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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have Elana's Almond Flour Cookbook. I made the pancakes this morning for the second time. (I use Honeyville Blanched Almond Four, NOT meal.) The first time, they were super runny and they got super dark. This time I added 1/4 c. extra almond flour, which helped a little. Still, they came out really dark. They don't taste burned but they look burned. Is that the grapeseed oil? Anyone had this happen and figured out how to fix the problem? Your help would be appreciated. I think these are the most nutritious (and second best tasting) gluten-free pancakes I've learned to make and my kids LOVE them, so I'd like to figure out how to perfect making them. Thanks in advance.
  2. Celiac In Las Vegas, Nv

    Thanks everybody! I appreciate the help. I'll check the gluten-free Registry and try out these places and I'll check back to see if anyone thinks of anything else.
  3. My brother in law has CP and pancreatic cancer right now. I don't know if you can get access to an oncologist. CP sometimes leads to P Cancer. Not to scare you, but that is one cancer you do NOT want to miss. I don't know much about the interplay of celiac and CP but I've wondered. My brother in law is my celiac son's blood related uncle so the CP is something I watch out for anyway. With so many undiagnosed celiacs, I'm wondering if my brother in law has been tested for that, not to make this all about me and mine. I hope you can get good care. I know this is rhetorical but why do so many Americans want a health care system like yours, where you have to fight like this for fairly mainstream testing??? My heart goes out to you and I wish you and your husband answers and improved health.
  4. Anyone live in Las Vegas, NV? My son is the resident celiac in our house and we are all gluten-free to avoid cc and in solidarity AND I have IBS and so the gluten-free diet helps me, yada, yada, yada. The only place we've eaten out is In'n'Out, which went well. I'm terrified that despite gluten-free menus there will be cc because people just don't understand. Any advice on some reliable places in Las Vegas?
  5. The Eco Planet oatmeal proclaims to be gluten-free but I'm getting cold feet about it because I don't think it is made with Irish oats. I have been told all American grown oats are contaminated by wheat and the crops are grown side by side and if that contamination weren't enough, that it then gets contaminated by being processed on the same shared equipment. Can anyone let me know if you have done okay on this oatmeal or if you know the scoop on this issue? Thanks so much.
  6. Store-Bought Bread?

    The Trader Joes on the west coast only have Food For Life bread and it feels like a brick. I know. I checked yesterday. Their gluten-free list online sYs they have more, including gluten-free bagels on the east coast. So there you go. Apparently we west coasters don't like bagels??? Grrr...oh well, they do have the best olive hummus around and so I guess I will work on forgiveness for the little bagel issue.
  7. 'pigs In A Blanket'

    What the heck is chebe???
  8. I'm walking my first half marathon in a few months. I'm in good shape - I can currently walk 6 miles in 90 minutes and I crosstrain - zumba, bodypump and yoga. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with this and has any advice on supplements, training or anything else I might not think of? I'm 38, I have a small frame and I'm not trying to gain or lose weight. Well, a couple of pounds wouldn't hurt anything.... The climate will be starting the race in the 40s, ending around 60 degrees. There is a 4-hour time limit.
  9. You could also try to see an IBD specialist. Blood in the stool often indicates the possibility of IBD...and the likelihood of having both is not as small as you would think.
  10. I don't have it in front of me but Peter Bronski, I believe. And, by the way, the cookies are absolutely incredible.
  11. No - Bake Seeded Fruit Snack

    As long as I have the ear of someone who sounds seriously knowledgeable on the subject of the glycemic index and sweeteners, what do you mean that honey could be lower GI than agave? I thought the whole major advantage to agave was that it was lower GI. Are there different kinds of agave that are different on the GI? And what kind of honey could be even lower? Please share. I'm not formally educated on this stuff but I try to stay up to date and this is news to me. I'm listening. I'll check back in the morning.
  12. Hi guys. I made these again this morning and panicked after I poured the batter onto the griddle because I had forgotten to add the melted butter! I held my breath as I fed them to my kids and ate one myself. Would you believe they were still great??? I'd say they were missing a little depth of flavor but I think the texture was even better (less dense, more fluffy) without the butter. I might try half of what the recipe calls for next time. I do put down some Earth Balance (Trader Joe's version of Smart Balance, which, by the way, tastes even better than Smart Balance) on the griddle and let them sizzle a little in that, so that could have made up a little for the left-out butter. I am making the chocolate chip cookie recipe from this cookbook today, using the same artisinal flour mix so I will come back and post . . . in case anyone cares how it is!
  13. No - Bake Seeded Fruit Snack

    Hmmmmm . . . I really despise even the idea of corn syrup but your recipe looks amazing. Think I could use something else? Agave? Is there a way to thicken agave so it has the consistency of corn syrup? Something else I might not know of? Maybe something else lower on the glycemic index? Again, your recipe is gorgeous and I'm sure I'm the extreme minority but I'm really affected by corn syrup - instant headache and nausea - I am pretty sure it is just the sugar because I do fine with plain frozen/fresh corn - so I would love to try to make it with something lower on the GI.
  14. No - Bake Seeded Fruit Snack

    Sounds awesome! What is golden syrup?
  15. I'm kind of mortified. I was repulsed earlier today when I had one tonight of these fresh from the oven. My daughter (4) insisted they were good so my hubby had one tonight and said they were fine. So I had another bite and I admit they weren't nearly as bad as I had remembered. I still wouldn't call them good. But earlier today I swear they tasted like veggies. That taste was gone. Is it possible that was because I didn't cool them long enough or something? Anyway, I'm really kind of embarrassed because I slammed them so hard and they aren't THAT bad. So someone else should make them and opine. 