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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Do you have any symptoms, including those that aren't GI related? i.e., migraines, anxiety, palpitations, etc. ALL of my symptoms are neurological and now that I'm starting to see improvement after 6 months of being gluten free, I'm convinced most of my problems are gluten related.
  2. What Do You Miss?

    My homemade bread, sliced thick and brushed with evo, garlic and spices... on the grill.
  3. Too Hot

    You might also want to have your adrenal gland function tested. As far as diet, I don't know about the gluten connection, but if you are eating a lot of processed foods, you're likely eating a lot of hidden MSG which can affect the hypothalamus. Do you get hotter/sweatier after eating?
  4. I Am Stupid

    thanks for the support
  5. Had a mini-melt down yesterday and apparently today. Yesterday I was out and "had to have" food, so I risked McDonalds fries... I'm too stupid to ask if they had a dedicated frier. Not sure if that's the cause of my migraine today since I had a headache before I ate them (I figure if I'm going to do the time then I'm going to do the crime ). So THEN since I'm feeling miserable today, I went ahead and had some Kellog's corn flakes, only looking up afterward if Malt flavoring is an issue... and apparently it can be. So now I'm wondering how long I'll be miserable. I don't normally eat processed foods and I've done so well over the past 6 months avoiding gluten and then I go and ruin it because I'm feeling bad. Why do I have to pay for every little thing I do?? I try so freaking hard and it seems no matter what I do, I'm doomed to feel miserable for the rest of my life. I already had to quit my job. Our savings are about depleted and it's all my fault. Medications don't work and make things worse. Doctors can't find anything wrong with me ("I'm the picture of health"). I really can't take much more of this and I don't know what else to do about it. Sorry for the pity party... thanks for listening.
  6. Envelopes?

    hmmm, maybe I'll play it safe and just use tape.
  7. This just occurred to me as I was licking an envelope... any chance of gluten in that?
  8. ditto the progesterone cream, which helped me immensely with PMS symptoms (just be sure not to over use it). I used to start pms'ing 2 weeks out and unless I take too much, then I'm good right up until day 1. If I do get cramps, they're minimal and bearable. Get a quality brand with minimal ingredients. I use Oasis Serene.
  9. What's Going On?!?!

    Sorry if you know all this already, but just in case... Run of the mill store bought meat will have all sorts of junk in it (including MSG to enhance the flavor of cheap meats -- which could be the cause of the moodiness). I would try: grass-fed (and finished) beef organic chicken or free range chicken with no additives (you have to look closely at the packaging -- they're good at hiding it -- it will say it contains broth which could have just about anything in it. Also, look at the size of the chicken, it should not be gargantuan and if so, it's because they pump it full of "broth" to make it bigger.) I have never found "clean" chicken from Purdue. bacon contains nitrates, etc. that you might be reacting to, and it's basically a processed meat. There are clean brands (I use Natures Promise which is uncured and no nitrates, and seem to do okay with it). salmon and fish should be wild, not farmed and organic. Have you had your gut health checked (for bacteria, parasites, etc.)? If not, try to find a good doctor that practices functional medicine.
  10. your dog starts to smell like pizza
  11. I have no idea what's going on, but it seems like I'm reacting to all grains including rice. It could be completely unrelated since my symptoms aren't generally GI, but it's hard to pin down when just about every day sucks.
  12. Massage

    If that's the case, hopefully any CC would be highly unlikely if they used a lotion, etc. (and maybe it would have already absorbed into their skin?). Maybe you could ask them not to use any body lotions on the day of your appointment? I hope you don't have to pick a new career.
  13. Massage

    I am confused. It's my understanding that anything we put on our skin can be absorbed into the blood stream. Is it different for gluten?
  14. Do I Have To Pay This Schmuck?

    I wish there was something we could do about doctors like this! IMHO, most of them aren't very competent. They don't care and they just run you through an assembly line type of process. I've never heard one good thing about endocrinologists and my one experience proved that to be true -- her explanation for everything was that humans weren't meant to live beyond 40 so of course we feel miserable. Then she proceeded to go on a rant about how stupid everyone is.