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  1. Starting to sell in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg...natural markets...Whole Foods, Capers, Save-On-Foods by end of August or 1st week of Sept.
  2. Not sure where you are located. Udi's will be in Whole Foods, Capers, Nature's Fare, Save-On-Foods ...all BC Based. Organza in Winnipeg carries. Whole Foods Penticton carries Udi's as well. It will be in the Ontario market in 4-6 weeks...first natural food markets, then supermarkets.
  3. The Whole Foods in Penticton will be a little while longer. I suspect by the first week of September. All Natures Fare stores will be carrying Udi's Breads to start and hopefully the muffins, pizza crusts and bagels as well. We are trying to get Udi's into the Ontario market as quickly as possible but it will not happen as fast as the West Coast. Whole Foods Ontario - 2 locations - Oakville and Toronto want to carry the product and we are trying to get it to this market as quickly as possible. Look for it in natural stores and then supermarkets next. Probably in the next 2 months...end of Sept...beginning October, for the Ontario market.
  4. Hi here; I'm not sure if you are in Vancouver or Toronto....if Vancouver Whole Foods Cambie and West Vancouver and Capers Markets will have UDI's by the 3rd week of August and Save-On-Foods bakery department will have by the 1st week of September. Nature's Fare in Langley should have product now.
  5. Hi there; Not sure if you are in Vancouver or Toronto...if in Vancouver product will be available at Whole Foods & Capers Markets in approx 2 weeks (mid to end of August). It is also be available at Nature's Fare in Langley now and Save-On-Foods by the first week of September.