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    I am a retired registered nurse. Love animals and I am currently working with a toy poodle for Delta certification as a therapy dog. Love to read and cook. Remain challenged trying to figure out what makes me so ill besides gluten!
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  1. Try omission beer. Gluten free and has all sorts of awards, even against regular beers! It is really good!
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback so far... I did check my meds and they are all ok for now but with generics...who knows next month! Yesterday...Nothing that I can think of that I shouldn't have eaten...no soy or corn or dairy or even rice..Still with the same bowel issues but I did sleep for the first tie in over a week...I normally average only about two hours...last night about 5...might have been just really exhausted but I don't argue with it. As for being sensitive to food I like... I had thought of that and it is CORN!!! Boy I will hate to give that one up... No probs doing it though...I will completely eliminate that one for the next week or so...and see what difference it makes. Soy is much easier to avoid as I don't buy it and don't use mixes or premade gluten free products. I have written my daughter for a list of their allergies. I know her and her son share little in common...I have no idea how she manages to cook! I allow no gluten products in the house and make my own soaps, shampoos and rinses..It is an economy thing. and no sugar...at least white...I do use molasses and honey...and maple syrup...I just realized one source of gluten in my home and it is in the dry pet food.....anyone with experience with it being a problem? I neither eat it, handle it or is it in contact with any surfaces I use...it shouldn't be a problem should it? I can't afford to replace it right now.. As it is, it is hard to feed these critters a healthy diet on my budget. It is corn free but I am certain some wheat products.
  3. Thanks gluten-free in DC. I haven't tried the probiotics and digestive enzymes. I will check into it...That money issue starts to creep in and become an issue. Concerned about the psyllium fiber though. Won't it just make diarrhea worse? It seems that even things like brown rice adds to the problem rather that help...ditto for high fiber fruits and veggies.
  4. Thanks Greenbeanie.. In all honesty I HAVEN"T!! Now my drugstore KNOWS I am celiac....but...here I am off to personally check them all. I know my vitamins are...of course not necessarily corn etc free...
  5. Thanks Juiebov, I am prediabetic or at least close...my fasting sugar was 112 but is usually under the 110 mark. I will try going back to the food diary with symptom journal. I do make a point of really eating a varied diet Potatoes and rice are the only thing that I eat more than twice a week. I am fortunate to have a VERY cooperative guy who will literally eat anything I put in front of him, we eat a very broad range of food. I tend to do the beef, chicken, pork, fish, beans kind of rotation for supper. We tend to have a green and yellow veggie every night with some kind of starch...hence the rice/potato frequency. I was using noodles in there as one but with trying to avoid too many of one kind of grain dropped it, although it still shows up usually once a week. I am just so frustrated... I too sometimes end up just eating rice because I am so hungry but don't know what to even try. I was allergy tested as a child and literally had hundreds of food and environmental allergies. I took allergy shots for over twenty years.. was retested and still showed over three hundred...with what they tested. Basically was told to go out and just try and manage. By then I was married with three kids. Doc said that if I tried to avoid everything on the list I would eat almost nothing, live in a bubble and do nothing. As I was living a pretty normal life, said to just continue and basically stay away from people like him. It seemed to work out until I was in my late forties. I pretty much could eat and do everything...own pets etc.. Now I feel like a semi invalid. I am afraid if I don't get a handle on this I am going to end up really seriously ill. As it is, I run periodic temps...have swollen glands...ache and am exhausted a good part of the time. I feel like I have a serious case of the flu probably 75% of the time. I barely am able to do the basic self care, laundry, make meals etc. I am exhausted but can't sleep. My MD tried to tell me I was depressed....that is was psychosomatic. Depression is about the only thing I DON"T have.
  6. Hoping someone here has some suggestions. I am a 63 yr old celiac, diagnosed almost at birth. Was on a gluten free diet as a young child but but gradually given a regular diet. I was always told I was an "allergy celiac" but had outgrown it. Not certain now what that even means. In my early fifties was being investigated for non hodgkins lymphoma, Had peripheral neuropathies, just a multitude of health problems ..all seemingly unrelated.. I am a RN, now retired. One night I was speaking with an internist who had been friendly. She told me if she didn't know better would say I was celiac as it explained my symptoms. Told her I HAD been. but had outgrown it...She just laughed..I honestly didn't know it was autoimmune.. I immediately went gluten free with a lot of improvement! Until about a year ago. I am now retired following an auto accident. This wasn't planned. I am barely surviving financially. I exist with the help of food stamps and a very small pension. I have limited access to health care through a clinic with a GP on a fee based on income. Very limited testing available as I can't afford to pay for any. The GP has almost no understanding of celiac disease. I am having multiple episodes of diarrhea a day. Up to 20 to 30 times a day. Constant cramping and nausea with some bleeding. It is frequently VERY foul.. I eat a really healthy diet. I grow many of my own veggies. Run a strict gluten free house. almost NO GMO's ... I cook strictly from scratch. Everything is fresh and starts as single ingredients... I suspect multiple food intolerances. I have already eliminated soy. Tried eliminating dairy. Still use no milk but do use cheese periodically and butter. I kept a food diary but couldn't find any correlation between symptoms and specific food other than possibly corn....and the soy I have stopped. Corn seems to be the fresh product. I have wondered if it was the GMO issue as it is not all the time! I want to ask for testing of some sort but am not certain what to even ask for. I was Never biopsied as I went gluten free immediately at the suggestion and have very serious reaction to any gluten. Could not tolerate gluten in my diet again to allow for biopsy. I do have children and grand children that have been diagnosed celiac. with other intolerances as well. What would be a logical next step? My doc hasn't a clue. Malabsorption is now becoming a big issue! B12 deficiency, severe osteoporosis, low calcium, magnesium, anemic, hypothyroid. My electrolytes are frequently really off due to diarrhea. I need to do something but not certain what to even suggest to her. Being sent on to a specialist is NOT a possibility. She is more concerned about my altered liver enzymes, high cholesterol and triglycerides. Keeps telling me I need to be more careful about gluten! I am getting really sick! I can not go completely organic. Just can't make money stretch that far with only $100 available after I pay lot rental for my RV that I live in. It just barely covers my BP meds. Are there any tests that might show other intolerances? or interactions?
  7. (continued)if he can put salt and Ranch dressing on everthing. I'll give you the name if you are interested. I am not conected in anyway to the author I have just like every single recipe I hav made out of the cookbook so far and that is unusual for me. Also, my husband can't diserne the difference. Happy Holidays.

  8. (continued)if he can put salt and Ranch dressing on everthing. I'll give you the name if you are interested. I am not conected in anyway to the author I have just like every single recipe I hav made out of the cookbook so far and that is unusual for me. Also, my husband can't diserne the difference. Happy Holidays.

  9. Hi Lynn,

    My name is Shar. I noticed in your profile that you liked to cook. Well I only liked to cook for special occassions or for entertaining before but I have begun to like to cook on an almost daily basis out of necessity now. I purchased several gluten-free or cookbooks for celiacs before I found one that has food in it that we like. My husband has no dietary restrictions (another me...

  10. There are many conditions not related to gluten that can cause night sweats, one of which is TB/Tuberculosis...yes it is still very much alive and around us...not saying it is...but early infections, this included, can cause severe night sweats. Go back to your doctor. TB can often be ruled out by a simple skin test or a chest x-ray. Night sweats tell you SOMETHING is going on....
  11. Thanks Skylark. I will get the vitamin and thyroid levels you suggest checked. I am afraid a doctor may question my celiac dx as it has never been confirmed, at least by any of the modern standards. The dx of DH was another of those night time consults of a doc saying sure looks like it and giving me Dapsone ointment when nothing else would clear it up. It reappears whenever I have had a bad exposure to gluten. I seem to be more and more sensitive to any exposure to even trace amounts of gluten. I will also ask for the dairy and soy allergy tests as my daughter's tests with enterolab came back with cassein and soy as culprits for her as well as gluten. Thanks for the info. I sure am not going back on gluten for anyone to prove I can't tolerate it.
  12. I was originally diagnosed with celiac disease as an infant 60 yrs ago. Raised for many years on a gluten free diet. My mother was told I had outgrown it and as foods were reintroduced in early teens appeared to not have many problems. In hindsight, I was classic celiac. Five years ago my symptoms were the checklist for every conceivable problem associated with celiac but doctors didn't come up with a diagnosis. I am a nurse and one night a doc who I work with was discussing all my issues and suggested...once a celiac,always a celiac. I googled celiac disease and was shocked at how everything fell into place including D.H. I immediately went gluten free. Most of my symptoms have greatly improved. My eldest daughter has been diagnosed as celiac as well as casein and soy intolerant by genetic testing. I have never had any testing done. I am very sensitive to gluten especially CC. I recently was staying with family for 4 months and was continually getting glutened.I suspect dairy and soy as well but just don't know. I will be getting health care coverage in a few weeks and would like to get some kind of testing done. I am not prepared to go back on a gluten diet to get a bowel biopsy done. I simply would not be able to function. What other testing should I be requesting? I have severe osteoporosis and take calcium,vit D and mag for that as well to control severe muscle spasms. I was recently losing weight rapidly from being glutened but now that I am in my own place, that is under control again.I have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet but it is not progressing and the ataxia is now stable. Avoiding gluten and my D.H. is under control. I know if I go back on gluten foods that I can trigger that and I guess they can test the lesions and diagnose me from that?? I feel I want to have an idea of what I am asking when I hit a new doctor. I have been diagnosed in the past with fibromyalgia and reflex sympathetic dystrophy but on a gluten free diet both conditions are much less of a problem and I almost hate to mention them. Should I be looking for a specialist( gastroenterologist) or can a GP work? Is this more an internal medicine thing??? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. One other thing to consider is the psychological effects of continual glutening. Although new to the diagnosis, I am a 60 yr old nurse. We are very stubborn and figure we know it all. I don't think the effects of braindfog can be understated....My judgement WAS impaired!!! It is really scary. I didn't get just how much an effect it was having. It is possible that once you are in the home cooking for your family.....and I would suggest trying to enlist EVERYONE's cooperation...tell them it is for YOUR benefit!! that your mother might improve....or...maybe notice a Real difference when glutened. I know, I did. My reactions got severe!!! My thinking got much clearer and I was able to see the difference my diet was making. I hope for everyone's sake that life improves.
  14. Just came home from the grocery store after searching through cans of soups. Hidden in with the Mexican food section I found Heinz brand Cream of Tomato...made with corn starch instead of flour. I haven't eaten it yet to get a reaction but this was one of the few cans I saw that didn't have wheat flour as an ingredient. I had been looking for Progresso a I had read somewhere that some of their cream soups were gluten free but my local store didn't carry any of their concentrates. If this turns out to be safe it is a real plus. I am new to this and do cook just about everything from fresh and scratch. Living alone, a few short cuts would be nice!!!Does anyone know if this is a safe product?