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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fruity Pebbles are now labeled as Gluten Free. The manufacture went through the certification process. The new boxes are supposed to roll out in Jan 2011. My local grocery has the new boxes and after eating 1 box in two days myself yesterday I can vouch that I had no ill effects, only complete happiness :-)
  2. Please go to a doctor and have a full medical work up before trying to concieving. It will only benefit you and your child. Every parent wants a healthy child and to be healthy so they can see their child grow up and this would be a great first step. You might be surprised how much damage can be done to your body when you feel well, I know I was. I thought whatever had been wrong with me had gone away (I was not diagnosed when I felt 'sick', it came 8 years later), but I was wrong. Please don't intentionally abuse your body, we only get one :-)
  3. I'm Pregnant And Dad Has Celiac

    Looks like I'll have to continue my research.
  4. I thought my bowels had changed because of preganancy and that's why I was having d, turns out the tums I was taking for all the heartburn contained the smallest amount of gluten, maybe do a quick double check of the non food things that may have changed in your life just to be sure. I also know that worrying and stress changes my bowels too, so do what you can and then try to relax (I know easier said than done)
  5. I'm Pregnant And Dad Has Celiac

    tartalberry - you mentioned that gluten passes through breast milk I was under the impression that this was not true. What is your source on this, I'm intested to do more research to learn if I've been misinformed.
  6. Gluten-Free Wedding Menu Ideas?

    I think that you should stop telling people it's gluten free and just have an awsome meal. I think Gluten free makes people nervous and more critical. I would personally skip serving gluten free bread, it's going to end up being very expensive and if you've got lots of other carbs I don't think it will be very missed. You could do a risoto or new potatoes, which would probably be a bit more formal that a baked potato.
  7. The outside world is hard enough, especially on school age children that are differnt. I think home should be a safe haven where everyone feels safe, loved and respected. It sounds like your family really needs to come together and decide together (even if you have to steer the initial conversations) what kind of home makes everyone feel good, talk about Gluten issues and other hot topics so that everyone can relate. Maybe you should let your family take charge of meals a bit more (to the extent they can depending on their age), so they could have a sense of pride for making something healthy for everyone. On your sons night and it would allow your son to have some sense of accomplishment for chosing the right kind of foods. Control is often something that leads people to many kinds of eating disorders, and IMO a celiac eating gluten isn't different from an obsese person eating unhealthy foods as it's self distructive. You need to build positive feelings about doing the right thing. Also encourage your child to be more involved in his own health, let him talk with his doctors (maybe even without you there) it will foster a sense of personal responsiblity and pride in feeling grown up.
  8. I feel for ya. I'm in my first trimester and am so hungry it's not even funny, yet for the past two days every food I can think of to try to eat makes me want to gag. It's probably chock full of perservatives, but Amy's gluten free mac and cheese is my staple right now. Someone mentioned hidden meat, and now I'm thinking maybe mixing a little ground burger in it would probably be cool. I'm also pretty happy with Trader Joes Greek Vanilla Yogurt. Today I ate some of the Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Donuts in cinnamon sugar (warmed in the microwave)for breakfast and that was a pretty good sucess. Anyone have any suggestions for practical starvation feelings? I'm really trying and honnestly I'm still managing to choke down a lot no matter how bad it tastes, but I just can't seem to stop feeling hungry.
  9. Tums

    Thanks for all the info guys. I've never had what I would call cronic heart burn. It had pretty much gone away after being gluten-free and then kicked back in with the pregnancy. Thanks for the advise on the other tums flavors. The answer on the FAQ section of the tums website about gluten was not clear that certain flavors were ok, so I'm glad to have the feedback. I preferred the smoothies fruit and mixed berrie, but something is better than nothing. Does anyone know anything about rolaids?
  10. Night Sweats?

    I'm sure there could be many causes, but personally my nightsweats seemed to increase whenever I drank alcohol, didn't seem to take very much at all.
  11. Tums

    So I was reading my tums bottle today to see what the maximum number I could safely have in a day was and read that they contain gluten (The website said it's not a filler, but could be present in ingredients from suppliers. I haven't been overly sick, but am now wondering if some of what I thought were pregnancy side affects might be related to the fact that I've been chowing down on so many tums). I am totally freaking out because I swear I read that they were on the safe list. What do you guys do for heartburn?
  12. Stocking The Freezer

    I'm doing some more expermenting this weekend and will let you know. In the past with non-gluten-free noodles (only gluten-free since may) I have really liked that the noodles turn kinda mushy and like dumplings, with the creammy base it tastes pretty good (I wouldn't recommend it for traditional soup, probably go with rice)
  13. I do believe that it could be increasing because celiacs are living longer and reproducing more than we might have 50 or 75 years ago, so there would be more of us at any one time and more of the genes being passed along. I guess it's good news for us :-)
  14. I think that it is correctly diagnosed more often today than in the past and that awarness has also increased (thanks to the information age we are in). I do think that it is still misdiagnosed, because so many doctors are completely mis informed. I had a friend who was told she had celiacs, then the doctor revised it to an actual wheat allergy, her symptom was her throat swelling shut! The doctor heard wheat and immediate assumed celiacs, because he wasn't informed. Since diagnosis I've heard many reports on why it's impossible for my family members to have celiacs, because of illogical info from their doctors. We still have a long way to go. Perhapes the Gyno was thinking they may be celiacs because of self diagnosis on the internet.
  15. Stocking The Freezer

    Congrats! I personally love to freeze soups. In particular I love to freeze Chili, Bean Soups and Creamy Chicken Noodle and Chicken and Rice. I'm also obsessed with Shredded Chicken, so I will boil several breasts and sit around and hand shred them whenever I have time to kill. I'll store the shreeded chicken in quart size bags and find it really easy defrost and throw into a quick meal at a moments notice. I've thrown some into a can of soup,quesadillas, used it for tacos, or with rice and beans, for an instant protein add to make something quick and easy taste like a real meal.