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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. 18 Weeks Pregnant B-12 Very Low

    Hi, Thanks for your great responses. I finally talked to OB who was not very nice at all. She said well obviously you need B12 injections but my office doesn't do them so figure it out. I was so outraged! Told her I needed a referral for high risk and she said fine! So I called my GI Dr who gave me a B12 injection yesterday and I will take them every other day for 2 weeks and retest and see what is happening. He was not as concerned with the vitamin D. I will see the high risk Dr tomorrow and see what they think. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Ladies, I am 18w1d and had labs drawn last week to check vitamin levels. I found out today that my B12 level is extremely low and my vitamin D level is 31 when 30-100 is normal. I am really stressed out about the B12 and my OB doesn't seem to get why I am insistent on more monitoring. I have been Celiac my who life I believe but diagnosed 1 year ago. I had to insist OB even do these tests as she felt they were unnecessary. I have asked to be referred to a high risk OB/perinatoligist(sp?. Anyone have these issues? What happened? Thanks Lindsay
  3. Having Surgery

    Hi Everyone, I have not posted in a while but I read all the posts..... Just found out I have to have a lump removed from my breast. I am really worried about the medications that will be given to me. Do any of you have a list of questions to ask the doctors to ensure that I will not get glutened in addition to the surgery. I really appreciate any advice. Thanks Lindsay
  4. Realization About My Celiac

    I actually take offense to this comment. Avoiding Gluten for me is NOT the same as CHOOSING to follow a vegetarian diet (which I do btw). The cross contamination that occurs due to gluten makes me extremely ill! Constructive comments are always welcome but comments should be factual, in my opinion. Thank you to all the others for your support! We have not had any gluten in the house since Thursday and I am already feeling better!
  5. More Thanksgiving Blues

    Hey Shauna, I am SO Sorry Thanksgiving Day wasn't a happy one! Next year you guys should come to my house! Everything I served was gluten-free... I know it wouldn't have helped you because of your severe restrictions BUT the kids wouldn't have to look at others eating "normal" food! I made an awesome Pumpkin cheesecake! We really need to get together soon! If y need to talk let me know I am around! Hugs, Lindsay
  6. So after being gluten free for 3 and a half months, I have come to the point of realization that my husband needs to go gluten free. I feel better than I use to but still feel sick a lot! I just cannot handle having gluten in the house. I feel guilty making him stop but I'm miserable. Are any of your spouses gluten free because of your celiac. Any suggestions so he doesn't feel deprived? Thanks Lindsay
  7. Need Advice About Medication

    Thanks everyone. After over 3 hours on the phone, my insurance company approved it! I can't believe they finally caved. I got a representative who understood celiac. I am so disappointed in the US healthcare system. Thanks again for all of your advice. Lindsay
  8. Hi Everyone, I haven't been on in a while, but need your help now....I was given a RX for Zofran from my PCP. She wrote on the RX Please only substitute IF no gluten components, pt has Celiac. Well I went to pick up RX and the generic has gluten. So I assume they have the original (non Generic), they do BUT it is $800.00 That is for about 1 months worth! NO WAY can I afford that. I called my insurance and the representative told me I was acting like a spoiled brat and should just take what they will give me "you will be Fine". I still filed the appeal, but it will take 6-8 weeks for them to make a decision. What makes me the most angry is that it isn't even an MD that reviews the appeal its a Pharmacy Tech! Yea they know more than an MD right? Has anyone ever dealt with this? Any advice? Thanks so much for any and all help! Lindsay
  9. Very Depressed, Suggestions....

    Thanks Guys.... Today has been a better day... I spoke with my husband and let him read your comments. He has really made an effort this weekend to not make a big deal of eating around me. I also explored a few new options at the grocery store, so hopefully I will start to be able to eat a little more. I figured out that I am not getting very much protein, especially because I am a vegetarian and have been my whole life. I am going to make a follow up appointment with my doctor to check on the deficiencies many of you mentioned. Thanks for giving me hope, I intend to become an active part of this community... I hope you will continue to include me. Thanks Again.... Lindsay
  10. Hi Everyone.... I posted an intro last week after being diagnosed. I am really struggling today with feeling really depressed and like their is no chance of ever leading a normal life again. This diagnosis and new eating style is ruining my relationship with my brand new husband, I resent whenever he eats anything in front of me. I also get super angry when he touches any of my gluten free stuff ie: pots and pans, cooking area... I have one tiny spot in our house and he cannot even stay away from it. I just feel like crying all the time, actually I a crying right now. I don't know how to get over this feeling. I am constantly feeling light headed and weak, like how I use to feel when I didn't eat enough, but I don't know what else to eat so I feel full. I'm just really struggling.... DO any of you have any great words of wisdom for me, suggestions anything to make me feel better? Thanks, Lindsay
  11. Grief

    I came on here to write the exact same post! I obviously don't have an advice, but if you need a venting partner, I am willing to listen as long as I can vent back Hang in there! Lindsay
  12. Just Diagnosed, Questions Inside Post

    Thanks so much for all your help! Tonight Bill and I made a trip to buy new stuff.... new strainer, rice cooker, cutting board, pot, plates and serving utensils... Good thing Ross and Target have deals...... Then we went to the store where I bought lots of fresh veggies..... Had a delicious dinner of veggies and rice. Made me feel a lot better about things. Thanks again for all the suggestions! look forward to getting to know all of you. Lindsay
  13. Hello.... My name is Lindsay, I am 30 years old. I am newly married ( 3 weeks ago). I live with my husband, Bill and our 2 dogs in Tucson AZ. I am starting law school this coming week. I was diagnosed with Celiac's this morning after finally having enough of the pain and allergic reactions, that I have suffered with my whole life. I cannot remember a time in my life that my stomach has not caused me problems. I am relieved to finally have a reason for all my problems, but scared to face the reality of this diagnosis. In response to the diagnosis, I have several questions, any answers and suggestions would be appreciated... Is it really necessary to get new pots and pans and plates and silverware? What if any books have been lifesavers while dealing with this disease? How long were you gluten free before feeling relief? If you have children, did you have trouble conceiving? Do any of your family members also suffer from Celiac's? That's all for now.... Thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to forming relationships with all of you. Lindsay
  14. is brand new......