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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does Dh Have To Be Itchy?

    I'm not sure about eczema, but I had a very mysterious rash for a LONG time and it's almost disappeared since I've been gluten-free. The doc said my rash "looked like eczema" but I'm not so sure. But if it was - then it can definitely go away off gluten.
  2. I Need Help !

    Hi Jorge, I don't really have much advice for you, but I just wanted to say don't give up! Lots of people on this forum have struggled and finally found ways to feel better. It might take a while but you can always ask questions or even complain here Did you ask the doctor what was going on with your endoscopy? It sounds like something at least is going on. Could you bring the report to another doctor? Are you feeling any better on the gluten-free diet? I'm sure other people will chime in, but until then, good luck! Happy new year
  3. rosetapper, do you know where I could read that paper you were talking about?
  4. How Gluten Friendly Is Your State?

    I live in Boulder, CO and it is GREAT for gluten free! In fact I just found out that there is a pizza place that has regular and gluten free pizza... FOR THE SAME PRICE!!! AHHH!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooo excited. This is a pretty wealthy area too so there are lots of whole foods and stuff that I do not go to very frequently No Trader Joe's though! I used to live in Boston and I just loved TJs. There are a lot of restaurants here that have gluten-free food. I was at a place the other day and when I asked for a gluten-free hamburger bun, the owner came out to see how sensitive I am to CC! It was awesome. Where my mom lives in Maine though... I'm guessing it's not very gluten-free friendly.
  5. Hi, glad you are feeling a little better! For shampoos/conditioners, I use Shikai. I am preeeeetty sure they are gluten free. I have the everyday shampoo and everyday conditioner. http://www.shikai.com/products/natural_hair_care.htm
  6. Frustrated

    If you want, you can buy grain-free pet food - it's supposed to be better for pets anyway. My cat is now really spoiled with the good (aka expensive) stuff
  7. My friends and I were talking about that too, and they all thought that if you eliminated a food for a while, and then reintroduced it, you'd feel bad no matter what. I don't think so though. My boyfriend eliminated gluten with me and he wasn't feeling bad at all before, and now 4 months later, he has had gluten twice and felt horrible both times. I don't think that would happen if he eliminated something else he was not intolerant to. Side note, I'm not sure if eliminating meat and then putting it back would make someone sick, but people were saying that too... something about your body getting unused to animal proteins?
  8. Hi Sarbee, Why don't you just try going gluten free and see what happens. You might feel a lot better!
  9. If you decide to do a gluten challenge, I'd recommend maybe even more than 6 weeks. I did one that was 6 weeks and my antibody levels were were still negative, but slightly higher than when I had them done before. I don't know what to make of that - it could just be a fluctuation in the testing...? I have no idea. But if you want to have the most accurate tests, the longer the better (for the tests, prob not for you!).
  10. Friends' Reactions To Gluten Free Food

    It's funny how wary so many people are of gluten-free stuff! They don't realize how much you can eat that's gluten-free. My close friends were great this Thanksgiving and we had a totally gluten-free meal, minus regular crackers with the cheese beforehand. They bought rice crackers too, though! I bought the gluten-free pie crusts from Whole Foods and they were really good.
  11. Mystery Rash

    Missy's mom, that's an interesting idea. The rash is pretty much where my bra covers it, though there are smaller splotches down my sides almost to my waist. I'm not sure if allergies spread like that since I've never had one. All my bras say they contain spandex but not latex... but maybe they are similar or the same chemicals are used in making both like you said? I guess I will just have to go bra-less for a while... hehe! One thing's for sure, I'd much rather be allergic to latex than be lactose intolerant!!
  12. Hi all! Thanks for your comments on my other posts - gluten stuff, blood sugar stuff, etc. With test results negative, I went gluten-free anyway, and I feel better. I went dairy-free too (starting yesterday) for a while to see what happens to my skin and I slept better and I'm more alert today. Yay! I still have this mystery rash though, that's been there for over a year. It's on the sides of my trunk right below my armpits. It's mostly one patch about size of my hand, the skin is slightly pinkinsh with "dry skin" looking flakes on it. There are a few spots that are not part of the main patch. It got a lot better gluten-free, but it's still there and sort of gets better and worse now. Initially the doctor said tinea versicolor, now "eczema," but...? I really want it to go away! It looks like it could be eczema, sort of looks like a really mild case of psoriasis... I dunno. It doesn't itch at all. I get really dry skin in winter (it's back - boo!) which is totally different, and IS itchy, cracked and painful. The doc said "I bet it's more irritated after a shower, right?" but it isn't. The dry skin sure is though! Anyone have mystery rashes with gluten intolerance? Any idea what this could be? I'm not sure if I should pay the $30 referral fee to see either a dermatologist or allergist. Thanks!!
  13. I would definitely like to check out the book. This just make me wonder all over again how many people might have gluten problems and never guess. My boyfriend went gluten-free a few months ago but he never had any symptoms as far as he can tell - some of his family members were gluten free and convinced him to try. He has eaten a small amount of gluten a few times since then and felt really bad afterwards... all this with not even feeling bad before! Wow.
  14. I'm confused - so a gluten intolerance causes "inflammation" and celiac causes the villi to get worn down? Does gluten intolerance eventually lead to celiac for everyone, or can it stay at the inflammation level not the vill-worn-down level? It seems like a constant state of inflammation is pretty bad too. I don't think my doctor thinks gluten intolerance is that dire - she just said don't eat gluten if it makes me feel bad.
  15. Well, I had a B12 of 270 and I felt horrible! Headaches, tingly hands and feet, fatigue. The sublingual B12 helped tremendously. I don't think I am especially sensitive to cross-contamination (yet) but maybe you are. Would your fiance consider going gluten-free so your house would be totally safe? Then you could cook just one meal