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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi. I was just logging on the forums to ask this very question and found this thread. I'm due to be having impressions done to have a night guard made, and was wondering about possible gluten in the impression material. Apparently this can be an issue. Does anyone know if there is an alternative substance? Thanks!
  2. New Skin Liquid Bandage - Gluten?

    Yeah, that's pretty much what I've been doing. Used a couple of kinds of disinfectants, and I DID have a band-aid on while washing the chicken, but the washing knocked it loose. I go through SO many band-aids what with washing my hands so many times a day! But, yes, good advice (and I'll definitely let you all know when/if I hear back from the New Skin company).
  3. Anyone know if the New Skin Brand Liquid Bandage is gluten free? Their website has a FAQ about their Scar Therapy product and says that is gluten free, but says nothing about the Liquid Bandage. I've tried the "Contact Us" form, but no word back yet. Reason I need it -- cut my thumb yesterday assembling my gift for my husband. Then, I stupidly washed the chicken for dinner without gloves. Madly washed said still open cut with soap and water afterward and disinfected and then asked an online doctor my chances of contracting salmonella this way in order to lower my panic factor (chances are low, so I've decided to believe I got lucky this time and resolve to wear gloves next time ). Anyhow, don't want to get anything ELSE in this cut, but I don't want to gluten myself either! (Still recovering from being dumb enough to go along on the trip to Whole Foods last week...where they actually keep the gluten free products on a shelf RIGHT NEXT TO THE LEAKY WHEAT FLOUR SACKS...D'OH!) Thanks, guys! And Happy Holidays all around!
  4. Raven and SGWhiskers, thank you both for the support and advice. I think you're right, it must be CC. But I'm still having to really struggle to figure out HOW. I do have separate hand towelsk, condiments, etc.. My husband doesn't bake with flour and we clean any "glutened" area well and are careful about dishes, dishwasher, etc. SGWhiskers - wow, that's a horrible list of your past glutenings. Sound like your ultra sensitive. I may end up with a similar list by the end of the year... Still, no way but forward, right? I'm trying very hard to assure all soaps, face soaps, hand soaps, etc., are gluten free, but it's sometimes difficult to tell from the labelling. Is there a good list of gluten free soaps and cosmetics somewhere?
  5. Very glad to hear this, thanks for sharing! Outback is the only place near us that seems to work with gluten-free needs, so I'm trying to work up my nerve to make that my first "dining out" attempt since going gluten-free. I haven't called our local place yet, but I definitely will before trying it. If I get brave enough to try, I'll let you all know how it goes for me!
  6. Okay, so I've now been gluten-free for about 6 or 7 weeks (sorry, don't have my calendar in front of me ). The first three weeks, I went through lots of detox symptoms, but also felt amazingly BETTER underneath and was very hopeful. Lots of symptoms I have suffered my whole life went away (and even things I didn't realize were "symptoms" but thought were just unavoidable aspects of life!) Then at the 3 week mark I got full out glutened. Not sure how, but I think it was either CC on my napkin or my rice, OR getting hit in the face with a puff off my dog's gluten food when closing the container (we're now transitioning him to a very low-gluten formula). Anyhow, that attack one started with stomach gurgling and itching legs, then progressed to evil cramps and D and then many days of being almost too sore in my intestines to walk. That FINALLY settled down for a few days, then I had a week of what I first thought was a cold, but wasn't. Sore achy muscles, really stiff, stomach slightly bloated, some itching. That lasted a few days, then finally seemed to settle down and I had a few what I would describe as "gluten-free" days. Now as of last night, stomach is messed up again and my legs are itching (the itching went away for the first time in decades on my first three weeks off of gluten, I have scars on my legs from the previously unexplainable itching/blisters). So, my question here is how much is it possible the symptom flare-ups are still part of the detox process and how much of it means I'm getting CC'd despite my best efforts?? I am still in a mixed household, but we've divided counters, cooking utensils, pots, cabinets, food storage containers, etc. I wash my hands a zillion times a day and wear disposable gloves (and sometimes a dust mask) whenever prepared anything gluten. I don't bake gluten foods, so no flying flour, just breads and snacks for my husband and son. We've lowered their consumption a lot (using Udi bread for Kidlet's sandwiches, and Corn Chex for his cereal, etc.), but there is still gluten in the house. I don't kiss either of my boys until they've washed up and brushed their teeth. I've checked all my lip balm and lotion, and I use a very pure natural soap and wash my hair with baking soda or salt and condition with vinegar. My supplements are gluten free and I don't take any medication save Tylenol (for migraines) and I checked that this form of it is gluten-free. I haven't tried eating out yet, though I did have lunch AT Fuddrucker's one day with the family, but brought my own food and only drank water. I seemed to do fine with that, it was during my "healthier" days and I was fine for a couple of days afterward. Is it possible I'm really still getting enough gluten to be flaring up symptoms so often?? We're set to take our first trip to DisneyWorld at the end of November, and although I've heard really good things about DW's restaurants being very accomodating and careful, I'm rather terrified that I seem to be turning out to be hypersensitive and this could go very badly. Help?
  7. How Hard Is It To Be Careful?

    Ugh!! So sorry. It's depressing how many people just don't understand or worse, don't care. I haven't been brave enough to eat out yet, and I dread what it's going to do to damage the family traditions. I was already very limited in what I could get a restaurants, but at least I could usually find SOMEthing, but now with the gluten thing, I can't imagine it really being worth the risk... Very sorry you've been slammed twice so close together, that's just miserable.
  8. My First 3 Weeks And Questions

    wheenleezdryver - Sorry you can relate, but thanks for the sympathy! sandsurfgirl - Thank you AGAIN for your support and suggestions. I've added your food recs to my shopping list for today's journey to Whole Foods. My mother has now been the first to take a blood test and hers came up "normal", but I'm pretty sure either that's wrong or we're just majorly gluten intolerant (vs Celiac), because her life reads like a history book of Celiac and she's already responding profoundly to the gluten-free diet (begun right after the blood test). I myself think I just accidentally confirmed myself via a "gluten challenge" (in the form of CC), because after 3 weeks of amazing results, I got slammed and it has taken 6 days to start feeling good again. That's pretty much evidence enough for me! Never going back. Thanks again, everyone! Be well.
  9. My First 3 Weeks And Questions

    Thanks to all for the help and good wishes. curiousgirl - Yep, me, too. srall - your situation sounds very similar to mine. Encouraging to hear you're making it work so far. I'm trying, but apparently got slammed somehow 48 hrs ago. Finding out just what it's like to "get glutened" and still waiting to see how long it lasts. So far all I can say is -- Not Cool. But at least I am having it quite clearly illustrated for me exactly which of my symptoms were coming from gluten, and it's been quite an education! MelindaLee - Thanks for the encouragement. It's quite a journey, isn't it?
  10. My First 3 Weeks And Questions

    i-geek - Yeah, I'm afraid we may end up having to make the house gluten-free eventually. Right now I'm holding off until I can get my son tested and see if he is going to have to go gluten-free as well, because I don't want to strip him of it for days at a time, then let him eat out on the weekend and end up really sick after he's inadvertantly been detoxed (we're homeschoolers, so he almost always eats at home with me). So, we'll see how it goes once we know more. Sorry it was hard for you, as well. I'll definitely look into more gluten-free options for Kidlet so, if nothing else, I won't have to wash my hands QUITE so many time a day! srall: I had terrible sinus problems too and my sinuses were completely closed up (had to breathe through mouth) when I was detoxing. Isn't that just so bizarre? But good to hear I'm not alone (and mine aren't as severe as yours, atm)! The biggest mistake I made this month was in true harried mom fashion I tried to make my daughter's school lunch at the same time I was eating my breakfast. Don't do that. I paid. Ooh, ouch, yeah, that's a bad one. I'm constantly having to stop myself from eating something while I prep the gluten stuff. I used to get half my meals eaten while still cooking and working, and now I have to divide tasks far more neatly. Tedious and frustrating. I'm hoping we don't all have to go gluten free. So far it seems livable. VERY encouraging to hear that from at least one voice! May I ask how long you've been gluten-free? SGWhiskers: It made me sooo much more sane to know that gluten wasn't lurking on every knob and towel in the house. I felt awful guilt about making my hubby go gluten free. That's the worst part, isn't it? It seems so selfish and asking SUCH a sacrifice of a person with no personal physical reason to make one, and yet it would be SUCH freedom to just have the house stripped clean and be able to go back to functioning "normally" at least at home. I'm sorry about your noggin, but that struck me as funny and something that I would do. Oh, it was hilarious. At first I didn't even realize what had happened, I thought maybe I'd just suddenly made progress and was more limber than I had been, but I did one of my usual daily motions and THONK. So much for a picture of loveliness and grace.*g* Then the next day I was leaning down to pick something up off the kitchen floor and smacked my chest into the corner of the kitchen table. It was after that second incident I started to put two and two together and realized why I was misjudging. My detox symptoms included excessive thirst That's what happened to me when I went on the yeast control diet 8 years ago (no sugar, no fruit, no refined flours, no refined oils, nothing fermented, and later no dairy). I was thirsty all the time. then 3 months of literally non-stop eating. Yes, I am constantly looking for something else I can eat, my diet is already so limited (from allergies as well, which is one reason I hadn't pursued the gluten possibilities in the past, I was afraid I just wouldn't have enough to eat). I've never eaten so much meat and veggies and rice cakes in my life, yet I'm losing weight. Weird. Thank you everyone for all the supportive comments! Muchly appreciated.
  11. First off, thanks to everyone who's already been so supportive already, this board is wonderful. Okay, so yesterday marked my 3 week point being gluten free. Wow, what a ride it's already been. There have been many positives already, and I'm hopeful for more over the next months. I'm much more limber, my head is clearer, I can eat and then go somewhere or do something (as opposed to my long standing life rule of "never eat before you go out!"). I've lost 5 pounds (I had 10 pounds I hate go on with no reason over the last couple of years and have a lifelong history of weight going on or off randomly without being influenced by diet or exercise, try as I might). Weird stuff: --The shift in the whole alignment of my intestines and midriff first caused me to hit my head on the floor during yoga (misjudging my limberness), then I found that though I have more stamina and am far less short of breath on dog walks around the neighborhood, I went through a week or two of my leg muscles getting really sore and tired when walking, because I'm apparently now using an all new set of muscles, my posture having shifted. They're slowly building up now, but that is SO weird. LOL I had "good" posture before, due to years of ballet and yoga, so it's not a visible change to others, but a very noticable change to me --I can hold a pen and write longer without my shoulder blade cramping horribly (a serious problem since middle school). --The OMG-I-MUST-HAVE-WHEAT-OR-I-WILL-STARVE-TO-DEATH effect has finally worn off, and I'm finding myself intrigued by healthy foods that never would have interested me before. (Used to be that no matter how full and healthy a meal I'd eaten, I would still feel a nagging hunger until I took at least one bite of a wheat biscuit and that would calm it). I've been trying valiantly to maintain a dual household (still preparing gluten foods for my husband and son) and not get contaminated, but good grief this is hard. I HAVE NEVER WASHED MY HANDS SO MANY TIMES A DAY IN MY LIFE. And I'm going through disposable gloves like mad. I'm not baking (so no flour flying), but there is a constant need to prepare sandwiches, cereals, etc.. Trying my best to segregate the kitchen... I hadn't been "glutened" to my knowledge, until two days ago. I have no idea what I got into or how, but two nights ago my stomach was puffed up and gurgly for the first time since coming off gluten, then yesterday morning my legs were itching and red again, and last night was the usual dizzy spell followed a few hours later by the inevitable cramps and D, then collapsing in bed to sleep it off. Today I will be sort of wrung out and sore and slightly tired, but recovering. This is a long standing syndrome/pattern for me, but I think I'm learning that it was gluten all along. Still have no idea how I got contaminated (assuming that is what happened, though it seems likely that it is). Or if maybe this is just occasional flare-ups during the detox, but seems kind of sudden and violent for that. Very frustrating... Been more energetic sometimes and more tired others, which I suppose is normal. I have to give it time, right? I know, can't heal 38 years of damage in 3 weeks. Any encouragement or insight (or just commiseration:)) is most welcome. Oh, random question - does anyone else get nasal or sinus congestion or draining along with the gluten attacks? Seems to get mixed together for me. Be well!
  12. srall and sandsurfgirl - thank you both so much for the replies. It's very reassuring to hear that others have gone through the same and far worse. I am definitely going to stick it out and I'm tentatively hopeful that life may be a whole lot better on the other side. sandsurfgirl - you may be right that the candida is only a side symptom of the larger problem. Coming off the sugar and fruit and dairy definitely eliminated an array of symptoms that had long been plaguing me and they have not returned as long as I've been on on the diet. But other symptoms have remained regardless, and that is most like the gluten issue. I've also had CFS since I was 13 (I'm turning 38 this weekend), and am currently undergoing the Gupta Amygdala Retraining program to help treat that (which is the first thing in 35 years to actually improve my health), but some debilitating symptoms have remained, and I'm really starting to wonder how many of them may disappear as I continue to be gluten free. There is definitely an anxiety element to the CFS/Amygdala problem as well, and I wouldn't be surprised if the two syndromes are interrelated or one can lead to the other (gluten intolerance to CFS). Your story sounds SO much like the symptoms my mother has suffered with her whole life. She is most likely celiac as well and I'm trying to get her to get tested. Problem for her is that she's on SUCH a massively restricted diet otherwise (for candida, food allergies, etc.), that she would need something to change in order to be able to remove wheat from her diet and not quite literally starve to death. I'm having enough trouble finding adequate food sources myself, and I have more diversity in my diet than she. I do hope to add in more foods that I haven't yet tested my tolerance for and expand my diet in the long run, but obviously I can't try new things during the initial detox phase, or I would never get any kind of accurate test. Anyhow, thank you all for the support, and I will definitely be doing more reading of this forum's archives. I'm about to hop on a plane tomorrow (with my son) for a visit to my parents, during which net access will be spotty, so I really appreciate the quick replies before I take off. Here's hoping my symptoms leave me alone during the flight!
  13. Hello! I'm new here, and relatively new to this whole subject (though I've been reading like mad). For 9 years now I've been on a yeast/candida control diet (no fruit, no refined flowers or refined oils, no sugar, no dairy, nothing fermented, no caffeine, etc.). I have not been tested for Celiac Disease, but I and my family exactly fit the profile for either Celiac or Gluten Intolerance, and I finally took the plunge to try 30 days gluten-free and see if my symptoms improve. Until now my diet has been very heavy on the wheat. I've been gluten-free 4 days now, and I can already tell this was the right decision, because some things have improved tremendously (I actually bonked my head on the floor during yoga, because doing my usual bending motion put me much lower than usual, due to the increased space and comfort in my lower belly!). However, (and pardon the TMI, but I suppose you are all used to it:)) my bowel movements have been really loose, near liquid. No cramping (which in the past would have always accompanied such), but a little off schedule as well, and not exactly pleasant. Some excess gas throughout the day, etc... I'm just looking for some advice while I try to stick it out. Is it likely this is just my system adjusting to the shock of the dietary change? A reaction to adding more vegetables and meat? Does this happen to other people, and is it likely to subside soon? Any advice or reassurance (or just commisserating LOL) would be very much appreciated. Thanks!