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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Losing More Weight

    I use to be 215 lbs 3 1/2 year ago. Then within a space of 6 weeks, I dropped down to 123 - 124 lbs range and all the flesh went away from my body. I did not try to loose it, it just happened on it own. You may be like me and never, ever get it back to its old self again. The only way, I can explain it is that my old weight was not healty weight. Once, I went on the gluten-free diet. All that extra fat on the body went went away. Then, my true weight appeared. I remember when I was just 17 years old and, I only weight 125 lbs soaken wet. At a heigth of 5 feet 11 inch tall.
  2. Is Cancer Inevitable For Me?

    I have been told by doctors that I should not be alive but, I am still here. With all the seven disorders and illnesses I have, I was told most people do not make it to their 50th birday. I am 57 years old now and still here. Yes, my weight is way down low at the bottom but, I am still here and alive. I have beaten the odds and lived when the government doctors expected to me die. All I can say is live each day until you die however long that takes.
  3. I have apparently been suffering a very long time with this disease according the the doctor's belief or assumption. Could disease have lead to my now sudden unententional weight loss. It started this way? I had bouts of sudden weight gains and sudden weight losses all through my past life. Remember, I never found out about my celiac until the last three and half years ago. Up till that point most other doctors but civilian and Government told me to go ahead and eat whatever I like and to exercise daily for weight management. Then, 3 1/2 years ago, the current doctor told me it was Celiac Disease and I went on the Cilac Disease Diet. Even before that time, I suddenly lost all my body weight went down to 123 - 124 lb range. BMI 17.3. With no muscle tone or flesh on my body. You can see all my bones with my shirt off. The current doctor says this is a result of the Celiac, Diabetes, and Hypoglcemia left untreated for so long that caused my current conditions. Whay do you people on this board think? Has anyone else on this board had a sudden unententional weight loss even though you are eating everything the doctor recommends?
  4. Oh yes, forgot something else too. Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Celery, carrots, etc... put me in the emergency room several times when I tried eating them in different ways. Yes, also food additives did too. The additives they use to prepare foods. Years ago, I tried eat meat with just a little fat left on it both red meat and pork. The gull that came up in my throat dawn near stranggled me to death. See, I am very limited in food choices.
  5. I do get fat, the good fat in the diet by adding in 100% olive oil over top of my plate or bowl of food with ever meal. I just forgot to mention that. I use the olive oil imported directly from Greece. Otherwise, the olive oil you get could be made from anything under the sun. I am also allergic to nuts of all kinds and tree nuts as well with my food allergies. I found out the hard way after trying on different types of nuts following the dietition's instruction on eating. Dawn near died, wheezing, and coughing. Most dairy is off my list due to my Native American Ancestry. The only reason, I drink 2 ounces of natural chemical free milk is for the calcium factor. I used to take calcium pills but my body developed an allergy to them. The milk is skin milk. I had a problem with weight on and off all my life as an adult only. As a young teenager, I was so skinny people wondered how I was surviving what I was eating. As an adult, 5 years of over-weight followed by 3 years of extreme underweight. This time around it has lasted longer than even my doctor could have predicted. I am currently 5 feet 11 inches tall, with body weight 124 lbs. and no muscle tone. When ever, I exercise whatever pounds I loose it does not come back. The doctor told me to never exercise again. So, far my body is remaining 124 lbs and holding steady. BMI is 17.3
  6. I have other things going on with me at the very same time, also. I am a man of 57 years and, a US Military Veteran to boot. I have been diagnosed, with the following conditions in addition to the celiac disease. Generalized Anxiety disorder, seizures, Agoraphobia with panic attacks, Enviromental Allergies and food additive allergies, Weight Loss, Tinnitus both ears, Male Erectile disorder, Hypoglycemia, possible type 1 diabetes. Now, I am on this gluten free diet and it has helped control many of my symptoms and disorders. I was told 4 years ago about the Celiac Disease. I had the symptoms when I was a teen and young adult. Every time, I went to the doctors, I would ask what was wrong with me. They would just skake their heads and say they did not know or have a name for my symptoms. Later on however, I found it in my US Army active duty records and the VA records where they had hidden information about my conditions and withheld it from me for over 20 - 25 years. They knew but never told me. I have been doing better the last 4 years since being on a gluten free diet than I have in the past. The difference is like comparing night aginst day. Unfortunately, I still must battle the sugar levels every day as usual.
  7. I have the following conditions, hypoglycemia chronic, celiac disease, neuropathy of my fingers, and toes. I eat a special diet that I have come up with after reading allot of materials on Celiac Disease and dealing with Hypoglycemia. The diet is a follows: Brown Organic Rice with husk left on straight from the fields. Ground up organic chicken breats with no hormones or other processing chemicals in them. Green Peas without salt added or other processing chemicals. Brown organic lentils, again straight from the fields. Straw Berries, black berries, and blue berries. 2 ounce of organic no hormone milk every meal. NO products containing refinded sugars at all. Orange juice and other fruit juices spikes my blood glucose levels whether with or without sugars added. Raw fruits like pieces of fresh apples, pares, etc.. spike my glucose too high. When that happens I get very sick and nausea imediately. I eat 6 small meals daily and all through the night. (every 4 hours) Occording to my many doctors, I have had celiac disease most of you teenage and young life and it was left untreated for many, many years. I had glucose levels go from 55 mg/dl to 170 mg/dl (vary among these ranges. What else could go wrong with me after all these many years of not being treated for these disorders? The diet mentioned above is the only food that sets right with my stomach at present time since, I have food allergies.