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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The liver cleanse is not the same as a colon cleanse. I have done lots of colon cleanses before, too. The liver cleanse is a different process. I know, it doesn't sound like it would help. And maybe it's not for everyone. It's just an option that might help someone else. I just know it really helped me. We are all individuals - so I think everyone needs to keep searching to find out what it is that will help them. It is very strange how so many of us develop these other allergic responses to foods. There is something to it. Scary..... (my Mother and sister have the same problem with foods, too). And keeping a food diary is really helpful finding out which foods are the problem. Debbie dperk -- You sound like me. Your list is the same as mine... I can't do almond either, no nuts now. I started a thread asking for meal ideas with all these secondary intolerances. As far as colon cleans -- Personally I wouldn't. But don't base it on my experience. I did all of those things years ago, all but HIGH COLONICS and I think a little bit of the reason my body was prone to celiac disease. I couldn't take a laxative or stress the colon more with colon cleaning... Be well my friends!
  2. It took me about a year of illiminating and searching to find the foods that bothered me. When you feel really sick after eating something, you just don't have a choice but to illimate it - once you find out which foods it is. The list of foods I could NOT eat was more than what I could - no gluten, dairy, soy, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, avacados, apples, rice, seeds, walnuts, pecans, tahini - and the list goes on and on. All I had left was some veggies, almonds, meat and a few fruits. My meals became pretty boring. Then I started having a reaction to almonds. That's when I became really desperate and started searching for more answers. I discovered the website http://www.curezone.com/clark/ and found the liver flush (cleanse). What did I have to loose? So I tried it. Well, after doing 6 of them, I feel great! I can eat rice, corn, tahini and potatoes again. I think that eating gluten for so long when it was doing so much harm to my system really taxed my gallbladder and liver. It needed a good cleaning out, I guess. I'm not sure why it works, all I know is I'll do a hundred of them if I continue to get better and can eat foods again. Going gluten-free seems pretty easy to me now............ I still have a long way to go, but I'm taking it slow and adding back one thing at a time.
  3. I became gluten-free almost 2 years ago. I slowely started eliminating more and more foods that also bothered me. I went to the SCD diet about a year ago. I felt better, but I started having more and more allergic reactions to even the legal foods. I was down to some veggies, only some cooked fruits, almonds and meat (no eggs, diary, soy, rice, corn, apples, avacados, seeds, and tons of other things). Then almonds started bothering me. I became desperate and started searching for more answers. I couldn't hardly eat anything, and I was still loosing weight. I found the website http://www.curezone.com/clark/ and desided to try the liver flush (cleanse). What did I have to loose? So I did one. That's when I finely started feeling better. I think that all of the years of eating gluten, and not realizing that it was doing me harm, my liver and gallbladder took a beating. So now, after doing 6 of the liver flushes, I have started going off the SCD diet, and can now tolerate rice, corn, nuts and seeds again. As long as I go slow, and eat the right foods, I feel almost normal again. I still have a long way to go. I still get allergic reactions from soy, eggs, apples, dairy and a severe reaction if I even ingest a tiny amount of gluten. But I am so much better now. I would recommend the liver flushes for anyone dealing with food allergies. It has really helped me.
  4. Specific Carbohydrate Diet?

    I think the bottom line is : Everyone is an individual - and we need to keep searching until we find the right combination that helps us. For me, I tried a lot of things. It helped to go gluten free. It helped to follow the SCD diet. But I still couldn't eat many foods. There were more foods that were making me sick, and I wasn't able to gain any foods back. I was afraid that if this kept up, I wouldn't be able to eat anything without feeling sick. I was desperate - I had to try something. I didn't buy the zapper (not sure about that one). I just did the wormwood, walnut hull tincture and cloves for two weeks, then went straight to the liver flush (cleanse). I've done 4 of them now - so I'm no expert. I can't tell you how excited I am now that I can eat food again. Corn is not my trouble - I've been able to eat fritos again with no problems at all. I'm like a kid in a candy store - I just want to eat food............. After not eating Fritos and tahini for a year - they taste pretty good. And strawberries again, yhea...... I don't want to diminish SCD - I think it did help me to stay on it for a year. It just wasn't all I needed to do - I needed more. And cleaning out my gallbladder and liver was what my system needed, I guess. Debbie ON the issue of corn: I haven't done corn in a year - no diary at all. All I could eat was fresh veggies, canned pears, applesauce, almonds and meat. No corn at all. And I still had malabsortion, couldn't gain weight, leaky gut - plus a host of others if I tried to add anything else. It wasn't the problem for me.
  5. Specific Carbohydrate Diet?

    I have been on a gluten free diet for a 18 months, and I have been on the SCD diet for a year. I wasn't able to eat all of the foods that were legal, and kept losing more foods instead of gaining them. I hardly made it past the intro diet. I couldn't tolerate raw fruit, some nuts or yogurt - and lots more. Than almonds started bother me - and that was really bad news. I know that this diet helps, but I was at a stand still - and maybe sliding backwards. So I looked into other things that might help. I found this website - http://www.curezone.com/clark/liver.asp - and have been doing the liver cleanses and parasitic cleanses. I was desperate - I had to try something, anything. Well, after 4 liver cleanses, I can say that it was like the icing on the cake. I can now eat things I haven't been able to eat in a year. I'm able to eat bananas, avacado, tahini, pecans, walnuts and even goats milk yogurt and cheese. It's amazing. So any of you that are still having trouble after doing the diet, please look into the liver cleanse. It really, really worked for me. I will slowly get off the SCD diet now - if this keeps up. Hope this helps others out there. Debbie
  6. One by one, I developed food sensitivies, too. Gluten, casein, soy, rice, eggs, peanuts, etc. Even tomatoes and avacados. I looked at leaky gut and found some interesting things there. It seems likely that's what was happening. I started the SCD diet having lost a lot of weight. But it was the only diet that had foods I could eat still. It made sense. At first I couldn't eat any raw fruit at all. After about 3 months now, I'm able to add some foods back into my diet - like bananas and quinoa (yes, I know it's not on the legal SCD list, but I'm doing ok with it). I can't do the yogurt yet (tried that and was sick for days). I'm hoping that as time goes by I will be able to add some of the proteins back - if my body decides that they aren't something to attack. It's been very hard. I look at the people that just have to remove gluten from their diet - and I think their lucky - I just wish I could go there. The SCD diet just made sense for me - but it's not easy. I eat a lot of almonds - almond milk, soaked peeled almonds for snack, almond bread, etc. Thank god I can still eat them. I'm doing better, and have gained 5 pounds (finely). I eat all day long. Lots of salads, appleasauce, meat and veggies. Very simple foods. I'm just glad I found the SCD diet - I feel like I'm not alone - I have all of you. When I get really down about all of this, I look on this website - and I don't feel so all alone. Thanks, everyone.
  7. I started off slowly eating meat, and taking digestive enzymes. The only problem I had was a full feeling that lasted for hours after eating meat. That lasted for a month or more. Now I don't have any problem digesting meat - but I do have a problem with using meat it as my food source. I would rather not eat meat - but I just can't get enough protein otherwise. The only thing I have left is tree nuts. All other proteins create an allergic reaction and stomach distress. I lost a lot of weight - and getting comments from my family on how thin I was. So what choice do I have? aaascr: - were do you get the hemp seed for the protein shakes?
  8. I've been gluten-free for 7 months now. And I started the SCD diet about 3 months ago. I am finely gaining some weight, and feeling really good. I am very glad I started the diet.
  9. I was a vegetarian for 28 years (I did eat seafood occasionaly) when all of this hit me like a ton of bricks. I've been gluten-free now for 7 months. I've had to take all of the good foods out of my diet - dairy, eggs, corn, rice, soy, tomatoe, avacado, and lots more, along with gluten. I guess the damage caused lots of allergic reactions to foods. I had to start eating meat again just to survive. I don't like it. I wish I could go back to my nice, simple veggie diet. As soon as my stomach has healed, and my body decides that other protein sources are the good guys, I'm going back to my veggie life. Look thru vegetarian cookbooks for ideas. For right now, I'm doing good with just eating veggies, fruit, nuts and meat. But I have hopes for the future being meat free.
  10. I have read this message thread with interest. Thank you Bean for giving me this info. I kept wondering why I was developing all of my problems with foods - and it makes sense now. I have been following the SCD diet for a couple of months, and it seems to help. - although I can't do the eggs and dairy. My question is: in all of your reading, can this go away????? Is there some hope that if there is healing, there won't be the reaction to some of these foods and they can be eaten again (except for gluten of course)????
  11. Attended Chicago Gfg Mtg.

    I also seem to have multi food allergies (soy, gluten, diary, eggs..........). All starches bother me. I have found the SCD diet to be helpful. I was a vegetarian, but have started eating meat because I have nothing left for protein except nuts......... Corn and rice bother me. The SCD diet is the closest I have come to finding the foods that my stomach can tolerate.
  12. Help - Really Sick Today

    I've been gluten-free for 3 months now. It does seem like I've gotton more sensitive to not only gluten, but so many other foods. I can't do dairy, sugar, soy, potatoes - and even rice and corn bother me now. I can't even eat all the yummy gluten-free foods everyone talks about. I have gone back to eating meat - it's the only protein left. And lots of veggies, nuts and cooked apples. Every time I think I've got my diet settled, something else bothers my stomach and I lose one more food to eat. If a water diet would make me gain the weight back, I would do it. Does this ever end?
  13. Nutritional yeast is a great substitute for cheese. You can find it at most larger health food stores, but I buy mine from the Mail Order Catalog. Here is their website: [url=http://www.healthy-eating.com] and phone number 1-800-695-2241. The price is $10.79 for 1 lb. - but it goes a long way. There is also a Nutritional Yeast Cookbook available - you just have to substitue when it calls for flour or oats. I've been using Red Star nutritional yeast for 20 years and it is gluten-free (I double checked when I had to go gluten-free). Red star nutritional yeast is made on beet and cane molasses and contains no dairy or gluten. You have to watch what brand you buy - some may not be dairy free. I know that Red Star is ok. I have the cookbook if anyone wants recipe suggestions. It doesn't taste exactly like cheese, but it makes a good substitue. We love it sprinkled on popcorn.
  14. Vegan Celiacs?

    Hummus should be safe. But read the ingredient list to make sure. I usually make mine at home so I know what it contains. I have purchased the dried version at Wild Oats after reading the ingredient list and found it to be ok.
  15. I just wanted to give an update. I had another spell of ichy bumps this weekend (first time in almost 3 weeks). I took a medication without checking the ingredients and later found out it contained gluten. 3 days later I got the bumps. So I think that confirmes it for me - not something in the barn and related to gluten intake.