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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I love alternative treatments, but I do not like unsubstatiated ones. If this guy was so into this theaputic approach (if it can be called that) then he would have massive research to prove this is legit. IMO, this is an attempt to get hits on his web site. It seems that this guy just goes around posting this nonsence in a whole bunch of forums for people with dibilitating illness...it's simply predatory. I would hate to think people read this and get their hopes up. BTW I go to ASU and if you can give me a prof and department I would love for them to change my mind with some solid stats. ASU is a research school that needs statistical basis for such research. IMO, just remove the whole thread. Cheers, Christina
  2. I didn't realize that the labs differ so much. I added the ranges. celiac disease AB Panel, IGA IgA 352 (81-463mg/dL is in reference range) celiac disease panel AB panel,IGA(tTG) Ab, Iga <3 (<5 is negative, 5-8 is equivocal, >8 is positive) Giladin Ab IgA 37 H (<11 is negative, 11-17 is equivocal,>17 is positive) IgA 309 (81-463 mg/dL is in reference range) I understand that the giladin is high but what does that mean and should I have more tests?
  3. I reposted my results and the ranges below OK all, I got my labs back from the doc that told me I won't have symptoms until I am 40. I cant figure out what they mean, so here they are. celiac disease AB Panel, IGA IgA 352 celiac disease panel AB panel,IGA(tTG) Ab, Iga <3 Giladin Ab IgA 37 H IgA 309 I am hoping to find out which ones are out of range and what they each mean. Thanks for any help, Christina
  4. Hello All! This is so strange so I will start from the beginning. About three years ago I met a neighbor who had been going through doctor woes with her then one year old. Eventually she found out he had celiac disease. She then put herself on a gluten-free diet, felt better, and has been gluten-free ever since. I love to do research, so when she told me she and her son had celiac disease I instantly hit the medical college and began reading. I am in school so I took the chance to write a research paper on a topic relevant to my field. I mapped the physiological link between celiac disease and schizophrenia. So at this point I knew the symptoms and had a relatively good idea as to how prevalent this disease is. I started diagnosing people everywhere, it
  5. I finished my research and would be happy to e-mail my findings and refrences. Below is a link to a very significant study by William Eaton for the British Medical Journal. Thanks again for all the great ideas! Christina celiac disease and Schizophrenia
  6. Thank you so much for all of your help and support. I am now completing my research and will post a link to my findings. Again, you have all been so helpful. FYI I have a Mom, 3 sisters and a brother all with celiac disease (thats out of 12 kids and not all have been tested yet). After writing this research I am convinced testing for celiac disease should be universially accepted and preformed before age five. Thanks, Christina
  7. Thanks for the info, its great and coincides with what I have been researching. I think I may need to confer with a physiologist because I still don't understand what happens on a cellular level. Is seems quite confusing. Thanks again, Christina
  8. Sorry, my bad. Im just having a hard time with the physiology of celiac disease after it has damaged the villi. I know that malabsorbtion is a problem but I don't understand what is being tranfered past the gut wall to the t-cells and what they have to do with schizophrenia. I am sorry if this isn't clear but I really dont understand it myself. Also, if I have misunderstood the whole villi breaking part please correct me. Thanks, Christina
  9. I am currently doing reserch on gut permibility and shizophrenia.I don't quite understand the celular process after penetration of the mucosa. I would appriciate any help in getting a clear picture of the transition from anti-gliden to abnormality of the t-cell and the brain connection. Please keep in mind that I am Psych trained and not medical. Thanks for you time, Christina