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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i know it's been since april 2006, but was wondering what ever happend to radman. how is your glutenfree journey going? are you more sensitive now? or do you allow small amounts of gluten in your diet?
  2. my eyes get dry, itchy, gritty whenever i ear apples.
  3. i get headaches from msg. and there is a lot of it in glutenfree foods with hidden names - carrageenan, gums, natural flavors...........
  4. ok, here is my update on the tests: b 12 went up to 865 and vitamin d to 35.9
  5. since eggs are out and most fruit, i have not much choice but to eat some grain for breakfast. i really like my quinoa and buckwheat (alternating between them) with vegetalbes. occationally millet and amaranth. glutenfree oats and rice does not seem do agree with me too much. iffy on the potatoes as well (white and sweet). corn is ok.
  6. One Year Anniversary!

    thank you for your positive story anabananakins. that's what i like to see more of! it gives us all hope.
  7. Please Help With Thyroid Test

    thanks. i'll need all the luck i can get. i've called the doctor and the office visit alone will cost $275. i don't know what to do yet. i'll keep you posted after i have it figured out. thanks for all the help.
  8. Please Help With Thyroid Test

    thank you so much cass. after reading your reply i've been looking for and endo in colorado springs and found one that looks promising - Dr. Juetersonke. however it looks like i would have to pay myself since i'm covered by Cofinity (they say they will help file with the insurance). do you have a ballpark figure of how much all that testing would be? i've also seen in your signature that you're dx'ed for hashimotos and graves. it's possible to have both??
  9. Please Help With Thyroid Test

    i've been searching for a doctor here in colorado springs who is knowlegable about celiac and lo and behold there is one! he's a gastroenterologist who also has celiac. i think i hit the jackpot. hopefully he is covered under my insurance and is taking new patients. would you still rather recommend to see a endocrinologist? would there be any chance the thyroid could fix itself staying on a gluten free diet or am i dilutional? thank you cass and everyone for posting
  10. Please Help With Thyroid Test

    i just found an older test from january 2009 where my T3 total was 69. should be between 82 - 179. any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. i'm really hoping to find some help here because my doctor obvoiusly can't. i've been gluten free for 11 month now. my first blood test was done march 2010: TSH was 2:30 T4free 1:00 second test was april 2011: TSH was 4.41 T4free 0.76 T3 was not tested even though i asked for it. would this suggest that i'm hypothyroid. i know something is wrong with me. just don't know how to fix it. my legs have gotten really weak. my heart seems to be laboring off and on and i have a lot of muscle twitching (mostley on my left side on my rib cage). there are also some other reading that are off even though the doctor said everything looks fine: RDW 10.7 - should be between 11.5 - 15.5 Neutrophil 77.2 - should be between 45.0 - 70.9 Lymphocytes 0.8 - should be between 1.5 - 3.5 ALT/SGPT 13 - should be between 18 - 48 Carbon Dioxide 32 - should be 19 - 29 my b 12 went up from 198 to 865, and my vitamin d from 21 to 35.9. i'm really worried.
  12. Low Potassium

    also, coconut water has lots of potassium - 670 mg for 11.2 oz
  13. hi korwyn, for health reasons really. i did add grass fed calf liver for that reason. growing up i used to eat all kinds of organ meats. i would not mind eating game either. don't want to turn into a carnivore and eat it every day. not sure if that would be healthy - would it?
  14. hi cass, i am an optimist and believe in the body fixing itself. that might be ignorant on my part, but anything to avoid meds. yes i did have them tested in march 2010 (b 12 = 198 and vitamin d = 21) have been taking supplements for it and got retestet just a few days ago. still waiting for results. will keep you posted to see if the supplementation has helped.