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  1. Kaiti, What brand of sublingual vitamin b do you use? Thanks
  2. Thank you all for your input. It's been frustrating trying to get help. On my recent doctor visits I end up explaining what Celiac disease is, before we start the exam. I take liquid: multivitamins, minerals and iron, from Innovative Natural Products. I need to check on the preservatives. But they are Gluten free, I called. I order them online, but some health food stores carry them. Thanks again.
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and have been gluten free for a year. No cheating but a few accidental ingestions of hidden gluten, so for the most part I am doing pretty well in my gut. My problem is that I have always been pretty physically active, not a triathelete but weight train and ride a mountain bike regularly, and my endurance and stamina are way lower than before the onset of my gluten problems. After I began taking liquid vitamins by Innovative natural products, and as long as I take them religiously I do ok. But if I miss a day I can tell the difference. It's like I have a gas tank that's just above the empty mark and I'm refilling it with only enough fuel for another mile. My doctors has checked out my heart which is fine, but he is not familar with celiac disease. Another md. diagnosed me. Is there tests for vitamins which we are not getting enough of? Since the liquid vitamins are helping, I'm assuming that I'm not getting enough of something. I also see a lot of mention of avoiding caffiene, why is that. I eat goat cheese but nothing from cows. Thank you for your help. Jim Campbell