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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Diabetes Test

    Does anyone know if the stuff you have to drink for the 25 week diabetes test during pregnancy is gluten free?
  2. People Who Think It's So Easy....

    Co-workers can be the worst. One of my coworkers brought in these amazing looking homemade cinnamon rolls with frosting. I'm telling you, they smelled like heaven. I put up with walking past them for a day and then the next day when he offered me one, I told him thanks, but that I couldn't. (One of my other coworkers chimed in that she "couldn't" have one, either, because of her Weight Watchers, so she knew exactly how I felt). Anyway, the first coworker was going on and on about how I should just try the frosting, because it didn't have gluten. I tried to explain to him that it was impossible that it didn't since it was actually touching the gluten filled roll, but he would have none of it. I finally tried a little bit just to shut him up... and I got sick. Imagine that! I should've stayed strong and refused to eat it!
  3. I'm Miserable. :-(

    Thanks everyone! I did call the OB and the nurse told me to stop the Zofran and start Unisom and B6. I think I'm just so upset about it all because I was so relieved/excited to think there was something to help (the Zofran) and then come to find out.. it doesn't help! This is my first child, so all of this is new to me. I think another thing that is hard is that I was feeling so bad for so long with undiagnosed Celiac, and then I started the diet and started feeling great... and then I immediately got pregnant and it was back to feeling crappy again (worse then before!). Eating actually makes me feel better WHILE I'm eating, but as soon as I'm done I feel 10x worse than before. I did make an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, so hopefully she'll have some ideas. Thanks again for being so supportive, helpful!
  4. I'm Miserable. :-(

    I've been pretty much sick 24/7 since getting pregnant. Normally, I don't feel too terrible until around 2:30 pm, and then just go downhill from there. I have almost constant nausea. I have something going on in my throat/chest (heartburn?) where it feels like I have to burp but can't. Like a lump in my throat. It's almost like anxiety... I don't know. The doctor gave me a prescription of Odansetron for the nausea... now I feel like I've gotten worse, if anything. I've felt horribly sick all day today, rather than being okay in the morning and getting sicker in the afternoon. Last night I didn't sleep at all. My heart was racing so fast I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room. Does anyone know any coping strategies. I'm so upset... worried that I'm going to be one of those people who are sick the entire pregnancy. I'm just over 9 weeks pregnant right now.
  5. Vitamin D, Pregnancy, Schizophrenia

    I'm almost 31 and pregnant with my first child. My doctor wants me to take additional Vitamin D, but I was deficient in Vitamin D prior to getting pregnant. Talk to your doctor... he or she will be able to guide you down the right path.
  6. Infertility

    My husband and I tried for about a year without success and then a couple of weeks after I found out I had Celiac and switched my diet... I got pregnant. It may just be coincidence... I'm not sure. BUT I would advise one thing: get a handle on your new diet before getting pregnant. I'm 8 weeks pregnant and feeling quite depressed/upset about all the things I can't eat. I'm still getting used to eating gluten-free, and having to be extra careful because of the baby. Very stressful!
  7. Upset With Culvers

    The only restaurant in my town that has anything gluten free on their menu is Culvers. Whenever friends want to go out to eat, that's where we go, and I have the same thing: chicken cashew salad. Sometimes I have the frozen custard for dessert. I was just diagnosed with celiac the beginning of last month, so I'm still adjusting to things like giving restaurants instructions on cross contamination. The first time I ordered custard, the employees were very nice and washed off a scoop to use when I explained to them why I couldn't eat the ice cream if they used the ones sitting in the water (the "flavor of the day" always has gluten, and the scoops are used in both kinds). Well, the second time I went to Culvers, I explained (nicely) that I needed them to use a fresh scoop for my ice cream. The girl at the counter looked at me and said in an irritated voice, "Those are all the scoops we have." I asked if she could please wash one off, and told her that's what they did the last time I was in. She seriously rolled her eyes at me and just stared at me. I said, "nevermind!" and started to walk away. Well... I decided I didn't deserve to be treated like that just because I have an illness, so I asked to speak with her manager. The manager proceeded to go over to her and listen to her whine BEFORE he ever came over to talk to me. I felt this was inappropriate and he should've talked to me first, then gotten her story. At any rate, I explained to him what I wanted and what had happened, and he told me she just didn't understand what I was asking for. I told him that she rolled her eyes at me. He told me that was just her "panicked face," and that she was new, so she didn't understand a whole lot. I said she'd better get a better panicked face, because she was going to upset a lot of people by rolling her eyes at them! He gave me a free dish of ice cream but I just felt embarassed by the whole thing. I HATE drawing attention to myself and having to be so specific and insistent when I order. The next day, we went to Perkins and I didn't even bother giving specific instructions... I just tried to order things I thought were gluten free, but of course I ended up getting glutened. I haven't been out to eat since. Sorry to be so lengthy... I just really needed to vent.
  8. Wow, thanks for all the helpful advice! I had my first appointment today with the nurse practitioner. Guess what? She eats wheat free! She had some good advice on food (including bread that isn't yucky!). It was really exciting that she not only knew what celiac disease was, but choses to eat wheat free and therefore knows somewhat of the limitations I have in finding meals. I've been eating a lot of veggies and fruit... and "comfort" food like mashed potatoes, ham, meatloaf, etc. does actually sound good. My mom's coming to visit this weekend and she's making me a ham dinner tonight. :-) Yay! My hubby is fantastic... but is just learning how to cook and things like that. He's really good at following instructions, though. I'm sure he'll be glad for things to do to help out that aren't as complicated as a full blown meal. I've been cooking "dual meals" for us (my little bro lives with us as well) (e.g. spaghetti with rice noodles for me, regular noodles for them) so that's a concern. I just am afraid they won't be careful enough to avoid cross contamination, so I usually end up doing it myself. I really need to start utilizing this forum more fully because I didn't realize I could eat things like ham, bacon and sausage... I simply had it in my mind that processed in any way = bad. I'm REALLY excited to add some breakfast sausage to my eggs... I do love scrambled eggs a lot!
  9. So, hubby and I had been casually trying (whatever happens, happens) for a year or so to have a baby, and I didn't really think much about it after I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and started a gluten-free diet. Well... turns out I got pregnant almost immediately after going gluten free! I'm having some issues now because I have weird heartburn-like symptoms (I've never really had heartburn before... so I'm not totally sure that's what it is). Basically, I feel like there's a lump in my throat... almost like I'm anxious or something. Rolaids and 7-up or ginger ale sometimes helps... sometimes not. My biggest issue is that I feel full ALL the time. Nothing (at least nothing gluten free) sounds good to me at all. I know I have to eat for the baby... but gosh everything is just so unappetizing. The only things that I even remotely enjoyed eating since getting pregnant are spaghetti (rice noodles) and scrambled eggs. I recently went out to eat with friends and there was this gluten-filled biscuit platter (with sausage gravy & eggs and all the trimmings) that I wanted SO BAD. I had to fight with myself to not order it. I think a big problem is that I want convenient things. I have zero energy right now and so preparing a gluten-free meal just doesn't sound like a good idea. I really need to find some quick meals I can make... so I can get my appetite back! I have also been having constipation since getting pregnant. It's probably contributing to the really full feeling I've been having. It's tempting to eat a yummy gluten-filled meal just so I could go to the bathroom... but I know that wouldn't be good for me or the baby.
  10. Gluten/celiac And Anxiety.

    I have bipolar disorder, so obviously there's some preexisting issues with me. However, my bipolar symptoms got progressively worse along with my other gluten induced symptoms. Same goes for my ADHD symptoms. I found myself horribly unable to concentrate or remember the smallest details.. and I used to pride myself on my strong work ethic and attention to details. I'm slowly gaining this back after almost a month gluten free... but it takes time. I think it definitely will take longer than a week off gluten to see true results. However, there is no real substitute for counseling. IMO, everyone could benefit from it.
  11. I think I've narrowed down the "trigger" to my celiac disease to a couple of related events. My symptoms really started coming on strong following a pretty difficult breakup with my boyfriend of 7 years. BUT, also following that breakup (pre Celiac symptoms), I relapsed in my anorexia (I'd had a few minor bouts with it earlier, but nothing so severe as what I did post-breakup). I ate very little and lost over 50 pounds in a very short period of time. Has anyone else heard of/experienced anorexia as a trigger for setting of Celiac Disease symptoms? Just curious. On a positive note, Celiac Disease has been fantastic for my anorexia issues. Previously I had no idea how to "diet" (eat healthy/right). When I got too fat, the temptation to starve myself would be very strong. It was all or nothing: eat a lot of crappy foods or eat hardly anything at all. I'm now finding the motivation to be able to eat healthily and in moderation without resorting to starvation.
  12. Grief

    I was only very recently diagnosed, so I think I'm still in the "honeymoon stage." I haven't experienced too many moments where I've been overly angry/upset... but I'm sure they will come. I definitely have times when I realize I can't have [fill in the blank] that I used to adore... I'm sure the grief stage will come... but I'm very glad to have found this community full of people who truly understand! What I'm doing in this early stage that helps is having fun discovering all the awesome things I can cook. Me.. who used to live of processed foods... I'm creating wonderful meals for my husband and brother. If I'm compromising and making both a gluten free meal with gluten-full side dishes for the guys, I always give a cheerful lecture on not contaminating the gluten free dishes. :-) We joke about it.. but all know that it is serious. They both have been very careful so far. I think keeping it lighthearted helps! As far as the OP's friends... perhaps they are trying to be sensitive to your grief by not including you on food-centered events? Maybe organize a dinner party of your own and serve yummy gluten free food? If they are close friends that you don't mind sharing with, sit them down and explain that, while sometimes it is difficult for you to be around the foods you used to enjoy, their friendship is more important. Tell them that, while you know they mean well by excluding you, it hurts more to be excluded then to "face the foods." Someone else posted that the mere sight of a gluten filled food makes them ill... I've been experiencing a similar reaction and that's where I'm venting my anger. I walked through the baking aisle at the grocery store and had to giggle at an image that popped into my mind of me with a little laser gun pointing it at all the flour saying, "Die, ebil gluten food!" LOL! Joking aside, I'm not at all shy about talking about Celiac Disease. My life has always pretty much been an open book and this is no different. Just about everyone I know and see on a semi-regular basis knows I have Celiac (as do all of my FB friends). I do try to keep it lighthearted... trying to be cheery when I say, "Nope, I can't have that! Can't have that! Can't have that, either!" We recently had a community meal at church and I went up to the cook and asked them specifically what they'd put on the grilled chicken and if anything had been grilled with it. I made him smile when I said, "Well, Yay! I can have that!"
  13. Cramps With Campbell Soup?

    My reactions are sometimes a bit delayed... usually the next day if I've slipped up and eaten gluten. Aside from that... your stomach could be protesting the lack of "real" food within the past 24 hours. You said you had the following: campbells soup-tomatoe cream (has gluten) gluten free potato chips corn chips and salsa, (chips possibly have gluten if manufactured along with other chips, plus "corn" chips sometimes contain grains other than corn dove chocolate yoplait yogurt (plain or flavored) starbucks cofee w milk (again, was it flavored? sweetened with anything?) deli meat (I'm new at this, but was under the impression that deli meat contained gluten?) cheese (what kind of cheese? processed cheese may have gluten apple So... you potentially had a lot of gluten. Plus, your body didn't really get anything of substance, no real "meal" within a 24 hour period. I've only recently been diagnosed and am still learning, but I am taking this as an opportunity to improve my overall eating habits and diet. I'm trying to eat right... and to me that is more than just being gluten free.
  14. My grandma has never been tested for Celiac Disease but she has similar symptoms as I did pre-diagnosis. She has had colon cancer in the past... not sure if it's related at all, though.
  15. New And Slightly Overwhelmed!

    Thanks for all the ideas (and the support!). My in-laws are being super cool... which is really nice because things have not always been peach keen between us. Maybe this diagnosis will bring us together. I'm just having to rein them in a bit because they're so gung ho about helping... I haven't caught up with them yet! I'm trying to start small and ease my way into things (I'm completely off gluten, but am just eating a few basic foods right now until I get the hang of things). I'm going to definitely use this as motivation to get off the processed crap and start eating right. I'm sure my family (hubby and brother) will be very excited to have homecooked meals all the time. I am no stranger to cooking... but I'm usually just so darn busy that I don't have time. Now, I'll just have to make time. My mom, on the other hand, keeps encouraging me to cheat. She's like "Oh, I don't think you have to be that careful!" when I try to explain about cross-contamination. I'm actually trying to convince her to get tested herself... she's got a lot of the same issues as I do, plus fibromyalgia and diverticulitis (sp?). Thyroid issues also run in my family.