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  1. Just updating this in case anyone comes along searching for a similar thing at a later date. My daughter's blood results were very strongly positive, and I asked the paediatrician if you can have positive bloods and negative biopsy. He said with strongly positive blood results he's never seen a subsequent biopsy be negative. (And he was right with my daughter, because her biopsy was 'strongly positive' too).
  2. I posted here a little while ago with my 3 year old daughter's symptoms, asking if they sounded familiar to anyone here and what I should do if her blood results came up negative. She had her blood tests 2 weeks ago, and today we got a call from the hospital saying they'd come back strongly positive! My daughter is already having a hernia operation so the two surgeons have agreed a date and brought the operation forward to the first date they could both do (mid-Oct) so she can have the endo and biopsies done at the same time. Over here, she is entitled to gluten free foods on prescription, but only if she's confirmed as celiac by biopsy. My question is, if she has strongly positive bloods, is there a chance she could still have a negative biopsy? I've read that there can be patchy damage, so it can be missed and give a false negative result. Is that likely with a strong positive blood test? If they do get negative biopsies, would that mean they'd say she doesn't have celiac? I'm confused about what a strong positive bloods and negative biopsy would mean, and whether she could still qualify for prescribed foods with a negative biopsy. Positive bloods + positive biopsy = definite celiac. Positive bloods + negative biopsy = ...? Thank you again for any and all help! Zalie.
  3. Thank you for your replies. My daughter has just turned 3, so I would guess that the tests aren't going to be amazingly accurate for her then. She's going through a not eating phase again (she's always been very disinterested in food) so am trying to get some gluten into her every day and encouraging her to eat what she wants so that she actually does eat something each day! At the moment, what she wants is small amounts of dry bread, steamed vegetables, fruit, cheese, plain pasta and a cup of milk, with the occasional cracker or cookie. So basically, all she's eating is gluten, fruit & veg and dairy! Is there a test for dairy intolerance? If there is, I don't want to cut it out of her diet until we've seen the GI in early Sept, just in case he orders tests that would pick it up. There's definitely something going on with her, but the swing from permanently mushy poop (2 or 3 times per night) to constipation and hard stools once a day has had me baffled. I'm just hoping that the GI is willing to listen to us, and not just try to send us away with a prescription for a laxative! Fingers crossed...
  4. We've got an appointment to see a paed GI in early september and, as my daughter won't be having any bloods taken until after she's seen him, we don't know whether she has celiac or not yet. She's always had mushy poop - very messy and often escaping from her nappy at night. For the past 6 weeks we've been giving her a gluten-free probiotic yoghurt drink every day, and now she's gone from being mushy to constipated. She still goes almost every day, but her poop is now ranging from tiny rabbit pellets to huge rock hard stools. What have I done? Has anyone else had a similar experience with probiotics? I don't know if this is a step towards getting better and she'll gradually develop 'normal' stools, or if I am just making things worse. I've stopped the probiotic drinks as of a week ago, but she's still having the hard poop issues despite that. The bloating after food and all the other 'celiac type' problems remain, but we've switched from mushy poop to hard poop, and I'm not sure if I've made her worse, and why the probiotics would do that? She has dairy every day already, so I can only guess it's the actual probiotic part of the drink that's caused the problem, rather than the yoghurt. I'll obviously be discussing this with the Paed GI when we see him, but was wondering if anyone else had come across a similar problem when introducing probiotic drinks? Thank you very much for any input and advice.
  5. Thank you so much for your replies. Very interesting to read other people's experiences and especially to see that other children are having the same symptoms my daughter is! 50% of me is expecting the tests to come back negative, and the other 50% is growing more and more convinced that it could indeed be celiac. Although my mom radar is telling me that something's not right, the vagueness of her symptoms has been making me second guess myself for a while, so reading your replies and others on this site has helped me clarify my thoughts that there is something going on that needs investigating. I think, if the tests do come back negative, that I'm going to have to push very hard to get any further tests done. The vibes I've got already from the locum doctor are that it's either celiac or 'just how she is', and from everything I've been reading on here, how she is right now isn't 'normal' at all. And although obviously I don't want her to have celiac at all, I do want to know what's causing all these symptoms and resolve them, you know? Hopefully the doctors will be willing to listen and take my concerns seriously...
  6. No, she's not been tested for anything so far. We've just reached the 'okay, we've given it some time, it's not resolving by itself, let's look into it' stage with the doctors, so the celiac test/anaemia tests are the first ones. How did you discover the food allergies your child has?
  7. My daughter is just over 3 years old, and is having the following symptoms: Mushy poop – like Weetabix soaked in milk. Often leak out of nappies, frequently to the extent have to shower her off & change all her bedding. Very smelly poop ‘Wee’ potty trained easily. Not poop potty trained at all, and is very anxious about it because of the tummy pain. Constipation – at least once a month Thin hair – thickening now, but bald until about 2 Extremely smelly flatulance in really excessive amounts Belly flattish at start of day before eating, and often noticeably much larger by the evening Very poor appetite – has to be coaxed/reminded to eat food Pale complexion with dark shadows under eyes Very prone to being tearful/having dramas about things (but she is 3!) Petite child – 25th centile Light/restless sleeper ‘Itchy bottom’ & complains of ‘pain inside’ at times Dry skin, and is always absent mindedly scratching Eczema She also had bad silent reflux as a baby, and refused to eat any solid foods until 13 months old (saw a Ped, he wasn’t concerned as long as she ate before 18 months). When she actually started eating solids, her weight gain then remained pretty static for about 6 months before she picked up and started gaining weight well again. We’ve got an appointment for blood tests for celiac, anaemia and general infections next week. My mother and aunt both have diagnosed celiac (diagnosed as adults), and there’s a ton of milk intolerances/allergies across my side of the family. I have IBS and am prone to mouth ulcers and cracked corners of the mouth, which I’ve read can be celiac symptoms, but I had a blood test about 12 years ago when my mom was diagnosed and tested negative for celiac back then. My worry is: what happens if the blood tests come back negative? Where should I go from there? I don’t think my daughter is desperately ill, but I do think that there’s something going on with her, you know? The locum GP I saw said that, if the tests came back negative, then perhaps my daughter just needs more vegetables and more sleep! I know that’s not going to be the answer, as she sleeps a long time and eats loads of fruit and veg, but I don’t know where I should go next? I'm just concerned - does this sound like celiac in a young child, and if it turns out not to be celiac, then what is it??? Do her symptoms ring any bells with anyone here as to what might be going on with her? Who should we see and what should we do, if we do get a negative test result? Thank you very much! Any and all help is gratefully received!