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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I just spent a week in Paris. At the health food store I went to, there were many gluten free products that were German and a few that were French. Schar brand from Germany was very popular and they had a wide range of products. Check out their website; it shows lots of items. If you can't find them in Grenoble, it might be a good excuse to make a regular trip to Germany (or Paris) to stock up. ;-) They have clear labeling on foods, usually in many languages, so I was able to easily shop at the grocery stores. Dining out was relatively simple in Paris - they tend to make reduction sauces for meats that don't have added flour for thickening. As long as I chose a restaurant that served some type of roasted or grilled meat, after consulting with the waiter and/or chef, I was always able to find something I could eat. My French isn't the greatest, so I would usually ask (in French) if there was someone who was fluent in English who could take my order. One time I had to stumble through the whole order in French and try to explain my gluten issues - it worked out just fine. Enjoy your time in Europe!
  2. Newbie With Chronic Constipation

    I don't know if it will work for you, but I take a lot of magnesium every day and it has worked wonders - relaxes me, too! Just be careful to start slowly, if you take too much, you'll have the opposite problem.
  3. Depression

    I'm another celiac who has had severe depression in the past. It has taken a lot of trial and error to figure out my triggers, although gluten is a major one. I've found that I'm very sensitive and I feel so much better off all grains, including rice. I'm still working on staying rice free, though, because that means yet another major diet change and I've found that I adapt better when I incorporate changes slowly (except gluten free, which was "cold turkey"). Once you're able to find your major triggers, life will be so much easier. Please keep trying. Take care.
  4. I get super jittery on vitamins, too. Usually, I'm ok for the first day or two when I try a new one and then by the second or third day I feel anxiety, palpitations and it makes my insomnia much worse. Sporadic dosing seems to work, but it's not an optimal solution. Caffeine has been off limits for years because I'm super sensitive to that, too. If you do find a better solution to getting vitamins without the side effects, I'd love to hear it.
  5. Count me in as another one who has had to give up all grains. It's disappointing, to say the least, but I can't seem to keep my energy levels up or my hormones in order while eating any grains. I've been paleo for almost a month and my emotions are also the most stable they have ever been in my life. Who knew?
  6. The hardest thing for me was being told I was a hypochodriac by many people, including doctors, over the years. Apparently, my biggest problem was always stress. Gee, all I needed to do was relax and all the pain should go away. LOL.
  7. Celiac And Anxiety?

    Rose, you may find that personality you vaguely remember from pre-celiac days. In my case, my gluten free personality is much happier, sociable and optimistic. I had forgotten she existed.
  8. Recovery From Being Glutened

    englishrose, Your gluten reaction sounds familiar. I get strong emotional responses to gluten - extreme anxiety and depression are my two biggies. Now that I've managed to find my food sensitivities (gluten plus many more), I feel so much better. I've been totally gluten free for 16 months now and it's been so worth all the difficulties of the adjustment period. Best wishes with finding your food triggers.
  9. It's Annoying!

    A few months ago, I went to a women's luncheon. I had called ahead and asked for a gluten free lunch and was assured that they could provide one. When I got there, the person in charge pointed out the gluten free food (it was a buffet), said that it had been specially ordered and to please not touch it. I ended up last in line and another woman took half of my lunch before I got to it. I went up to her and told her that it had been specially ordered for me because I'm gluten free. She told me that she was gluten free, too, as she picked up a regular sandwich to put beside the gluten free one on her plate. I pointed out that the sandwich she had just picked up had gluten and she turned and walked away. I stood there very surprised. I took the remains of the gluten free food and ate that for lunch. That is the first and only time that I've had that kind of experience. Most people are really supportive.
  10. Please Allow Me To Rant...

    I guess we all find our ways to deal with it. Some days it seems easy and other days I'd give anything to eat "normal" food.
  11. Anyone Find Out Something Else Was Wrong, Too?

    Sometimes gluten is only part of the puzzle. My list of foods to avoid is now huge, but I'm only 1 year gluten free and I'm hoping that, with time, I will be able to tolerate more foods. I miss fruits the most - peeled pears are about the only ones I can eat without a reaction. Good luck in your quest for answers. Detective work seems to be a very important part of our healing.
  12. I found that my tinnitus was related to a salicylate sensitivity. It's a deficiency in how my body handles salicylates (and other phenols, too), which are very high in fruits, spices, herbs and some vegetables. There's a great information site if you Google "Salicylate Sensitivity". There seems to be a connection for some celiacs. Peggy, I thought about it because you mentioned you felt worse after eating biryani - does it have a lot of spices? Going gluten free helped me somewhat, but I knew that there had to be something else because I still had issues with rosacea and tinnitus. I've also had vertigo a few times. A rosacea site led me to the salicylate issue and my rosacea is much diminished now. My tinnitus is directly correlated with salicylates, I have found. It may be something to look into. I hope you find a solution.
  13. I've never been able to drink coffee - it always gave me painful gas. Love the smell of it, though. Edited to say that I loved the smell of the coffee, not the gas. lol
  14. Need Help With Breakfast!

    Hemp protein powder (the only kind of protein powder that I tolerate), frozen raspberries and a bit of stevia powder to sweeten it. I blend it into a smoothie. Some mornings, I'll have a bit of leftover chicken breast if I'm still hungry after my smoothie.
  15. Hi, Your symptoms are very similar to mine. Even though I've been gluten free for 6 months, I can relate to many of your continuing issues. I have been interested to see the list of symptoms for Hashimoto's Thyroid disease and it sounds a lot like what I have. You might want to search for that on this site. There is lots of interesting information. Best wishes.