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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum but I was hoping that this would help me with my questions. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and now an autoimmune disorder which may be systemic lupus but docs say they don't have enough evidence of it. Anyways I knew something was wrong with my body when I got continuous aches and pains throughout the 3 or 4 years til now. I have an awful intolerance to gluten which makes my pain 100 times worse. I find that if I eat cookies, cupcakes, anything with wheat or gluten my body just can't handle it and I can hardly move at all. So I have cut gluten and wheat out of my diet but something weird has been happening even though I don't eat it anymore. Yesterday when I woke up in the morning I felt fine, then I went back to bed, and got up, but when I got up the second time I was extremely dizzy, so dizzy I had to make my way back to the bed really fast because I felt so faint, and my body was getting so hot it was so hot that I felt as if I had to open a window, it was cold in my house and cold where I live, and I felt it was so hot that I had to change my pants into shorts and my stomach felt really uneasy. Later on in the day after coming home from a walk I was experiencing this pounding migraine and my muscles and joints where aching so badly. My stomach was feeling queasy again along with the migraine making me feel like I had to vomit, which I indeed did have to vomit quite a bit even though I didn't eat very much at all yesterday. Even before yesterday about a month or two ago I've experienced night sweats, and when I was at a restaurant, I felt like my body was completely overheating and dizzy, and the person I was with wasn't hot at all, and apparently it was just me. I'm only 25, and I'm kind of getting scared. I'm going to go see a doc probably tomorrow but can you get early menopause at the age of 25. I haven't even had any kids yet so I'm freaking out because I don't want to be infertile, I'm not sure if this may be symptoms of fibro and I've talked to some fibro sufferers but I feel like my symptoms are getting kind of scary.