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  1. 12 Weeks Pregnant And Cc'd

    Thanks for your replies. I had my scan today and the baby was really well. I will just eat at home now so I know that I'm safe.
  2. I'm really worried that I've done something to hurt my baby. Last night I really wanted pizza, so I bought a gluten free pizza from this place that I've eaten at lots of times before. I've never had any problems when I've had their pizza before so I wasn't worried when I ate it, but an hour later I've had my classic glutened symptoms. I went from being extremely constipated from my pregnancy, to having the worst diarrhea all last night and this morning. I've been drinking lots of water so I'm not getting dehydrated from it. I'm having my 12week ultrasound tomorrow, so at least I will be able to see if the baby's ok. My celiacs test came back negative (even though from what I've read here, I don't think I had enough gluten in my system to get an accurate result) but the drs at GI specialist all told me I don't have celiac and getting sick from gluten won't have the other problems that celiacs have, but I can't help be worried about miscarriage. I can't believe how stupid I was to take that risk.
  3. I have dried fruit and nuts, and gluten-free museli bars for snacks. I always take a meal with me, usually leftovers from dinner. There's not much safe options if I don't bring food with me where I work. Chocolate is good too
  4. I wanted to create a list of foods that I have had since being gluten free that have made me happy and made me realise that I don't have miss out on foods just because I can't eat gluten anymore. I would love everyone to share their lists too. Chocolate Brownies Choc Chip cookies Orange Almond cake Friands Carrot Cake Zucchini Pancakes French bread Raisin Bread Pizza Gnocchi with Basil Pesto Pasta with a thick tomato and vegetable sauce and lots of parmesan Rissotto - seafood, mushroom, pumpkin, spinach, roasted capsicum, chicken Hamburgers/Vegie burgers with oven baked potato wedges Fried Rice Tagines with Quinoa instead of couscous Hot cross buns Christmas pudding Fruit and custard filled danishes Smoked tuna on cornthins Satay with brown rice there is so much more, and a world of gluten free food that I have not yet got to try
  5. You have to try some of the recipes, the featherlight bread is yummy. My next attempt will be the sweet apricot and almond version of the featherlight bread. My biggest problem is deciding which recipe to try next. The french bread rolls are one of my favourites, and the pizza base recipe makes yummy pizza. I have only had one disaster while making something from this book, but it was my fault - I used the four flour bean mix instead of the four flour bread mix! I learnt my lesson to read the recipe carefully because I ended up with a house brick after that. Gluten free baking mean I spend much more time in the kitchen, but it means I don't feel deprived now (and it saves money on the gluten-free premade products from the shop).
  6. Ratatouille with parmesan corn bread. Carrot Cake for dessert.
  7. I have been doing lots of gluten-free baking lately and having so much success with recipes from Bette Hagman's Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread and Makes Dessert. A lot of her recipes have Garfava flour in them. I cannot buy Garfava flour in Australia, so I have been experimenting. Many of her recipes call for the four flour bean mix 2/3 part garfava flour 1/3 part sorghum 1 part corn starch 1 part tapioca First I tried replacing the garfava with besan (garbanzo) flour at the same proportion, but that was not good. The results were heavy, dry and tasted strongly of garbanzo. Now I mix it 1/2 part besan flour (garbanzo) 1/2 part sorghum 1 part corn starch 1 part tapioca Everything I have tried with this mix that ask for the four flour bean mix have turned out great, gluten eaters have loved the results - they can't tell the difference. So far I have made hot cross buns, Danishes filled with gluten-free custard and either apple, raspberries, or flaked almonds, and a carrot cake. I have also made a plain vanilla cake and I switched her gluten-free Flour mix with with Featherlight Rice Flour Mix and that was fine too.
  8. I make lots of gluten free baked goods and I always use xanthan gum when it is in the recipe. It gives the batter/dough a sticky texture. It surprises me that many say it is too expensive to buy, I agree that it is expensive to buy by weight, you only need very small amounts for it to work. If it doesn't bother you, I would still use it.
  9. Yesterday my manager brought cake in to work. She told me "this is gluten free so you have to eat it". She has never discussed my gluten intolerance with me, but other people at work have told her. A couple of time people have brought gluten free snacks to work before, and when I have had them there have been times that I have got sick afterwards because of CC or people not reading the labels properly. I didn't trust that this cake would be safe, so I thanked her for the thought, but I avoided taking some. All day she kept insisting that I eat the cake, so when I went on my break, I took I slice so she could see, but I put it in the bin when noone was around. Later in the day, she told me that she saved more of the cake in fridge so that I can eat it tomorrow. It really stresses me out, I don't want to be rude or ungrateful, but I don't want to get sick again if I can help it. Food days are common at work, but I just want to be left out. My manager is new, so I don't know her very well, but she has a very arrogant know-it-all attitude, so I'm worried about saying "I don't want to eat that cake".
  10. I was very sick with no diagnosis, and when I tried cutting out gluten I got better. After this I was tested, I am positive for the gene, and negetive on blood tests and gastroscope. Doctors say that I am not celiac and can eat gluten. Whenever I have gluten, even a tiny amount from CC, I get really sick now. The longer I am gluten free, the more strongly my body reacts if I have it. I have to live just like a celiac, completely gluten free. It may not be celiac, but a week of D, bloating, wind, abdominal pain, tiredness is not worth gluten.
  11. Your One Best Money Saving Idea

    Since going gluten free, I hardly ever eat out, so that saves a lot of money. I just keep trying to find recipes so that I can make things myself. I now bake gluten-free bread cheaper than when I used to buy fresh wheat bread, and it's much nicer than the expensive gluten-free bread at the shops. I have found that there are products like rice and tapioca flour that are for sale in the "gluten free" section of the supermarket, and in the regular baking section. The ones in the baking section are half the price as the ones in the gluten-free section, the product is the same inside the package. I buy brown and arborio rice in bulk. Always look for specials, if the product is going to last a long time, buy in bulk, it can be expensive at the time, but the savings will sart to show as time goes on. As well as buying in bulk, we also cook in bulk and freeze the extra serves, which helps save time cooking later on. It's great when you have a week where you only have to spend $30 for fresh fruit and veg. We also save money by making a lot of our meals vegetarian (my partner is, but I still eat meat). We use eggs a lot as a cheap source of protein. Now that I'm well and not spending heaps of money on going to dr after dr, test after test, my bank balance and body are much healthier than before. I know it's had to get used to, and I do spend a lot more time cooking, but it is worth it.
  12. I will look out for Our Mate and FF vege spread. Maybe I'm just hoping for too much. I have been gluten free for about 9 months, maybe I will like mighty mite better after my memories of vegemite have faded more.
  13. One thing that I am really missing is vegemite! Vegemite on toast has been my comfort food since I was little. I have tried mightymite, but the taste and texture is so wrong... are there any other options?
  14. I invited my friend over for dinner, she told me that she can't eat wheat, dairy or nightshades as she is intolerant to them all (she is also vegetarian). I'm gluten intolerant and my partner is vegetarian, so I'm used to cooking with those constraints and reading labels for ingredients. I spend a fair amount of time searching for recipes that fit her requirements, and searching the supermarket for things like gluten free, nightshade free vegie stock because my normal gluten free stock has capsicum and potato as ingredients. The thing is that when she came over she tells me that she has been cheating on her diet everyday. She complained that it was really hard to do it properly because she like to eat out most days and no one caters to her diet. She said that she had been really good because she had been buying gluten-free vegan muffins, I asked her if she was sure there was no potato flour in the muffins and she had no idea. She that it doesn't matter if she has a little bit. She's no going to be strict with her diet because she has too many parties coming up and it is too hard to do. I feel frustrated that she goes on and on about her food intolerances, and I put in care for her food so not to make her sick, but then she's not even following the diet any other time. I could never eat food if she bothered to cook for me because I know that she would not read the labels as a little bit of gluten won't hurt. I would love to be able to just go off my gluten free diet because it's inconvenient for parties, but I can't because I'll pay for it for a week afterwards. I suggested that if she really thinks she's intolerant to these foods, she should try an elimination diet and keep a journal, but I doubt she will do that. My partner thinks I should just ignore her when she brings up the topic... I don't know...
  15. Mushroom and Rosemary risotto, and gluten free apple and peach cobbler for dessert