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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed in the fall 2010 and my family all got tested. My dad and sister were negative, but my mom just found out she is positive. Her blood test was very positive and she is having the endoscopy in June. She has 0 symptoms and is 63 years old. She is in COMPLETE SHOCK!
  2. Hello- I was dx'd back in fall 2010 and I told everyone in my family to get get tested. My sister and dad were negative and my mom just found out she is positive. She will have the endoscopy in a couple weeks, but her blood tests were very high. She has 0 symptoms and the Dr also did other blood work and all her iron/nutrient levels were normal. How is that possible to have celiac at 63 and have no symptoms and all normal blood work? Anyone else get dx'd later in life?
  3. Cleaning Up Gluten Crumbs

    That wouldn't bother me, but I guess everyone is different. I clean up bread crumbs all the time with no issues.
  4. I did, my Dr told me it is the gold standard for diagnosis (even after the very positive blood test). I really didn't want to have it done, but it ended up not being a big deal at all.
  5. If you have no symptoms, how often do you get blood work done or see your GI or primary Dr regarding celiac?
  6. Shrimp Cocktail?

    I always eat shrimp cocktail- that is one of my safe foods at parties!
  7. Hair Products

    I didn't change any shampoos or conditioners and my blood test after 6 months was normal. I just changed lipstick.
  8. Why Are Cosmetics So Frustrating?

    I know these lipsticks are gluten-free- Benefit, Laura Mercier, and most of Estee Lauder. Also, Oil of Olay moisturizer is gluten-free too. I didn't change mascara or anything else. Lipstick is the only thing I would ingest possibly.
  9. I lost weight. I didn't eat any of the gluten-free cookies or cakes or processed foods really (except the pretzels and those rice crackers). I lost about 7 lbs. I started eating more vegetables and chicken and fish. Also, I added a lot of fruit in place of stuff I was eating with gluten for snacks. I think for me it made me think about more what I was putting in my mouth and I tried eating healthier too. I miss eating cookies and stuff, but the gluten-free ones had way more calories than regular so I just ditched them completely.
  10. Starbucks is my favorite, but I also love 8 o'clock vanilla & hazelnut flavored
  11. My My TTG-IGA AB was over 100 and I was Marsh 3
  12. Left ribcage pain was my main symptom. I've been gluten-free since 9/1/10 and it is definitely better, but I still get the pain sometimes.
  13. My only celiac symptom is that exact pain you describe, except mine is on the left side. I had CT scans, U/S, XRAYs, tons of blood work and then finally a year later a rheumatologist did the celiac panel and it was positive. I was told by many different doctors I had costochondritis. Good luck!