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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. "The main concern is touching the bagel and then licking your fingers, or touching your face or touching your safe food. My husband eats gluten and I am very careful about wiping down the counters and not getting myself sick. I don't ever gluten myself at home, but I am very careful. I watched him make a sandwich the other day. He left crumbs on the counter and then without washing his hands touched the fridge, trash cabinet, and dish towel. I went behind him and wiped all those things down and tossed the towel in the wash." This is so true! I did the same exact thing with my boyfriend yesterday. Watched him make a sandwich and then touch everything in the kitchen. I ran around the kitchen and wiped everything down after him. He looked at me like I had ten heads. I wish we could have one of those black lights that you see in the crime shows on TV that detects blood, but one for detecting gluten! Then I could turn out the kitchen lights, turn on the gluten-detector-black-light, and show him how the gluten crumbs got everywhere...contaminating everything!
  2. I can't help you with the snack size candy question, but I do know that tootsie rolls are gluten-free. I eat a couple everyday!
  3. French Fries In Boston Area?

    Chik-filet has gluten-free french fries. They are a fast food restaurant though, found in some malls. I have gone to the one in the Burlington Mall.
  4. Need A Recommendation Boston/cambridge

    I have eaten at the Fire and Ice in both Harvard Square and Providence Place Mall. I had success at both places. YOu just have to ask the guys/gals behind the grill to bring your food in back to cook up in a separate pan (once it is done they will bring it out front to you). Before going I emailed the corporate office and received a kind reply to do this and to ask your server which sauces are gluten-free. You can call the harvard location and talk to the manager just to feel better about it (I know I do even if people tell me a place is safe to eat!). Also there is The Elephant Walk in Cambridge and Boston that has a gluten-free menu (you can view it online), but they are pretty expensive...
  5. Got Really Sick This Afternoon

    Sorry for all the questions, but do you know if the Hershey mini bags of Kissables and Reeses Peices are gluten-free? I just bought two big bags of those (at 75% off!).. Thanks!
  6. The First Few Signs....

    I get those unbearable stomach/intestine pains sometimes too! Usually I am doubled over on the ground crying for about 8-10 hours...it is just awful! I don't always get those though..and I don't know what triggers that particular response??
  7. Got Really Sick This Afternoon

    Do you happen to know if the mini bags of M&M's (peanut butter ones) are gluten-free? Thanks!!!
  8. The First Few Signs....

    I have been gluten-free for almost three years and still get varying symptoms when I get glutened! To the point where it is hard to tell if I have been glutened or just have a stomach bug and or sinus headache?? Last weekend I ate out at a restaurant. This entire week I have had the exact symptoms you describe....unbelievable tiredness, terrible headaches, and extreme brain fog. But no real stomach symptoms. Usually my stomach symptoms are the worst... I strongly believe I got "glutened"....my body just feels all over "weird"..... 5 days later and still feeling it
  9. Go to the website http://www.bellandevans.com The ingredients should be listed on there, and if not you can contact the company!
  10. I definitely get different reactions. Sometimes I get the most awful awful awful stomach cramps...I feel like someone is stabbing me in the intestines and stomach. Those can last for hours too! Other times I have just gotten D, headaches, and feel VERY lethargic for days. I have no idea why sometimes I get those awful cramps. They are just dreadful. I have not purposely consumed gluten, so any of my "glutenings" have been some kind of cross contamination from eating out or from a product that produces gluten on the same lines (Frito Lay for example). Obviously I am very sensitive!
  11. Rancho Chico In Plainville, Ma 11/4?

    It was great. I had chicken fajitas and they were very good! So far I feel no symptoms of getting sick and I usually would feel it by now....so I think it was a succesful adventure eating out! The place was very quiet at that time of day and it seemed the only people there were there for the gluten-free menu. Hopefully this means they will continue to provide gluten-free food to us safely and eventually add more options (there were probably only 6 or 7 gluten-free menu items). Hopefully you have as much success!
  12. I went to the mexican restaurant Rancho Chico (part of GFRP) in Plainville, MA this past Saturday around 1:00pm. They handed me an special gluten-free menu that was large and obviously different than the regular menu. Walking around the restaurant I noticed many other tables also had the gluten-free menu. Of course I wondered if anyone there was a member on this forum! Anyone else here go there on Sat? Just wondering
  13. I find it at the grocery store in the aisle with the cannisters of parmesan cheese...they are right next to the Kraft Parmesan Cheese cans... The cans are somewhat small...3 oz..... I buy a couple at a time!
  14. I like them too! I think a lot of people have posted that they use them for a "graham cracker" crust... As they are not too sweet they won't be overpowering! I agree... butter, chocolate and pb will make anything tasty!