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  1. does anyone give their children supplements to counteract gluten contamination? there are products in my local natural foods store for adults that help with digestion, but they don't seem to be for children. I've also read that magnesium helps with digestion. Thanks!
  2. Oooh - that's a great idea for all of the miscellaneous parties at school where I want to bring in something cool for her and the other children - thanks!!
  3. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I had forgotten that idea about putting the icing in the middle - might encourage her to actually eat the cupcake and not just the icing! I found Annalise's recipes, so I'll be trying those for the next batch.
  4. I've been making batches of gluten-free cupcakes for my 4 year old daughter and freezing them. My problem becomes when I try to frost them, it becomes a mess - lots of crumbs and the frosting doesn't stick. If I frost them for eating immediately, most of the time it's fine. Can I frost cupcakes and then freeze them? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks! Caroline