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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Airborne Gluten...

    I always have issues of tight chest and itchy mouth and throat in the bread isle. I just did today, in their wisdom the store has the gluten-free crackers right next to the bread. I have had issues before I ever turn the corner to the bread isle in a store I have never shopped in so I can't anticipate the bread isle and chaulk it up to anticipation on my part. I was tested to see if I had a wheat allergy and it came back negative. Not sure what it is but it seems some other folks have it as well and that somehow gives me comfort that at least I am not crazy. I asked the manager if it was possible to put the gluten-free items at the end of the cracker isle so I didn't have to be right next to the bread. They looked at me like I was a crazy woman but oh well I am getting used to that since msg is also a huge problem for me in it's many forms.
  2. Not sure for you but I know what gets me in those type of items so I'll just tell you that. Walmarts olive oil may not be 100% olive oil, which means it can have vegetable oil in it, wheat Vitamins can have msg type products in them that make me have the reactions you described. I have started getting mine from Life Extensions Gluten free cake mix probably has xanthian gum in it which can cause loose stools, is made from the bacteria that causes brocoli and caulif. to get that black slimy stuff on it. Not sure about the food coloring but anyway check out those things. I am extremely sensitive to any msg type product so you may want to go to the truth in labeling website and read up about that and see if you are as well. Unfortunately xanthian gum is in so many things so it makes your choices a lot less open but if it makes you sick you don't want to be eating it. In dairy they use carageenan a lot and that makes me sick as well. Good luck
  3. I was a big diet coke drinker but decided to stop apsartine etc. I bought a soda streamer which turns your own water into a sparkling water, then I add a splash of lemon juice, cranberry juice what ever you like but make sure no citric acid which isn't always easy. Then I add a squirt of stevia to sweeten it. Kal has a version without natural flavoring which if you have trouble with citric acid like I do you probably want to stay away from natural flavoring as well since they are both often a msg product. Hope that help[s. I do miss my cola type beverage and once in a while I have a real coke, small glass.
  4. Can anyone tell me if this new grain which is supposed to be an ancient grain called einkom is safe for celiacs and gluten intolerance? I would like to try it and tell others about it but want to be sure first if it is
  5. There are a lot of celiac and gluten intolerant people that are also unble to have msg. I am one of them and the msg makes me much sicker than the gluten. It seems to be a lot easier to omit gluten than msg as well since it can be in many products under other names with a lesser percentage of msg in the ingredient. Possibly it is because our intestines are already damaged and more sensitive to the damage of msg. I don't really know but I would suggest if you have celiac you should also avoid msg. My grandson had seizures and has lessened them by not eating msg and he is a celiac as well. thanks for all the great info on this site.
  6. Has anyone else had problems with olive oil. I didn't realize that it wasn't 100% olive oil so possibly it had an oil we are supposed to avoid. I am new to this and still learning every day. thanks
  7. you can make your own with fresh lemonade and vodka, much tastier but not just a grab and drink drink. Always more prep for us
  8. you might also consider that jello contains an msg in the citric acid at the least and other food colorings that might be the problem. I can't have jello due to the msg. Makes gluten free even harder when you ad the msg problem but I feel a whole lot better if I can not eat it. It's not easy. If you are interested in learning more tryo out the truth in labeling website for other msg hidden sources Pame
  9. Iron Supplements

    I found afterglow makeup is gluten free and I love it. Also Givani shampoos are gluten free, maybe spelled that wrong. Still looking for a good gluten free, msg free iron supplement for me Glad your job was so understanding, must be a good place to work
  10. good for you, I am somewhat in the same boat. My Dr. did the blood test but I had already started no eating gluten on my own. My stomach hurts too much to go back to eating it just for a diagnosis. I don't need them to tell me not to eat it do I. Anyway I feel much better not eating it. It's not an easy task and unfortunately I also have an even worse reaction to MSG and it's many aliases and that is even harder it seems to avoid. I recently read it takes about 2 years to feel better so I am looking forward to the end of this year
  11. Msg

    thank you so much for this post. I was feeling a bit isolated. That is my problem as well, at least I know within 10-30 minutes that I ate msg so it is easier to figure out the culprit. I'd rather eat a cracker than msg, but of course try to deo neither. The msg seems to be harder to avoid than the gluten.
  12. Msg

    MSg gives me worse stomach pains and more than eating gluten and i don't eat gluten. It is so difficult to not eat msg since it is hidden by so many other names. IF you go to the truth in labeling website you can find a list of the different names it is listed under. I was making lemon merangue pie for friends, no pie for me but thought I could bring some of the pie filling for me because it was gluten free. I ate 2 bites and within a 10 minutes had a stomach ache and more. then I looked on my list and oops there was one on the people that are very sensitive to msg list. . I wish you luck with avoiding it. It is not an easy task. the FDA could make it easy by not making it so easy to hide it by other names but....
  13. I have found that I keep running into things I didn't expect there to be gluten in. Possibly that is your problem with your daughter. I was using a mega green juice to make smoothies in the morning and just discovered after a month of stomach aches that there is barley in it, should have read the label but never thought it would be there. Yogurts, ice cream, sour cream all can have gluten as a thickener in them. You have to contact the company or buy one that says gluten free and then sometimes I see that even though they have gluten free, they are made in a fascility that also has wheat etc., or there are traces of itm which I don't know how they can say it is gluten free then, anyway just a thought for you. also I use gluten free personal care products Good luck Pame
  14. finding a chip without gluten is not as hard as finding one without msg in some form or another. It is getting almost impossible to find snacks without this ingredient in som aka form. Is it common for someone with celiac to be so sensitive to msg as well
  15. sadly it seems anything with yeast extract also makes me sick, it is not gluten although sometimes it can be made from barley but I am figuring if they say it is gluten free that is not the case, but it is a form of msg and that makes me sick. I wish someone would point me in the directions of gluten free, no msg and that means no msg not just less than 99% as the fda allows them to say even when it has 98% msg in the say 1 tsp of ingredient with2% being another ingredient, snack. Someday we will have our food frankly stated what is in it and not have all these games played to sellus something we wouldn't buy if we knew what was really in it. Still figuring out what I can eat and what I can't after over a year. Just found out the mega green juice I was using to make smoothies for the past 2 weeks has barley in it, who would have thought.