the fact that our Ancestors did not eat cultivated grains. (obviously, this goes a lot farther back than great-grandparents). Included in the research he spoke of, was the fact that heart disease was not found until cultivated grains and flours were used. An interesting tidbit in the same class was that gluten is very close to opiates in structure, which creates a drug-like reaction. Visting with my Mom yesterday she told me that she could remember when I was a little girl that I hated milk (and still do !) and refused to eat bread. I would eat cornbread (especially hot-water cornbread - no wheat involved), occasionally crackers and corn tortillas, but I just didn't like bread. My paternal grandmother used to force bread and I would usually hide it in my lap and take it outside and feed it to the chickens ! She went on to say that she wished that we had known then how damaging it was, it sure would have saved me years of chronic misery.
  2. Nightshades are among the long list (28) of my allergen foods. I've been gluten-free, dairy free and free of the many allergens for just over 2 months. It has been a challenge with some things, like finding substitutions and alternatives for things like tomato, chili pepper, garlic and mustard. Overall I don't miss things like breads, dairy, or potatoes. I am a little lost however, without pinto beans, jalepenos, chili peppers, and almonds ... I was quite excited to see the link to Nomato - unfortunately I can't use it (beets and garlic), but my son will be thrilled ! His blood work just came in and tomato was also on his list of 27 allergen foods.