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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dehydration

    I also have a problem with dehydration. I just thought it was because I have diarrhea all the time.
  2. Ok, the results for my endo are in and my small bowel biopsy is normal. I have no ulcers anywhere,although I still have blood in my stool. So if both my blood test and biopsy are negative that means what. Could I still have celiac or is this all in my head. I don't have diarrhea all the time and I can eat bread and not react all the time but then again when I do I end up having an accident and it is usually when I am out shopping or in my car. I am lactose intolerant and have leg pain and brain fog as well as the cramping in my gut and pain in my abdomen. So I don't understand how the tests came back normal. The nurse told me the doc only took 2 biopsy's from my small bowel so could that be why it is normal he didn't get to the damage or is there even any damage. I am beginning to feel like I really am a hypochondriac.
  3. Thank you so much beachbirdie. I'm sure I will. It's just going to take time now.
  4. Had the test today, and thank god it's over. I have a reaction to Demerol and to fentinol. so I ended up having only versed. But I remember everything. the endo didn't hurt but the colonoscopy did, because I didn't have any pain meds on board and was awake. it was neat watching the screen though. and They had me release wind constantly. The doc said he thought I might have microscopic colitis and I heard him tell the resident doc that it is connected to celiac dz. so he said to go back onto the gluten free diet. I will find out the results in week.
  5. At 12:30 pm today I will be having my endoscopy. I can't wait. I will go back on my gluten free diet after the test. I am so tired of my legs hurting. I wonder how long it will be after I have my test to get my results? Wish me luck. I am a little scared of the test. I am also having a colonoscopy. Fun times I tell ya. Fun times.
  6. Gluten-Free Bakery In Little Rock Arkansas

    It is called Dempsey Bakery, it is not opened yet but should be in about 6 weeks. it will be on 4th and cross I think. Will let you know when it opens. I am in Mabelvale. Just outside of Little Rock.
  7. Nicotine Patches

    Thank you to both of you for replying. I am just allergic to the adhesive. I'm allergic to tape as well, the itching from the patch has gone away. maybe I just needed to get used to it. I still want a cigarett in the worst way but am determined to quit smoking. Thanks for your help. sherry.
  8. I just put on a 21 mg nicotine patch and just wondered if anyone knows, is the adhesive on the patch gluten free? I am allergic to the adhesive but will put up with the itching and blisters in order to quit smoking. I am too scared not to quit now. I tried the gum and it didn't work and will not use chantix. but just wondered if I will also have to put up with being glutoned until I can stop using the patch.
  9. They do want you to have antibodies so if you are gluten free they will not want your plasma. Also for other diseases if you start treatment, they want your plasma within a few weeks of diagnosis so you will still have antibodies.
  10. Tocopheryl Acetate

    Well heck, I am a nurse, I only work the weekends but I use a LOT of alcohol sanitizer. Now I am going to have to look at the ingredients. I didn't even think that it could contain wheat. I can't win for losin.
  11. I looked on the package and did not see any gluten products on it. I went to the web site and they said if there was wheat in it they would list it per federal regulations. So I used it with a cup of biscuiqe for dregging some chicked. My stomach hurts now. I have not had "D" yet but I have been cramping like I might have tonight. I just wondered if it is just my imagination, or has any one else had a problem with this product.
  12. Celiac Vaccine Anyone?

    No, I would not get it. I don't trust anything the FDA puts out or approves. Just look at Darvocet, The FDA said it was safe and had it on the market for years then stated that it was not safe after all and pulled it off the market. After my daughter was diagnosed with Autism, I don't trust anything they approve. Like someone else said, Celiac is genetic for some people, how can a vaccine help that. Vaccines are for viruses, to build up antibodies to fight against a virus. Celiac, as far as I understand is not caused by a virus. It is an autoimmune disease, So how can they make a VACCINE against an autoimmune disease. I just don't think it is possible. It scares me too that they might be wanting to play around with genetics. They are going to cause a lot more problems monkeying around with genetics. It almost feels like they are trying to play GOD. That is a dangerous game they are playing.
  13. Sunflower Seeds

    My absolute favorite is David sunflower seeds. I don't like the flavored ones, just the original.
  14. Homemade Bread Question

    Hahaha. Thank you for that, I laughed so hard I almost peed myself. Now how did you know it would turn out like that. You should have seen it. It was heavy like a brick and it had curly swirls on top kinda like meringue. So tell me. Is there any gluten free bread that taste's like regular bread? That bread I make was yellow and tasted very funny. I am going to try it with mustard and mayo for a bologna sandwich but I don't know if I will be able to get by that taste.
  15. Homemade Bread Question

    I have a mix from gluten free pantry. Favorite sandwich bread mix. I haven't had time to go to whole foods and buy the other mixes. I want to try pamela's bread mix. I might go tomarrow to buy some. I will let you know how it turns out. I have been gluten free now for 11 days now, don't feel very different, but I know it will take some time to heal. thinking up meals every day though is exausting, Since I cannot just nuke a frozen burrito or go to McDonalds.