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  1. Heh... well I'm new here and hoping I can meet with others knowing the same struggle I've been dealing with. I live in the mountains, and am currently in another doctor-related struggle. Technically I was diagnosed with a blood test, and since being on a gluten-free diet for half a year (at the time), my blood results only proved that I had gotten rid of the gluten in my system. Now a new specialist for some reason is doing genetic testing and well, I haven't even gotten the results back yet. But I don't think it would matter. Considering I've had cross contamination on multiple accounts... this just proves I do have it. But the struggle lies to be dealt with. Along with Celiac, I have a horrible anxiety problem. Panic attacks at any little thing and for what reason, I'll never know. And with times being hard enough, I cannot work. I do still live with my parents, although I am 20 years old now. And they've been my biggest support through everything. I was hoping by perhaps making some penpals here, perhaps it can help me feel more comfortable with Celiac Disease. I'd love to hear about others stories and how they cope/coped with it and so on. So please feel free to message me. : )