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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Garlic Croutons

    Thanks, Peter. That certainly answers my questions and gives me a good recipe to boot!
  2. I have baked my Bob's Red Mill cornbread to make cubes for drying and toasting in the oven, but have forgotten what the oven temp. should be set at and for how long to toast them. Anyone remember?? Whoops!! That heading should have read TOASTing cornbread croutons.
  3. missy'smom: Thanks so much for your informative and helpful replies. I have looked at the link you provided and undertstand some of it, but will need more time to process more of it. My 105 reading was a fasting test and my doctor told me that I need to come in and have an AI test now. I believe that she is on top of this early, but I will not accept a diagnosis of diabetes without the other, more involved test. This was the first time my score has ever been at or over 100, although it's always hovered in the 90's. I do understand what the "white" food items do to blood sugar which is why I questioned my gluten-free starches/carbs which now seem to consist of white rice, tapioca flour, etc. Thanks again for all of your help.
  4. I'm not sure that I am posting in the correct forum or not, but...I have been gluten and dairy free for about 2 years now. I'm self-diagnosed as intolerant after having had a colon resection 4 yrs. ago and experiencing increasing difficulties since then. I've read a lot and educated myself a lot since that time and don't need a "certificate" to tell me what my body already knows. I cannot tolerate gluten & dairy products without bloating, horrid gas, diarrhea, and minimal cramping. My question is this: my blood test results are approaching the questionable range for diabetes (105 last week). I try to be pretty good about eating healthfully, but since switching from whole wheat/whole grains to gluten-free flours (even though some are whole grains), I wonder if this can account for this increase in my blood sugars and throw me then into diabetes? I know that I now eat too many carbs (I cook my own foods-not packaged stuff)especially when I don't have something cooked to eat...especially gluten-free bread. I am 69 years old with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, & arthritis (all well-controlled with meds) and I'm not obese although I could stand to lose 20-25 pounds. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  5. Thanks, again, RiceGuy for your thoughts and experience. I'll keep these things in mind when I try this recipe again. It really is good.
  6. Thanks, Rice Guy, I never dreamed that perhaps the bread was over-rising. I'll keep that in mind next time. Yes, that recipe has been used by many with great success, but I am new to breadmaking using all the various ingredients. Before this, I had always used the Bob Mills gluten-free multigrain bread mix, but found myself reacting recently to it for some reason. I had successfully used it for over 2 years and loved it. I also wondered about beating the dough. I will use my flat paddle again as I did the first time. The recipe calls for beating the dough for 3-4 minutes on medium. One person even mentioned beating hers on high for 5 minutes. How would beating it for too little or too much affect the dough? Could it have a bearing on my results? I will check my measuring cups also.
  7. I used the flat paddle last week when I tried my first loaf. The dough rose to the top, but lost height while baking and cooling. (It didn't fall) Today, I used the dough hook. What the heck is it for anyway? Made sense to me. Anyway, again the dough rose to the top and after about 45 min. rising, began to lose height. It continued to go down as it baked and consequently, my slices are only 2 inches high. It's smaller than the one I made last week. It's delicious, but what's wrong? Shouldn't it be taller than that? After all that work, all those ingredients, and cleaning up half the dishes in my kitchen, shouldn't there be a greater reward?
  8. Thanks for your thoughts. Next time, I'll check the weather!
  9. Last week I baked the flax bread that everyone has raved about. It was quite good, but I did not experience what I think should have been sufficient rising. Most people mention even going over the top of the pan. Mine did raise (somewhat unevenly) to the top of the pan, but during backing and cooling did shrink some. The middle of the bread was probably only 2 or 2 1/2 in. high. The sides were somewhat higher. My ingredients were room temp. and my yeast was new. I wonder about the beating. I used the flat beater from my Kitchen Aid mixer. Should I have used the other one to incorporate more air into the batter? Thanks for your experienced help.
  10. Help, please. I made this bread last week and it is delicious. However, it did not raise over the pan (as some have stated) and then shrunk after baking and taking out of the oven. It was probably 2 1/2 in. high. What am I doing wrong? My ingredients are room temp., yeast is new, etc. I beat it with my flat beater on my Kitchen Aid. Should I have used the other beater to incorporate more air into it? I'm making it again today and want it to be like everyone else experiences. Thanks.
  11. Lasgana

    I also use tofu to substitute for the cottage/ricotta cheeses. Works just fine and lets me continue to enjoy my lasagna.
  12. Nighttime "accidents"

    Yes, the "diapers" make a world of difference. You only have to clean yourself up rather than your surroundings. Thanks for the good wishes.
  13. Nighttime "accidents"

    Let me say that this problem really intensified 6-8 wks. ago. It was only occasional before then. My BM's were pretty normal before then (since my colon resection almost 3 yrs. ago.) Nothing has changed in my life and as far as meds, I've not changed anything. Most of them are generic and come from India, so it has been a dead-end trying to find out contents. I do not eat anything processed, cook my own foods, rarely eat out, have a dedicated toaster, and make my bread from Bob's Red Mill multi-grain mixes. I added dairy to my list of things to avoid probably 6 or 8 mos. ago when I determined that it was a problem, too. I'm wondering now if I need to look at soy. I am self-diagnosed through what I've experienced and learned. As I mentioned before, this sensitivity began during the year of 2007 after I had had a colon resection for repeated, serious episodes of ischemic colitis. Before that time, I had always had severe constipation. I had a blood test about a year ago which was negative (as I knew it would be because I wasn't consuming gluten). I know those tests are worthless anyway. I'm just kind of looking at this as my becoming more sensitive to the same things?? Before 6-8 wks. ago, I was pretty stable with my non-gluten and non-dairy lifestyle. I try to be careful with cc since my husband is not sensitive to gluten. I have not changed cosmetics or shampoos. I'm up very early this a.m. since I had to get up and clean myself up again. (Thank goodness for that "diaper.")I guess I'm to the point that maybe I need to go back to my GI doc. again to make sure nothing else is going on, but I realize that as far as sensitivites, I probably know more than he does. I guess one of my main questions, ravenwood glass, is did you/others experience the same symptoms of varying BM's (sometimes like mud, sometimes little pieces that float, just occasionally sometimes frothy but not light in color, and accidents at night? Is this normal given the gluten/dairy intolerances? Thanks for your interest and help.
  14. Nighttime "accidents"

    I've never heard of these products. Where would you find them? And tell me more about celiac conferences. Where do you find those? Thanks for your information and interest.