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  1. Hi there, I can sympathize with the pain your teen is feeling. I had the same sharp pain in my ribcage/chest area. It's finally gone away after 3 months gluten free. I just wanted to suggest something to you about the recovery process that may help it proceed faster. As you know, the villi in the small intestine are responsible for nutrient absorption from your dietary intake. When you have a severe case of celiac disease, these villi are atrophied/worn down and there is very little absorption of nutrients from food going on. Because your daughter isn't getting some of these nutrients and vitamins, it might be wise to start her on some vitamins and minerals. There is a lot of information on this forum about which ones to use and how they help. To give you an example, L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is known to be important in the repair of the small intestine. I had a severe case of celiac disease, I thought I was dying because of the extent of the malabsorption I was experiencing. I started a regime of vitamins, minerals and supplements and I think this contributed to my relatively fast recovery. If you would like more information, please let me know. Also, I would just like to tell you about costochondritis. It's an inflammation of the cartilage tissue in the rib cage and can cause the type of sharp pain that your daughter is experiencing. I don't know if she does or does not have this condition but it is common among celiacs. If her pain is being caused by costochondritis, then eating and drinking items that are considered non-inflammatory would be a good idea. Hope this helps and tell your daughter that she will get better but it takes time. Everyone heals slightly differently and we just have to be patient and trust that if we stay away from gluten, eat healthy foods and supplement properly...things will get better. Much Love, Jakey
  2. 3 months gluten free

  3. I got your reply. CassP is giving you good advice also, those foods are staples in my diet. Good luck with your recovery.
  4. Hey there, Headaches are definitely normal during the first couple of weeks, especially during the first week. Your body is detoxifying itself and that can lead to a lot of symptoms until you finally get over that hump. During my first week of gluten free I had a rollercoaster ride of symptoms but most went away shortly after. Also, remember that everyone's body responds a little differently and to be patient with your recovery. Jakey
  5. Mark, Thanks for your reply! I have been gluten free for 1 month now and feeling so much better. My only complaints these days are some bloating and shortness of breath (which is probably caused by the bloating). My diarrhea has passed and I'm back on track with my stool quality. I just had had my orientation week for dental school which was 4 days long and each day being 12-15 hours of activities and travelling. I would have never been able to do it 2 weeks ago...so I have the wonderful people on this forum to thank for getting me healthy fast. I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to post alll of the symptoms you have been experiencing. I'd like to follow your progress also. Best of luck, Jakey
  6. Nausea?

    Hey, I've been gluten free for about 3 weeks and I still feel a little nauseous at times. I'm taking vit b6, b12, calcium, vit D, Magnesium, Zinc, Fe, omega 3,6,9 and probiotics. Your body has been suffering malabsorption for some time and it will speed your recovery time to supplement with vitamins and minerals. Try and find options that are easily absorbed by your body, i.e. sublingual b12, liquid Fe (Vital F), etc. Your small intestine is still healing and can't absorb all the nutrients from your diet. My recovery is progressing very rapidly and I think it has been the combo of strict/balanced gluten free diet consisting of mostly raw organic whole foods (eliminating soy, dairy and nightshades also) and the nutritional supplementation. I still get some low grade nausea and so I feel your pain. We can't expect to feel 100% after being gluten free for such a short time although I'm impatient and just want to feel normal again. Best of luck in your journey. Jake
  7. Thanks for the support! I have been feeling so much better these days and I started taking a liquid iron supplement, hoping it will boost energy. I've eliminated the nightshades already, along with dairy and soy. I don't think you need an MD to tell you that you have celiac disease, gluten free is good for you and good for me!
  8. I've been gluten free for 3 weeks also and it feels great. Congratulations on gaining 4 pounds. Jakey
  9. Mushroom- Thanks so much for your response, it means a lot to me. Sometimes you just feel alone going through these things and it's nice to hear from somebody else who has experienced the similar things. I've learned from reading other posts on this forum that my journey hasn't been as difficult as many others, yourself included, and I remind myself of that when I'm feeling self-pity. I wish you the best in your pursuit of a healthy life and thanks again. Jakey
  10. Background: I have been in good health most of my life and my digestive/neurological issues didn't start until recently...I'm 25. I have an honours degree in physiology and immunology and I'm currently in dental school (I have some backround in medicine is what i'm getting at). The earliest symptom of my health problem that I can remember started in highschool which was lack of appetite in the morning and gagging when I brushed my teeth. I had a regular appetite throughout the day. This carried on throughout highschool and into university. I've always been able to eat whatever I want and never gain weight, even up to 5000 calories/day (doctor said I had a fast metabolism..I'll say!) During university I had progressive appetite loss and no accompanying symptoms, I would eat what I could to get by (usually pizza or sandwiches). I would get sick often enough (pharyngitis, strep throat, flu, colds, persistent cough) especially when I was stressed during exams. My real problems didn't start until I experienced profound appetite loss. More recently: In the past year I have experienced an almost complete lack of appetite. I was eating very little food and forcing myself to eat what I could. When I did eat I was getting full without eating very much (early satiety). I went to the doctor and he ordered regular blood tests which came back normal. I started taking protein shakes and meal supplements because I knew I wasn't eating enough...still no weight gain. This went on for a while and my stool was consistently loose. Eventually I had no appetite at all and I was eating little to nothing each day, an apple in the morning w/ toast, a sandwich later in the day and maybe a salad or something small for supper. Sometimes I would have to be starving before I could have enough of an appetite to eat anything. I was losing weight and starting to experience new symptoms, I had joint and back pain. I started having heart palpitations and pain in my chest (heart function tests came back normal). I felt like there was something blocking food from going into my stomach (thought I had a hiatal hernia), I had shortness of breath, I had gas and felt bloated, diarrhea most of the time. I started waking up with a sore throat and experiencing heart burn. Went to the doctor and convinced him to give me a prescription for antacids (he thought I was fine...arrrg), took the antacids for 3 months, they helped a lot at first and then stopped helping and I started getting worse. I started getting depressed, had no energy, difficulty sleeping and would wake up tired. I went and saw a different doctor and told him I thought I might have helicobacter pylori (by this point i had been doing tons of research and my symptoms fit). He prescribed me the Prev Pac antibiotic treatment and I noticed an improvement in symptoms by the time the treament was finished. The acid reflux went down and other things started getting better, I had more of an appetite but then I started feeling worse again. At this point I was experiencing depression, irritability, loss of appetite, chronic fatigue, shortness of breath (this really bothered me), weight loss, loose fatty stools, bloating, red itchy eyes, post nasal drip, easy bruising and lack of energy. I started thinking that I was dying and worried about it constantly...I still worry sometimes. I thought it might be stomach cancer, crohn's or colitis, I didn't know what was wrong with me. Then I started reading about celiac disease and I was desperate to try something new and figured what do I have to lose? I cut gluten out of my diet completely and cut way back on dairy and soy. I started feeling better immediately, after 2 days I felt better than I had in 6 months. I felt great the first week gluten free and then I went on a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I was feeling progressively better but I had bad migraines, was tired but couldn't fall asleep, I would have ups and downs each day and from day to day. I had times when I had no energy at all and sometimes I couldn't pinpoint what was wrong with me...I just felt ill. It's now been 3 weeks gluten/dairy and soy free and I'm feeling better each day. I started taking vitamin supplements based on what i've read here and other sources (I don't know what I would do without this forum) B6, B12(sublingual), C & D, Mg, Zn, probiotics and I'm thinking of starting a liquid Iron supplement at 5-8mg/day (hoping it will help with energy)...what do you think? Right now: Most of my symptoms have improved, I have an increase in appetite, more energy (still not where I want it to be), better bowel movements but still loose sometimes and some undigested food matter, no heartburn, less shortness of breath. I haven't gained much weight but I'm not losing weight anymore and I feel much healthier and more alert. I know I should have had a blood test and a biopsy and that being gluten free now will make those tests come back negative even if I have celiac but I don't care much for the medical help I've received. I just want to know what some of the self-taught experts on this site have to say...am I on the right track? How long did it take before you were no longer feeling tired and nauseous, before your stool was completely normal? Do you ever feel hopeless one minute and then like you're getting better the next? Finally I would like to thank all the people who post on this site and share their experiences with others who have no other place to turn, I don't know if I have celiac disease but I do know that being gluten free is the only thing that has helped me alleviate the brutal symptoms I've been experiencing. Please respond and let me know if you know where I'm coming from. Much love, Jakey-no-gluten