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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Oh my gosh! RLS? Wow! I had that too, for about a month, then it went away. Talk about a freaky feeling! Kicked my sleeping cat off the bed a couple of times. Yikes! I had been gluten free (or so I thought) for about 18 months when this started happening - I have since gotten much stricter about trace gluten in items such as makeup, etc. Much better now!
  2. After about two years of gluten-free my insomnia is MUCH better. Great idea on the B12! I'm going to try it tonight! Thanks!
  3. Diagnosed by Doctor and Nutritionist July, 2009, via elimination diet

    Gluten Free, Organic

    Son also has become gluten-free

    Extremely allergic to malt

  4. WOW! That sounds fabuously decadent! I'll have to try it soon! Thanks!
  5. Yes, you're right! I was so upset at the time I posted I got carried away ! Actually, I've found aluminum free baking soda that I use when I bake. I'm baking Pamela's gluten free chocolate cake right now, so hopefully it will hit the spot (and my family will like it)! Thanks so much!
  6. Thanks so much for your kind words and excellent reply! I learn so much every day. I need to be more understanding to myself when I accidently ingest gluten. I just freaks me out a bit, makes me mad, so much time wasted being sick, you know...
  7. This post works within the confines of truth in labeling. I guess in this case there is probably cross-contamination with the baking soda too. I personally feel that organic and gluten free goes hand-in-hand. I have problems with additives and artifical ingredients as well as gluten and other cereal derivatives. With that being said, in my opinion, an item labled gluten-free should be just that. How can producers even claim that a product is gluten free when cross-contamination is such a problem to many of us. I'm still learning! Peace and Love.
  8. Hello all! Just a note to inform all of you looking for the new Julie's Organic Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches is that while the ingredients in the ice cream look fine, the baking soda used in the cookies is not labeled as organic, AND there is an allergen alert at the bottom of the label noting that the "Product is manufactured in a facility that uses Wheat, Tree Nuts and Peanuts." Excuse me? After enjoying one of these, and not scanning the ingredient list as well as I should have, I quickly had my "cross-contam" symptoms of ringing in my ears, headache on the left and top of my head, as well as a black substance that momentarily blurred my vision (nope, I wasn't smearing the thing all over my face). The symptoms lasted about 15 mins. Lesson to remember: don't trust the product name and throughly read the ingredient list. I should have known better.
  9. In N Out Burger

    Hi! I called In-in-Out burger last night because I'd also heard rumors of it being Gluten-free, and was told by the rep. that "everything on the menu is gluten free except the buns." She also went on to give me some pointers in reference to cross-contamination: ask for a clean spatula when cooking the burger and a clean knife when spreading the sauce (or ask for sauce in packets). They cook the burgers on a dedicated area, but the spatulas and knives do touch the buns!! Due to cross-contamination issues, it's the only "fast food" I'll eat. Another poster gave great advice when she said to go at non-peak times. I agree! We continue healing every day.
  10. Can't Quench My Appitite

    Hi! I too gained a lot while I was sick and couldn't figure out why I was ravenous all the time until I was tested for Vitamin D3 deficiency and was found to be very low. My doctor prescribed Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 by Nordic Naturals. I take 3 tablespoons of it per day and am yet to lose weight. It's great that I don't feel hungry all the time now. I believe it's because my nutritional needs are now being met. Hang in there!
  11. Hi everyone, I am overweight and aside from losing the "bloat" and stomach misery associated with GI, I am not losing weight yet. Perhaps I'm still healing at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions? A little background info: I was belittled and called "overweight because I ate too much" by several doctors during my search for my hidden illness and, of course, misdiagnosed several times including being told by one doctor that I was headed for Type 1 diabetes if I didn't quit eating the wrong foods!!? I was not eating in an "unhealthy" manner and understood calorie counts. What I couldn't understand was the incredible pain and strange illnesses I went through. It wasn't until I went to a community clinic and from there sent to a nutritionist for evaluation for gluten intolerance that I discovered what was truly making me ill. Since that wonderful day of realization, I have changed greatly as a person and now understand my body much more than I did before. Now when "glutenized" I can even tell the difference between (the monster) malt powder and slight cross-contamination. I steer clear of restaurants now, do almost completely organic food and bake my own bread. I was recently tested for D3 deficiency and found that I was a 20: 30 is baseline health and 50 is optimum - so I'm really diligent about "changing my oil" every day. I find that now I am rarely hungry (I used to be constantly ravenous in the past), am alert and am now catching up on a lot of things that I did not have the mental clarity or energy to deal with when I was sick. Since staying as gluten free as possible (and, of course, learning from my mistakes) for over a year now, I'm finally really feeling good. I've been taking gluten-free B vitamins, wellness formula, and using Omega-3 fish oil with vitamin D3. I can't stop taking my 3 tablespoons of fish oil a day. Thanks guys!