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  1. There is no fever involved. I want to rule out as many issues as I can before I take him to a pediatrician. But I had not thought of hernia or parasites. That's definitely something to think about.
  2. My six year old son has had nausea for about 3 weeks. He says he feels like he will throw up, but never does. He eats, but usually not very much at one time because it makes him feel sick. He has 2 siblings who have had gluten issues in the past, so that made me think he may, too. He's had no gluten for 3 days, but still feels nauseous after he's taken several bites of anything. With his siblings, no gluten had immediate effects, so his non-response is disheartening. A few questions: How many days should I keep him on no gluten before I move on? Should I also keep him off dairy? If so, should he also stay off any food cooked with dairy in it? Thanks!
  3. My daughter was 9 yo when we figured out her migraines and hallucinations were caused by gluten. Some people thought we were crazy by believing gluten could cause her problems. But after a little over a year being gluten free, the skeptics are skeptics no more. Even had an er doctor say it could be a psychiatric issue. And we found out it was gluten on our own because no doctor ever mentioned celiac disease. So she's never even had a formal diagnosis. She had a celiac panel done with some slightly elevated numbers after we discovered gluten took care of the problem. All that to say, most doctors are ill-informed about celiac. Some act like it's not even a "real" disease. Research proves otherwise. So...once you're finished with testing, even if results are negative, you could put her on gluten free anyway and see what the results are. Just like your dh...results don't lie. Yes, your daughters symptoms could be caused by gluten. And I think you're a great mom for figuring this out and insisting her dr do the blood tests. Insist on having a copy of the results...some people on here can decipher them pretty well!
  4. Noticed Friday night that my 4 yr old son has sleep apnea. Normal 5-6 breaths, then no breathing, then a gasp, a cry and normal breaths for 5-6 breaths, etc. this lasted for about 15 minutes. Though he hasn't been tested for celiac, three of us have gluten issues (from siezures to hallucinations), so I wondered if there could be a connection? He is underweight for his age, which I know can be a gluten issue. He's been off gluten since Saturday. Yesterday his nap was normal for the first time in months (he didn't wake crying after an hour...I'm thinking his nap pattern may have been due to the apnea. I watched him closely during that nap and no apea). Also, since being off gluten, he hasn't cried out at all during the night. For the past few months he would cry out at night, but not really be awake. This would last off and on for 15-30 minutes. We're thinking now that that may have been the sleep apnea. The only reason I noticed this Friday night was because he slept with me that night. So...any of your children deal with sleep apnea before going gluten free? Any of your children have enlarged tonsils before going gluten free (his tonsils are huge, but his doctors have never been concerned). Thanks for any insight!
  5. If I hadn't lived through her neuro symptoms, I would probably not believe anyone else who said gluten (or any food, for that matter)could cause such symptoms! In addition to the hallucinations, she would be in some type of altered mental state...she sounded like a 4 year old, would get scared really easily, would be confused about some things...once she looked at me and said, "Who are you?"...and when she came out of the episodes hours later, would have NO recollection of them! Surprisingly, she's tried to sneak gluten quite a few times (she doesn't anymore), simply because she didn't remember what it did to her! Yes, her tummy hurt when she ate gluten, but she was willing to pay that price! My 6 yr old, however, stays FAR away from gluten. He isn't even tempted by super yummy things because he remembers what it feels like to have a seizure!
  6. I am a mom of 5. My 10 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son most certainly have gluten issues. My daughter had horrible headaches, hallucinations, and altered neruological functioning almost once a day for several months (maybe almost a year) before we stumbled upon the cause. I assumed her headaches were migraines. Doctors were no help. Her "episodes" usually lasted 2-8 hours. After one episode lasted 24 hours, we took her to a children's hospital er. They weren't much help, either. They did, however, do CT and MRI scans to rule out tumors or bleeding on her brain. One dr. did suggest a psychiatric issue. They did a referral to a pediatric neurologist in another city. We went to that appt with me believing he would tell me it was migraine-related and give her medicine to stop it. When the neuro said it was definitely not migraines, I was floored. He made an appt for a 24 hour EEG since she was having the rections every day at that point. That afternoon, an aunt told me food could cause wierd stuff like that. Since I was at the end of my rope, we decided that over the weekend, we would restrict her diet. That night I did some internet research and decided that it could be gluten, so Friday night was her last gluten meal. That Saturday she had a mild, about an hour long episode, and that was the end of her symptoms. Well, almost the end. We had a few cross contamination episodes, and she couldn't tolerate anything gluten free that had been "processed in a facility with gluten". We ended up not doing the 24 hour eeg since her symptoms were gone! She's been gluten-free for about a year. My 6 yr old son had a seizure disorder for which doctors had no explanation for. I read that some seizures were caused by gluten, so we put him on a gluten-free diet. No more seizures. Except for the one time I doubted my diagnosis and let him eat pizza. The next morning he had a seizure. He's been gluten free for a couple of months less than my daughter. Thanks for letting me drop in!
  7. My 10 yr old starts feeling sick if she walks in the flour aisle at the grocery store (and she didn't even realize she was in the flour aisle...we're more careful now). I let her brother make cookies with wheat flour once and she had a reaction. Whether her reactions were caused by Celiac or allergy, I don't know, but I don't doubt that they were real.
  8. My 10 yr old kept reacting at odd times once she went gluten free. Among a few other similar things, the peanut butter was contaminated because my son would make pb sandwiches with it...putting the knife in the peanut butter more than once. She would also react to some foods that were gluten free but were "processed in a facility with gluten." Now that she's been gluten free for a year, the foods that were processed in a facility with gluten don't bother her. I know her experience goes against the flow of most people's experiences. My thoughts are: yes, cc at the beginning can dramatically impede your recovery. It will be hard. I have 5 children, 13 and under, so I feel your pain in living with others and being gluten-free. As another poster said, having dediated things for yourself along with a dedicated place to put them is a great idea! Good luck!
  9. Gliadin Antibodies IgG AB: mine <1 when <20 negative Gliadin Antibodies IgA Ab: mine 2.2 when <20 normal Tissue Transglutaminase IgA: mine <1.2 when <4/0 normal BUT...my Tissue Transglutaminase IgG is 12.0 when <6.0 is normal. The last one is what my dr. is concerned with, but I can't see a GI until the end of this month. Is celiac possible with only that one possible result, or would that one positive result indicate a different auto immune disease? I was tested because of bloating, tiredness, and a few other things. I have a 10 yr old daughter who has tummy aches, migraines and hallucinations if she eats gluten and a 6 yr old son who has seizures if he eats gluten. And a dad whose tummy hurts if he easts gluten. I don't remember the specifics of my daughter's blood tests, only that the dr. said they came back not indicating celiac. We declined the biopsy because with her symptoms, there's no way we're going to feed her gluten (and our dr was fine with that decision)! Neither my son or dad has had any celiac blood tests. All that to say that we do have a history of problems with gluten. If you have any insights into my results, I'd appreciate your help!